Which school of magic is Mordenkainen most closely associated with?

Which school of magic is Mordenkainen most closely associated with? In particular, I’m not interested in speculation or opinions, but rather if such a thing has ever been outright stated in any officially released D&D material, or which can at least be objectively inferred from things like the sorts of spells he was most closely associated with.

He has made an appearance in a couple of 5e adventures:

Speaking of the spells he has created, in 5e there are four spells that include his name in the title:

  • Mordenkainen’s faithful hound (4th level conjuration spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s private sanctum (4th level abjuration spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s sword (7th level evocation spell)
  • Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion (7th level conjuration spell)

The above might imply that conjuration is his “main” school of magic because he made a whole two of those, but I know that there is also a 9th level abjuration spell called Mordenkainen’s disjunction from 3.5e, which puts abjuration and conjuration on an even keel (or possible even that abjuration is the “winner” because that’s the highest level spell he made), so I’m not sure if this method of inference gives a clear answer after all (since I’m not limiting this to simply what is in 5e).

So, has there ever been any clear mention in any official material regarding which school of magic Mordenkainen is most closely associated with, or can it be inferred from official material if not?

How closely can I copy a game without getting in trouble? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How closely can a game legally resemble another? 11 answers

I’m making a clone game of Zelda, my favorite franchise, and am wondering if what I’m doing will still earn me a cease order.

Obviously I’m not using any of the names from the original series, and my game allows character creation with clothing that will allow you to look slightly like Link if you unlock it. With the skin name being something like “Woodland warrior shirt/hat/boots.

I’m also copying the UI for links awakening pretty closely and the way dungeons look is about the same.

However, I’m making all my own textures/assets from scratch.

Will I be allowed to release this game, with the title “Legend of Dungeons …”?

Main concerns are: similar UI, Font, Some skins resemble characters slightly, and textures, even though they’re all made by my hand?

POS (part-of-speech) tagging is closely related to WSD (word sense disambiguation). Explain better this phrase

It’s written here Word Sense Disambiguation: A Structured Learning Perspective:

2.1 Basics of Word Sense Disambiguation

…the POS is usually provided before WSD. POS tagging is closely related to WSD, and POS tagging is a well-studied problem with accuracy over 95%, thus the separation of POS tagging from WSD can fully expose the hardest core of WSD.

“POS usually provided before word sense disambiguation” doesn’t necessarily mean (for me) that both tasks are closely related.

I google for some relation between the above cited tasks but I haven’t found good explanations.

Please, explain better the phrase inside blockquotes and explain why WSD is more difficult than POS tagging.