How to use Contact Form 7 short code value in a page?

I’m a WordPress enthusiast. I am trying to accomplish something but I haven’t found a way to.

Here’s the deal, I’m trying to use the submitted values of a form I created on contact form 7 in a script I added into the same WordPress page where the form is.

I have a script that I want to insert these values into, but when I type in the CF7 shortcode like [your-name] it comes as plain text.

How do I pass these values into shortcode I can use outside of contact form 7?

How to use GITHUB code in sharepoint?

i need to create a mega-menu from a list in SharePoint online. as similar to the once below to my SharePoint. I have never used or tried to add GITHUB code sample to my SharePoint. Please let me know how to use the code samples from GITHUB like the one below.

Why is my plastic credit card and activation code sent separately?

Capital one recently sent my plastic credit card by paper mail and it’s activation code by a separate paper mail. What security problem does this mitigate? If a rogue element has access to my mail box or home, they will have both the plastic card as well as the activation code. The only thing I can think of is that they are preventing rogue elements on their side from having access to the two information at the same time? Or is it something else?

how to construct a tree using root tree’s code?

The Question is if we are given a binary code how construct a tree using that code? There was a question as follows:

By root tree’s 000101001111 code, reconstruct that tree.

and the complete answer: answer

The problem is i could not understand the answer. so could you please guide me or clear up the problem or introduce some refs. (because i could not find any)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Possibility of illegal stuffs using Web Assembly code or any website program

I recently discovered a website – where it is advertised that they rent our computing power for performing scientific calculations but actually I suspect that they do some bitcoin mining or the possibility of illegal stuff (like DDoS, malware, botnets, etc…), because I could not find anywhere in google/research news/articles.

I tested this service and actually I did receive payment. Of course in the virtue of electricity/CPU/internet/bandwidth, I found that its a loss. However, I wanted to know the legality of the tasks performed in the background by this service.

I found from the forum that a .wasm code gets downloaded when we run the tool – and this file gets downloaded to machine. (

But I am not pretty sure how to decode it and details in that code.

So, to know if there is any illegality associated when the website performs calculations (or runs the code), I used multiple tools – netmon, procmon (process monitor), Netlimiter, Kaspersky free scanner online for botnets,etc.. but I could not find any trace.

Any guidance to track or trace or check the legality of this file (main.wasm) would be helpful.

Android,Hichart how to show percentage on top of the pie chart?Please have look on my code.And correct me if anything wrong in my code

HIPlotOptions plotOptions = new HIPlotOptions();

plotOptions.setPie(new HIPie());

plotOptions.getPie().setAllowPointSelect(true);//For slicing the pie quard


plotOptions.getPie().setDataLabels(new HIDataLabels());


plotOptions.getPie().getDataLabels().setFormat(“{point.percentage:.1f} %“);

//here i’m added to show the 5 on the top of the pie chart plotOptions.getPie().getDataLabels().setStyle(new HICSSObject());



options.setPlotOptions(plotOptions);enter preformatted text here

Mobile Code Scanning

I know that MobSF is generally well recommended as the OSS solution for code scanning of mobile devices.

To my knowledge though, it only performs dynamic analysis of android applications (and you need genymotion?). Is there any tool that i could use to supplement MobSF, and provide dynamic analysis for iOS applications. This would prefer to be automated, but if some manual effort is required that would suffice.

Any options would be awesome!

Promo code applied UI

im currently working on the UX/UI for a flight app. The promo has to be applied before searching as only certain flights are on promotion. Once the Promo is applied I am having trouble displaying to the user how much they have saved because of space constraints. It’s currently a block W:319 H:48 This block is currently filled with flight info leaving W:68 H:48 to indicate the price difference. Ive been researching other flight apps many of them scratch out the first price and highlight the second in a positive color. Is there any other way of doing this?