Process For Closing Unsolvable Help Desk Tickets

Sometimes, on an IT helpdesk, you have tickets with a few shared characteristics.

1) They’re low priority–just minor annoyances to user 2) They’re extremely hard to reproduce for testing 3) You’ve exhausted all troubleshooting possibilities you have at your disposal 4) You’ve spent hours on the ticket

This is fortunately a small percentage of tickets, but they do happen. My approach has been to leave these tickets open indefinitely, eventually to languish in forgotten land. Are there better ways? What are your processes for closing unsolvable tickets?

Make a final Request before closing Scrapy spider

The problem is quite simple, there is a spider which logs in to a website, crawls some data and then quits. Wanted behavior is logging in, crawling the data and then logging out.

Hard coding this in is not possible, since there are about 60 spiders, they are all inheriting from a BaseSpider.

I’ve tried using signals and add a logout function to the spider_idle signal which will simply send a request to a logout URL each spider will need to provide, I couldn’t get it to work though, the logout function was never called and I haven’t been able to figure out why not.

Here is the code:

    @classmethod     def from_crawler(cls, crawler, *args, **kwargs):         spider = super(BaseSpider, cls).from_crawler(crawler, *args, **kwargs)         crawler.signals.connect(spider.spider_idle, signal=signals.spider_idle)      def spider_idle(self, spider):         if not self.logged_out:             self.crawler.engine.crawl(Request(self.logout_url, callback=self.logout), spider)      def logout(self, response):         self.logged_out = True 

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. As I understand, the spider_idle signal gets called when there are no more requests in the queue / the spider is done.

Why would an app ask another app to initiate closing a TCP connection?

I’m going to share an example where I noticed this and would like to know if there is a known pattern of why one would do this.

I have two instances of rsyslog running on different machines. One acts as a receiving server, the other as the sending client.

While there is a connection the following is seen on the server:

receiving-server$    netstat -plant4 | grep 192.168.101 tcp        0      0    ESTABLISHED 4925/rsyslogd 

After that a stopping of the client service is triggered:

sending-client$   systemctl stop rsyslog 
receiving-server$    netstat -plant4 | grep 192.168.101 tcp        0      0    TIME_WAIT   -               

The TIME_WAIT is a state that happens on the side which initiated the connection termination ref.

TIME-WAIT - represents waiting for enough time to pass to be sure the remote TCP received the acknowledgment of its connection termination request. 

This means that the client is telling the server initiate closing the connections because that same client is stopping. Why wouldn’t the client just close the connections?

How do I prevent ‘Save changes to’ upon closing a custom palette?

As part of a package I am developing, I am programmatically generating palettes to enter symbols using the CreatePalette function. Because those symbols change completely from application to application, I never have a need to save that palette to disk. Is there a way to set up the palette so that upon closing it, I never get the dialog box asking if I want to save it?

Minimal example:

CreatePalette[    Column[PasteButton@@@{{Symbola,a},{Symbolb,b},{Symbolc,c}}],    WindowTitle -> "Example"]; 

To get the behavior I am trying to eliminate, move the palette from its original location and then click the x to close it.

How to keep Drupal from closing a link within a custom text field too soon

I am creating a custom View for my Search API results page. I have many fields added and they are all set to hidden. This allows me to have a custom text field at the end that can have a unique layout.

I am trying to make each search result have a card-based UI – and the whole card needs to be clickable.

So, I have added a link around the entire <div> but it’s not working. Drupal is injecting a </a> immediately after the opening <a> tag. This is leaving a 0 pixel tall link.

Here is the code I’m using in the custom text field:

<a href="{{ path('entity.node.canonical', { 'node' : nid}) }}" class="search-people-link">  <div class="search-people">      <div class="search-people-headshot">           {{ field_featured_image }}      </div>      <div class="search-people-meta">           <h2>{{ title_1 }}</h2>           <p>{{ field_designation|length > 50 ? field_designation|slice(0, 50) ~ '...' : field_designation  }}</p>      </div> </div>  </a>  

I’ve tried moving the link inside the outer div. I’ve tried using the “Output as custom link” feature but it did the same thing.

The link wrapping around the entire thing is being closed too early (immediately before the <div class="search-people">. I need that link to make the entire div clickable.

My wallpaper and lockscreen turn grey/snowy after closing laptop and re-opening

Just freshly installed 19.04 on my laptop (dell inspiron) and when I close it and re-open the wallpaper changes to a snowy/grey pciture.snowy/grey background. I can change the background to a new picture, but when I go back to the original I still get this grey snow. Any ideas driver updates maybe?

Schengen requirement for bank balance- throughout 3 month period or closing balance?

I am travelling with my sister to Netherlands, but she is applying through the Spanish consulate in London because she will be travelling to Spain after Amsterdam and that’s her main destination as she will be there for one more day than the Netherlands.

There is a requirement that £724 balance must show in her account. I wanted to know whether this means that the balance should not have been lower than £724 at any point in the previous three months, or whether the £724 needs to be the closing balance. In February and March she had very low balance, but from September to January and again in April, she has had a good balance. She moved some more money into her account in the UK and now has had more than £724 in there for about 2 weeks.

Could anyone advise whether the requirement is to maintain the funds for the entire period of the statements or the closing balance? The information on the internet is not very clear on this.

Ubuntu 16.04 touchpad not working after closing laptop lid

Every time I close my laptop’s lid, and open it later, touchpad stops working and I can’t make it work otherwise, but only by rebooting. I have also downloaded touchpad-indicator software, and disabling/enabling touchpad through it, but it didn’t help also.

Mouse works fine, even when this happens, but not touchpad. What could be the problem?