Can my players coat a +1 Plate Armor with Adamantine?

My Dwarf smith wants to merge both his Plate Armor +1 and his Adamantine Plate Armor. The idea is to melt Adamantine, obtain the raw material, and coat his +1 Plate with it, thus obtaining a +1 Adamantine Plate Armor.

Would a +1 Adamantine Plate Armor be imbalanced?

Players are currently level 12, and I was thinking of charging 1000g for the task, alongside the consumption of one of the armors. The player would not be able to melt the new armor again, so this would be the final version of the item. I’m aware this is homebrew territory (you can only coat weapons with Adamantine), and my main concern is whether this item is overpowered or not. I can adjust its cost, whether it requires attunement, and possibly other effects/penalties.

How can I make a PC who is made up of three owls in a trench coat?

I’m a new DM. One of my players is insisting her character is really three owls in a trench coat (appears to be an elvish druid). Can someone help me figure out some way for this to have happened? How does one turn three owls into an elf?

I want to support her – this is her first time playing, and I want her to have a good time. I was thinking I was going to make it so that another person had transformed her from three owls into an elf, and finding the truth about this will be a minor side quest. I just want to know who/what could have made the transformation happen, and how it would occur – are there any spells for this?

How many weapons can I coat with the 1/2 ounce of basic poison from an alchemy jug?

One of the the liquids than an alchemy jug can produce is 1/2 ounce of basic poison. However, there is no indication in the item’s description of how much you can do with this amount of poison. In the description for a poison vial, it says you can coat 1 weapon or 3 pieces of ammunition with the poison from one vial, but it doesn’t say how much poison comes in a vial. So, is the half ounce of poison from an alchemy jug intended to be equivalent to one vial? If not, how many weapons or pieces of ammunition can be coated using the half ounce of poison?

Faulty oleophobic coat on Apple Watch S4 SS?

I got an Apple Watch Series 4 SS a month ago.

After a day it had two scratches on its sapphire glass screen. I didn’t get out of home since I work at home. The watch was covered by a heavy wool sweater. The scratches are almost invisible, very superficial.

I couldn’t seem to figure out how it got scratched, I didn’t have the option to return it to Apple because I don’t have an Apple Store in my country. (I bought it in my home country and brought it home)

After few weeks I bought a S4 alluminium to my wife and it’s been several days since she started using it. She accidentally dropped it twice, bumped it into a wall. Not a single scratch.

Looking closely at my screen I see a small stain on the middle of the screen. You can see it only with the right lighting and angle, and it has some “rainbow-like” colors.

My suspect is that the oleophobic coat of the screen is faulty and it is producing this stain and makes the surface subject to scratches very easily.

I saw on Reddit another guy lamenting about 4 stains identical to the one I have, in his Apple Watch.

I got Apple Care+ but I don’t find it correct to pay 70 euro to get the screen replaced because of something I think is a manufacturer defect.

Are my hypothesis plausible? Do you think I could convince Apple to replace it under warranty?

How many arrowheads can I coat with one dose of poison?

I’m playing a rogue archer in a Dragon Age RPG campaign, and I was looking at ways to improve my damage. One possibility that I discussed with my GM was to coat my arrowheads in some form of poison, but we’ve been unable to find rules or anything that hint as to how many arrows I can coat with one vial of poison.

We’re guessing that I cannot coat my whole quiver (20 arrows) with on vial, but, at the same time, having to use one vial per arrow seems like a lot of poison on one arrow, not to mention extremely costly.

I’ll take references to the official rules, forum posts on the subject by the creators of the game, or even homebrew rules as suggestion if none of the above exist.