If you have Innate Attack and Berserk, do you prefer hand-to-hand for enemies closer than 20 yards?

The definition of Berserk seems to suggest that the berserk character prefers melee hand-to-hand attacks. However, ranged combat is mentioned. If a character with Innate Attack goes berserk, but his enemies are less than 20 yards away, can he choose to use Innate Attack instead of punching people and charging to hand-to-hand distance? If so, I assume he must still use All-out Attack and he cannot aim.

Can you teleport closer to a creature you are Frightened of?

I encountered a situation where I was Frightened of a large creature. By the words of the Frightened condition:

The creature can’t willingly move closer to the source of its fear.

Could you use the Misty Step spell (or some other means of teleportation) to get closer, since the rules only specifically mention moving closer?

The closest thing I could find was this question about Booming Blade, which seems to suggest that this should be allowed.

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Taking a skyline photo with a person closer to the camera during night time

How can I take a photo which shows the skyline and the person who is standing around six feet away from the camera with proper lighting at night?

For taking just the skyline I’ve used long shutter speed and it turned out great, but when including a person on it, the person becomes blurry because it’s impossible for a person to remain static for that long.

Ps. I do have two flashes, 35mm prime lens as well as 18-300mm zoom lenses as well. The camera I use is Nikon D7200.