Is AWS Cognito vulnerable to MITM when using iOS with Lambda and RDS

I’m a bit new to coding backend services. And I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

So users in an iOS app can be authenticated with Cognito and afterwards gain the rights to invoke lambda functions that connect to an RDS Database, that RDS database pulls that users information or updates it upon request.

The lambda function will search for a primary key i.e. a unique username to query the data. If a hacker were to use a MITM attack to get their unique username, what could stop them from putting that in locally so when the lambda function is invoked it queries for the victim’s data instead of their own?

Cognito Forms: Need to store data into own database rather than to store data on Cognito forms database

I am implementing a web application where I want to provide the user the facility to create their own forms and data can be stored into our database. I would like to use Cognito forms and give that platform in my application by using Iframes. But have some questions that I am not able to figure out after spending enough time on google. Questions are:

  • The client does not want any 3rd party application where the data can be shared. I know the data is encrypted and secure and stored on Azure (No SQL). But still; is there any option in Cognito forms where data can be directly saved into our database without storing into cloud?

  • We don’t have any fixed forms that we need to create, our main purpose of using Cognito is to provide the feature to end user, where he/she can create his own forms through our application and data (along with form structure), can be stored into our database only. Right now, I didn’t find any option or trigger where, whenever a user creates a new form, it can trigger some action, and through that trigger/action that new form structure can be stored into our database. Can anyone help on this?

Rating Scale Calculation excluding the N/A Answer – Cognito Forms

I have created a feedback form in Cognito forms to collect feedback for suppliers. I have a 1-5 rating scale with 14 Questions and a calculation field to calculate the percentage.

I have done the formula and managed to calculate all ratings. I have added the option to N/A to the rating. So I would like to exclude the question answered by N/A from the total number of questions. so the Formula should be if one of the questions is answered by N/A then it should be divided by 13 Questions and not 14.

Current Formula: Total Score / 14 / 5 ( Highest Rating )

Please advise

How can I get an incremented date range using a table field in Cognito Forms?

I am creating a timesheet template for my organisation. The user should be able to add 10 entries (one for each weekday in the fortnight worked), plus the hours worked.

Using a table, I have created 10 blank entry rows. I would like to populate the date field in each row with a date incremented from the start date specified in the first row (e.g. row 1 = 16/05/2019, row 2 = 17/05/2019, row 3 = 18/05/2019 etc.). The calculation only needs to increase the date by 1 per row, and doesn’t need to skip weekends or holidays.

Is this possible and if so, how?