Rating Scale Calculation excluding the N/A Answer – Cognito Forms

I have created a feedback form in Cognito forms to collect feedback for suppliers. I have a 1-5 rating scale with 14 Questions and a calculation field to calculate the percentage.

I have done the formula and managed to calculate all ratings. I have added the option to N/A to the rating. So I would like to exclude the question answered by N/A from the total number of questions. so the Formula should be if one of the questions is answered by N/A then it should be divided by 13 Questions and not 14.

Current Formula: Total Score / 14 / 5 ( Highest Rating )

Please advise

How can I get an incremented date range using a table field in Cognito Forms?

I am creating a timesheet template for my organisation. The user should be able to add 10 entries (one for each weekday in the fortnight worked), plus the hours worked.

Using a table, I have created 10 blank entry rows. I would like to populate the date field in each row with a date incremented from the start date specified in the first row (e.g. row 1 = 16/05/2019, row 2 = 17/05/2019, row 3 = 18/05/2019 etc.). The calculation only needs to increase the date by 1 per row, and doesn’t need to skip weekends or holidays.

Is this possible and if so, how?

No URL for File Attachment inside Cognito Form on WebHook

I have uploaded a file in my Cognito Form and the Webhook POST JSON data did not include any Attachment URL link.

It only has the FileName and content type.

How can I get FileUpload URL on my webhook data?

I would like to save user attachment in my blob storage instead of going to Cognito Dashboard and manual download.

"File": [     {       "ContentType": "image/jpeg",       "Id": "F-O!gwWeuLtYKQ2VDWp3L1qE",       "IsEncrypted": false,       "Name": "668b5c00-0e15-4430-b731-b2e1a335a4ae-thumbnail.jpg",       "Size": 16712     }   ] 

Creative Cognito Forms notification email that contains all form details

I would like the email that I receive as a notification from a Cognito Forms entry to have the same formatting as the PDF document I can download. I would want it to look like the form as it is being filled out. Currently when I include entry details into the notification emails, it just lists the entries without the form questions. I can see the Document Template upon submission, which is the same as the pdf file attached to the email, but I would like the body of the email to have that information as well.