Question about jobs regarding Datacenter Security / Cloud Security

first post here!

I had a question in regards to pursuing a career related to Datacenter Security (Iron Mountain type company or Data Integrity type company) or Cloud Security where I am not tied to a desk. I have a huge issue with being around an environment where I cannot be constantly on the move. I was looking into DLP or anything related to surveillance, but can’t seem to pinpoint the exact job. Does anyone have any idea of the job that would be the best for me?


Looking for a job prospect where my skills in network security/infosec can be translated into installing and securing physical and logical based systems without being just tied to a desk.

Thanks in advance!

Does casting Fog Cloud break a Sanctuary spell?

The spell Sanctuary can ward a creature, with the following caveat:

If the warded creature makes an attack, casts a spell that affects an enemy, or deals damage to another creature, this spell ends.

Does casting Fog Cloud break a Sanctuary spell?

Arguably, it does not, as the spell affects the air around the enemies, not the enemies themselves.

K-nearest along ray in large point cloud

Are there any well-known data structures known that can handle the following (need to scope whether something is possible):

  1. Return the k-closest points to a ray shot through the cloud.

  2. Allows quick updates of point locations (basically every point is moved every 500000 queries or so at which point around 500000 old points are removed and the same number added).

In this case the number of points in the cloud will be approximately 3.5 million. The application is in 3D graphics.

Using fog cloud to increase archer range

Longbow archers can attack up to 600 ft but would do so at disadvantage. However if they would first walk into a fog cloud and then shoot, they would roll normal based on this question. Because advantage and disadvantage cancel out. Since advantage and disadvantage caused in a heavy obscured area cancel out, what effect does it have in combat?

It seems weird that one could quadruple the standard range of archers by casting fog cloud on them. Is that really RAW?

(next round the archers would probably have to walk out of the fog cloud to reaquire their target and walk back into it with their movement, otherwise they may be targeting the wrong square.)

Can two Cloud of Daggers be cast in the same area by different spell casters?

Quick overview of the situation, the party is 3rd level and the warlock and the bard can now both cast cloud of daggers. We were in a lizardfolk den and they saw us and came running down a 5-foot corridor. The bard was first in initiative and threw out the cloud of daggers right on them. The warlock went next and wanted to do the same. Is there any ruling against this? The lizardfolk were next and would take the 4d4 from the bard at the start of their turn. Would they also take the warlock’s 4d4 (A grand total of 8d4), or do these effects need to be staggered?

Use of HTTP functions in GCP Cloud Functions Is Not Secure. Why they are still available?

As Google mentions itself in the documentation,

the HTTP functions in Cloud Functions have no authentication and are not secure. HTTP functions are unprotected and will respond to any HTTP request, which means anybody on the internet could start and stop your Compute Engine instances.

What is the real use of such HTTP functions then? Why they are available at all?

Better UI for Cloud Firestore?

Building an app, and using Cloud Firestore. Seems great so far, but the web interface to manage the data is a nightmare.

Is there a program that offers a better UI/UX for managing data in your Firestore? Something similar to HeidiSQL or Navicat for MySQL? Can I use either of those? If so, is there documentation somewhere?

Even the little things make it a pain: the inability to edit long strings in anything other than a single-line text input.

best cloud software to create web server/ plan network? windows server/linux

I am currently studying Computer Science and Information Technology in school and was looking for a little advice. I am trying to plan a network and was hoping to get some suggestions on software you use that I could try to implement. I do not know what would be best and figured this would be a great resource to gain some insight.

The assignment looks like this:

Using the virtual machines that have been provided, Linux, Windows Server, and Windows 10 Client, to accomplish the following:

Install and Configure web server on your Linux machine Install cloud drive software, choose a flavor.

Configure the cloud software to authenticate against Active Directory. Create a Domain User called “cloud_student” Create a PowerShell script that will look in the event log for when someone is authenticated from the cloud server and show the last ten to twenty entries.

My question is what is the best web server and cloud drive software to use? Does everyone just use apache2 and/or centOS? I want to make sure I use things I would utilize at a job to make this project more worthwhile.

Thanks for any insight.