Access files uploaded with Cognito Forms

I’m researching how I might be able to pass a file, uploaded to a Cognito Forms, to our Azure API. It does not appear that JSON WebHooks will do this.

Is the Cognito Forms JSON REST API accessible?

Is this possible?

If not, do you have a recommendation for how we might do this?

I would like a file (e.g. CSV file) passed to our Azure application programmatically, NOT as a manual (“go to this page and click here”) process.

Using Cognito access token to pass claims

I am working on migrating all our users from our DB to a managed service, and we’re considering AWS Cognito.

We want to use Cognito for Authentication and Access Control.
For access control, we’re thinking about putting the user claims in the access token which is possible using the pre-token generation lambda and using them in the resource servers

The thing is I am not sure that this is the “right way” to do it using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

Are we doing it right? is there a better way?

Select All options automatically by clicking on one check box in Cognito Forms

If there is a long list of options to be selected and the user wants to select all the option what is the way out in Cognito Forms. For example, if the user wants to selects all the options , he just clicks on one button ‘Select All’ and all the check boxes get selected at once automatically.

Cognito Form Calculation for current week number

I am trying to create a field within a form that will automatically calculate the current week number. It’s only for internal use, I just need it to show up on the Entries listing after the form has been submitted.

Back with an add on to my original question… I have been using the formula provided on a few forms and it works Ok other than that the day of the week that the week number changes in the form is not Sunday as expected but on Tuesday…? However my main concern to wanting to be able to use the formula with the exception of using a provided date (ie, the Entry Submission Date) as currently the formula must be a part of the form before an entry is processed in order to apply the correct week number to that specific entry.

Any continued help would be much appreciated! Thank you

Cognito Forms – How to specify a date in a date range or notice when a specific date occurs in a date range

My clients book our services on a short term basis of up to 90 days. If a public holiday occurs during the requested period the client needs to:

a.) be informed that there is a public holiday in their date range

b.) be informed that rates are double on a public holiday or from 6pm the night before a public holiday

c.) asked to choose if they would like to include or change the hours for these specific days

d.) if they say no, to exclude the day from the billing

e.) if they say yes, to double the rate of the booking for that day, or from 6pm the night before the public holidays.

This was easy enough to achieve where the client specifies the date and books on a day by day basis, but there seems no way to check if a date occurs within a daterange. Please help urgently.