How is Sword Coast North governed?

D&D 5e adventure modules take place in the Sword Coast of Faerûn, such as Lost Mines of Phandelver (LMOP).

LMOP has information regarding various factions and mayorship but is light on other details.

How is the larger area of the Sword Coast governed?

How are laws enforced & by who? How are officials appointed? How are taxes levied?

Example: imagine the PCs join some Orc raiders and slaughter a town; who would come to enforce the law of the land?

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) south to North

We are planning a California road trip, and we want to include most of the Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1). Currently, our plan is to travel in it from south (coming for Los Angeles) all the way to San Francisco.

We are a bit worried that since we will be driving on the side of the road farther from the sea, we will miss out on many scenic stopping points since we might not be able to pull-over/stop the car or cross the road.

Is this a valid concern or should this not be a problem?

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Renting a car on the east coast USA

I am visiting the US later this year. I will arrive in Boston and will spend 1 week travelling down to Virginia for a drag racing event, via Maryland and Washington DC.

On the 2nd week I want to travel back to Boston via Philadelphia and New York City.

I am worried that vehicle will become a hindrance during the NYC portion, and that a “cool car” will be extortionately priced, as I am under 25.

Is this feasible?

Staying on Andros (Greek island): east coast or west cost?

I am planning a trip to Andros for about four or five days in May/June. I intend to hire a motorcycle so that my wife and I can travel around the island (we did this in Santorini and it was very successful). Would it be better to stay on the west coast (e.g. Batsi) or the east coast (Andros town)? We’re more interested in good views than in night life (we’re both in our 60s).