Collection of custom Apocalypse World moves, with feedback? [closed]

For the Hardholder in my Apocalypse World game, I thought of a custom move and would now like to share it and in particular get feedback on it.

Also, I’d like to see if somebody else has thought of something similar, and be inspired by other people’s custom moves.

Is there a canonical place where Apocalypse World (and related hacks, like Dungeon World) custom moves are collected, preferably allowing searching, sorting, rating and feedback?

Site collection is not working in IE11 but works in Chrome and Firefox

I have a site, which was created using sharepoint online, that works fine on Chrome and Firefox but not working in IE11. It works fine once I change the document mode (in developer mode) to 11 instead of 10. Not sure how to make it work without changing the document mode as this is not a solution (Can’t change this setting for the computers of anyone who visits the website).

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Restore Deleted Site Collection

I’m trying to restore a site collection that has somehow been marked ‘Deleted’. I’ve been unable to restore it, as we’re unable to reference it with any of the following options:

  • Restore-SPDeletedSite <GUID>
  • Get-SPDeletedSite <GUID>, just running Get-SPDeletedSite returns null
  • Checking for it in the Central Admin recycle bin (unsure if this would work)
  • Dismounting and re-mounting the content database
  • Creating a new Site Collection with a subsite, and remounting the old content database

The last option ended up creating a new site collection in our old content database that’s just an empty site collection. Our other sites are still accessible (eg .../sites/Archive), but the root site collection and its subsites are inaccessible.

We know it’s been deleted in some fashion because after going to the SQL server and running a query on the Site Collection in question. The query was:

SELECT [Id],[Deleted]  FROM [Content_Intranet_DB].[dbo].[AllSites]  WHERE ID='DD1CC06F-8BCC-4A0E-B8D1-96A25047BFB4' 

Which returned the following results.

enter image description here

Is there any way to make the root site collection re-accessible/undeleted except for the above attempts?

We don’t have a backup of this, as it’s a UAT/testing environment but there was some people doing development work on it before it disappeared. It looks like all of the content is still present (the database is the same size as before, the site looks like it’s just a toggled deleted flag, etc).

Is it possible to create site collection after creating new content database in Sharepoint 2019 CSOM (C#)?

I’m working on SharePoint 2019 environment.

I have just created site collection programmatically (CSOM) using MSDN Link

However, I want to create a content database through CSOM and point this newly created Content DB for creating above new site collection.

Any help is much appreciated!

Move Content Type from one Site Collection to another Site Collection

I have a custom content type “Employee” that inherits from the “Document Set” content type. It has metadata attached to it as well and it resides in a document library.

I would like to create a script to move the “Employee” content type from Document Library A in Site Collection A to Document Library B in Site Collection B.

I would like for all the metadata to stay in tact as well as all the folders and files that live under the Document Set.

Is this possible in SharePoint Online?

PowerApps Gallery Items not visible when collection as a source

I’m using PowerApps to create an application. For creating menu items, I’ve added a collection on the OnVisible event of the home screen. Below is the function snippet for your reference.

Clear(MenuItems); Collect(MenuItems, {   Name: "Home",   Screen:HomeScreen,   Image: home,   SelectedIcon: home_enabled   }, {   Name: "Settings",   Screen:Settings,   Image:  settings,   SelectedIcon: settings_enabled }); 

After adding a collection, I’ve added the gallery component from the Studio itself for the navigation and set its source to our MenuItems collection that I’ve created earlier.

Even after connecting to the correct collection, I’m not able to view those collections items in the gallery.

What could be the possible reasons?