Is Microsoft Forms adequately secure to collect personal health information? [closed]

I want to make a survey on a website using Microsoft Forms. Patients would input personal health information into this form, so I want it to be secure.

The Microsoft website indicates that Microsoft Forms is HIPAA and BAA compliant, which sounds great; however, when I dig deeper, I don’t really find what I want to see in plain English.

Can information submitted over Microsoft Forms be read by someone other than me, the website owner?

How can we create someone’s head to collect their bounty?

Last night, we boarded a pirate ship to collect 500g for its captain’s head. The Paladin, being a clever Shield Master boy, shoved him off the edge of the ship for the giant sharks in the water to take care of. After we cleaned up the rest of the crew, we Polymorphed the Paladin to go get the corpse back.

Problem is, we only found the gem-riddled cloak and scimitar the captain was wielding, and bits of his body (a hand and a leg). The rest of him, the sharks got. We need his head to collect his bounty. What options do we have, as a level 13 party with a Vengeance Paladin, Necromancer Wizard, Storm Sorcerer, Samurai Fighter, and Shadow/Chain SorcLock?

We thought we could Resurrect the dude, kill him again, and voilá, we had his dead. But that is not very lucrative to do.

Can my character collect royalties from being an author?

My character is a half-elf, aged academic globetrotter researching ruins, fauna and flora – anything he can get his hands on really. In his 100+ year career it stands to reason that along with any research papers or the like, he would have additionally written some material for public consumption. Encyclopaedias, books of fact etc., along with perhaps an autobiography or two as he’s pretty well renowned.

My group has never played D&D before but we’re playing the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign, set in the world of Toril, which is a stereotypical medieval world.

Assuming that the world has a publication system and royalties, what would be the most likely way my character would physically collect the money, and how much would be reasonable amount be per week to not break the game? My group currently has no idea about the value of currency at the moment.

How to collect all MAC addresses inside local WiFi network, if you’re admin at

I am not going to specify the model of router, because I’m looking for universal solution, presuming that I am inside Local Network.

1) Obvious way to do that would be by sending Syslog, most TP-Link routers has page where you can hourly email to external email address. And all syslogs in routers are definitely consist those Mac addresses. Problem with this method – that most ISP block port 25 for outbound connections – so you can’t use any external SMTP servers (only internal SMTP servers which are absent in most guest networks)

2) Less attractive way is bringing your laptop and asking wifi password. I call it less attractive because it requires physical presence with a laptop inside Local Network (being connected as a guest to WiFi router)

3) Another way is using Android apps which scan mac addresses which also requires physical presense

4) And of course using Dynamic DNS to connect to router. But most ISP’s are put the routers behind NAT and multiple vLANs so that you couldn’t access that even from within internal ISP network.

5) Also if you exclude your ability to use OpenWRT or other custom firmware – because it is time-consuming and too much physical presence requiring process.

6) But it could be useful to include some $ 10 devices which could collect that info by always being inside the wifi network (is there such devices accessible in Chinese electronics markets?)

Am I missing some obvious ways to spy on mac addresses on someone’s wifi network?

I ask this question, because I want to understand all ways someone might use to leak mac addresses of those devices from internal network with cheapest wifi routers.

Collect Data from Task List to a Library List

When my user approves a document (in a form of a task), I asked them to classify the document into different classification (currently there are 3). I want this information to be added to the documents they are approving.

Basically, I’ve added the column Classification on my Document Library but I can’t seem to find a solution to get the information from my task to my document library.

Activate Approval, Collect Feedback, and Collect Signatures workflows for a site collection?

All workflows are active except for Approval, Collect Feedback, and Collect Signatures.

Everything I’ve read says to go to Site Collection Features and activate Workflows. I’ve done this, but these three workflows are still inactive.

Is there something else I’m missing?

What values does “ows_q_USER_Author” collect?


From which SharePoint columns/fields does ows_q_USER_Author collect values?

It seems to be a USER (People & Group?) type of column.

Do you have any idea where the ows_q_USER_Author property is “located”?

I found MicroSoft description related to managed property AuthorOWSUSER: The name of the user who created the page, but I’m not really sure it works only for pages.