Web designing services required for cloud hosting website

I need experienced web designer to redesign my cloud hosting web site. Person having experience of developing web hosting, cloud, VPS , dedicated hosting sites will be preferred.

I have few themeforest template in mind, which can be used to develop site or it can be done from scratch.

Do not want wordpress site. Development should be in html/css and core PHP

Please PM me portfolio to start conversation.

Efficient algorithm to filter off points from a point cloud

I have a master point cloud, which essentially just a list of points with {x,y} coordinates.

The point cloud is HUGE ( like, it can contain more than 1 million points). The problem now is that I have another (sub)set of point clouds, and I need to check whether the points inside the second point clouds are the same with any of the points in the first point clouds, and then remove them from the list.

The characteristics of the second point cloud:

  1. The second point cloud points are usually clustered in a corner of the first point cloud ( but not always).
  2. None of the points from the second point cloud will lie outside of the first point cloud ( the first point cloud always contain every single point of the second point cloud)

The naive algorithm will be something like this:

   public static List<Point> FilterPoints(Lis<Point> master, List<Point> subset)    {         var FilteredPoints = new List<Point>();         for(int i=0; i< subset.Count; i++)      {         var isContained = false;         for(int j=0; j< master.Count; j++)         {           if(subset[i].X==master[j].X && subject[i].Y==master[j].Y)           {               isContained = true;               break;           }         }         if(!isContained)         {            FilteredPoints.Add( master[i]);         }          }       return FilteredPoints;  } 

But is there anyway to improve over the above naive algorithm in terms of speed, given the known characteristics of the both point clouds?

PS: I’ve also asked about how to make use of C# language characteristics( if any) in order to improve the speed for the above algorithm at SO.

Fundamental difference in security research in Cloud platform VM and normal machine

I am trying to study the effects of various network based attacks in an Openstack Cloud environment that I have setup with few machines. However, what would be the fundamental difference between a VM created using Openstack and a normal VM created using a single machine?

Both of the VMs are ought to have the same specs. The major difference that I see is that the attacks done on VM in Openstack would take a different network route (due to distributed resource sharing) as compared to direct attack on a VM on a single physical machine but wouldn’t the effect on both the targets be same?

[Cloud Firewall] Proxy, VPN, Tor, Spam & Bot detection.

FireMason (https://firemason.io) is an IP lookup website featuring proxy, VPN, spam, Tor and bot detection. Using our data you can easily perform fraud checks on your online store, detect malicious players in your online game and much more!

Currently still in beta, but the product works very well. Looking for feedback so we can improve :)


We are happy to help you integrate FireMason with your service or product. Just get in touch via private…

[Cloud Firewall] Proxy, VPN, Tor, Spam & Bot detection.

Google Cloud VM memory is being used up 100%

I am not very good with ubuntu in general so forgive me if this question is a dumb one.

I recently started to use the Google Cloud service to mess around with some Machine Learning related things. I was busy pickling a database when I got [Errno 28] No Space Left on Device. I initially thought nothing of it and cleared a couple files and tried again, but I kept getting the error.

My instance is about 500 GB in size, but the files that I am currently playing around with take up less than 20 GBs of storage.

When I try sudo du /home -sh /* I get this:

476G /home 14M /bin 46M /boot 0 /dev 7.3M /etc 0 /initrd.img 0 /initrd.img.old 136M /lib 3.9M /lib32 4.0K /lib64 16K /lost+found 4.0K /media 4.0K /mnt du: cannot access '/proc/5435/task/5435/fd/4': No such file or directory du: cannot access '/proc/5435/task/5435/fdinfo/4': No such file or directory du: cannot access '/proc/5435/fd/3': No such file or directory du: cannot access '/proc/5435/fdinfo/3': No such file or directory 0 /proc 24K /root 8.6M /run 13M /sbin 8.0K /snap 4.0K /srv 0 /sys 24K /tmp 6.0G /usr 2.9G /var 0 /vmlinuz 0 /vmlinuz.old

And when I try using df to figure out hoe much memory I am using I get this:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 24G 0 24G 0% /dev tmpfs 4.8G 8.6M 4.8G 1% /run /dev/sda1 485G 485G 427M 100% / tmpfs 24G 0 24G 0% /dev/shm tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock tmpfs 24G 0 24G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup tmpfs 4.8G 0 4.8G 0% /run/user/1001 Where is the 100% of memory usage coming from? I deleted a 39.9 GB sized dataset the other day, yet that only freed up a couple MBs of space.

I currently have Ubuntu 16.04 installed.

Cloud Web hosting in Gibraltar dedicated hosting packages

Bestwest Company OU specializes in solutions that cannot be mass produced – we are deeply engaged with our customers solutions, both with regards to hosting and the code behind their application. This attitude has made us the preferred choice of for several of Estonian largest companies and portals, among these bestwest.ee, e-conomic and many more. We do not have any predefined hosting packages. All…

Cloud Web hosting in Gibraltar dedicated hosting packages

Wolfram cloud and typing short cut

I subscribed Wolfram Cloud just a few days ago, and now I trying to get used to it.

I’m using iPad pro(gen 2) with the smart keyboard for it, and access on the Cloud via Wolfram cloud app.

But I’m struggling with typing subscription, power, fraction and Greek letters etc as on desktop environment.

I cannot use, for example, “ctrl(cmd maybe on Mac?) + _” to write subscript, and “ctrl + /” to convert a input into fractional form.

Also the short cut for escape key on iPad(which is “control + [”) does not work on the app, and others seem not to be alternatives, too.

May I ask anyone to confirm whether those issue could be resolved on (iPad+cloud app) environment? Should I wait for next update for it?

Thanks for reading.

Enviar notificación push firebase cloud messaging

quiero enviar una notificación cuando se haga un cambio en la base datos. La quiero mandar a todos los dispositivos. Ya vi algunos ejemplos pero no entendi bien como hacerlo, logré poder leer la base de datos. Paso qué es lo que tengo.

const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const admin = require('firebase-admin'); admin.initializeApp();  // // Create and Deploy Your First Cloud Functions // // https://firebase.google.com/docs/functions/write-firebase-functions // // exports.helloWorld = functions.https.onRequest((request, response) => { //  response.send("Hello from Firebase!"); // }); exports.newMessage = functions.firestore.document('/Usuarios/{user}/Parejas/{match}/Chat/Mensajes').onWrite((change,context)=>{     //Aca quiero enviar la notificación });