Should error codes in JSON be integers or strings?

I’m designing a backend webservice, and when an error occurs I’m returning it as a JSON to the frontend. This JSON contains an error code, which the frontend maps to an localized string and shows that to the user.

Should my error codes be strings or integers?

{   "code": 9900,   "message": "Invalid ID" } 


{   "code": "9900",   "message": "Invalid ID" } 

I’m thinking integers myself, but I’m just wondering if maybe returning fixed length error codes would be more correct, like if I atm have error codes like 9900, 9901, and in the future I wanna send the code 12, would it be correct to send them as "9900", "9901", and "0012", vs 9900, 9901, and 12.

Update page(s) to farm without touching codes that were previously deployed via wsp

I’m facing a situation where I only wish to update one page of the farm solution and do not wish to touch the existing codes that were previously deployed onto the farm.

Why do I wish to do so is because there might be a code difference and I do not wish to risk it, thus I’m trying to see if I’m able to deploy only the selected files onto the farm without having to worry about code difference?

Am I able to do so with Sharepoint 2010?

Not Receiving Twitter Verification Codes

So I was locked out of my Twitter account, and I’m on the page where it says they’ll send a verification code to my phone via SMS. I’ve tried this probably 40-50 times over the past 3 days, and I haven’t gotten anywhere. I’ve filed numerous help requests with Twitter Help and have gotten no help. I’m getting to the end of my rope with Twitter Has anyone else ever dealt with this/know how to resolve it? Thanks!!!

Underlying codes for Niederreiter cryptosystems

Niederreiter cryptosystem is usually described by a parity check matrix $ H$ over $ \mathbb{F}_{2^n}$ .

The minimum distance $ d$ is given by

$ d := min\lbrace k \text{ such that there are $ k$ linearly dependant columns in $ H$ }\rbrace$

Encryption in this case is done by encoding messages $ m$ of weight less than $ d/2$ .

Now keeping Niederreiter systems in mind, my question is, since $ m$ is over $ \mathbb{F}_2$ , it makes sense to consider linearly dependence over $ \mathbb{F}_2$ rather than $ \mathbb{F}_{2^n}$ . In other words, is it okay to consider code as a code over $ F_{2}$ with alphabet extension or do we have to consider it as codes over $ \mathbb{F}_{2^n}$ .

How do I learn to build codes?

I am a commerce stream student with some knowledge on computing. I can create and develop games and applications, and I know to use Operating Systems properly like a sceipt kiddie. Till now I know pretty much of basic python, c++ and c#(using slight of references honestly even for basic ones )and complete html programming language. I want to learn other programming languages and ones I know already completely like c#, c++, java, css, javascript,python etc… to develop my knowledge on these topics and advance them to have a future career in IT. From where do I start and get proper and complete resources for free? Even when I know slight of these subjects why couldn’t I build tools and codes on my own like professionals?

re: Sharepoint Column Codes

Does anyone have a cheat list for column coding is sharepoint. For example, i want to create a column that pulls information from a column i created called employee first name and another column, employee last name.

Result : Column will have employee first name and last name together

M2 – Add coupon codes for the same rule

For a client we needs to add existing codes (about 400) with most of them with the same rule. I’ve already created a code which created multiple codes for the same rule. When I look into the database I can see it has created multiple codes which are connected to the same rule.

Is there a way to use existing codes and connect them to a specific rule_id so I don’t have to add them piece by piece?

This is how it looks when you add a new rule which creates multiple codes by itself.

enter image description here

Transfer Facebook Messages from one phone with the New Facebook Codes

I have a new phone that I purchased and have transferred the Sim card from the old phone. When I am setting up Messenger and enter the email address and password from the old phone [I use LastPass to keep all my saved sign-on data] it signs-on but then tells me It has sent me a CODE (6 digits) to my phone. I went to my old phone and found my ‘code’ but there is no way to leave the page that is demanding the code to find the code that was sent! FACEBOOK has just started this Coding system and I am unsure how it works