Folders displaying in orange color in python 3, pycharm

Can somebody point me in the right direction on this? I just can’t find any ressources on why a folder will display in orange as if it was not active. I can’t import modules from there since its not active and i can’t activate it at all and i don’t know where to look lol.

I linked a screenshot so people could see what i’m talking about

enter image description here

Custom Color for every user in Google Sheets

We are using Google Sheets as a to-do list and would love to know if we can connect a color to a person that adds something. We are working with 4 people in the same document and it would be really really handy if when person A types in something, the color would be red. If person B adds something, color is green. Without having to change that every time ourselves.

Anyone a clue how to do this? Can’t seem to find it on google either.

I want to change the line color using ‘button trigger’ in a specific condition

I want to change the color of line1 and line2 like below. How can I bind a variable in c# code? Is there a good solution to resolve the code below?

  • xaml code –
``````<Grid Width="6" Height="6" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,14,0"> `````````<Line x:Name="line1" X1="0" Y1="0" X2="6" Y2="6" Stroke="#BDC4CF" StrokeThickness="1"/> `````````<Line x:Name="line2" X1="0" Y1="6" X2="6" Y2="0" Stroke="#BDC4CF" StrokeThickness="1"/> ``````</Grid> ```</Grid>  ```<ControlTemplate.Triggers> ``````<Trigger Property="IsChecked" Value="True"> `````````<Setter TargetName="line1" Property="Stroke" Value="{binding linecolor}"/> `````````<Setter TargetName="line2" Property="Stroke" Value="{binding linecolor}"/> ``````</Trigger> ```</ControlTemplate.Triggers> </ControlTemplate>  - c# code -  public bool IsChecked { ```get { return (bool)GetValue(IsCheckedProperty); } ```set ```{ ``````SetValue(IsCheckedProperty, value); ``````ToggleBtn.IsChecked = value;  ``````if(isPicked == true) ``````{ `````````linecolor = (Brush)(new BrushConverter().ConvertFrom("#3EF79B")); ``````} ``````else ``````{ `````````linecolor = (Brush)(new BrushConverter().ConvertFrom("#FFFFFF")); ``````} ```} } 

Unity 3d editor window filled with pink color

I have installed unity 3d in my Ubuntu 18 . But editor windows is filled with pink color . Only options like file , Accessories is visible.

In top of the unity window opengl 4.2 is shown. So I checked my opengl version and it is 3.0 . Mesa version is 18.x something . I followed many tutorials and ppa given online to update my driver and opengl . But still open version is 3.0 .

I’m using Intel atom Baytrail Z3735f choose

Looking for a good color set (background/font) for Xterm, drastically different from “standard” light on dark combos

My task: I need to set up standard colors for Xterms for a large set of users in a company. The requirements are:

  • There are four types of Xterms (Development, Production, External Client, and Multiclient).

  • Production Xterm is green text on black background (think Matrix 🙂

  • External client Xterm was decided to be yellow on darkish blue. It’s easily distinguishable from black/green Production palette, but still dark-background, signifying production context.

  • Multi-client is some weird light-on-dark combination, of no specific significance other than it is different from either production or External client but also light-on-dark.

Challenge: I need to decide on the text and background colors for Development Xterm.


  1. First, it needs to be drastically different from Production and Client ones, strongly preferred to be light background

  2. On the other hand, contradictory, software developers (of which probably 1/3 or even 1/2 Xterm users are), have to spend a LOT of time in Development Xterm; which means that the colors picked must be

    • Easy to read

    • Not cause eyestrain from long staring at

    • Preferably, be at least not heavily widely displeasing (that’s subjective, but it’s generally understood that – for example – green on red is ugly, even leaving aside color blind user issues).

    The problem being, of course, that the best palette choices to satisfy these constraints are dark background with light text, which generally conflict with consideration #1 (not obviously different enough from production type Xterms which all have dark background theme going).

Originally I chose black on light blue, but there were numerous complaint that light blue background (#51 in table below) was too bright and hard on the eyes.

The color choice is a standard 256 color ANSI color set:

enter image description here

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Is there a simple image processor that can reduce image color depth (convert 24-bit RGB to 2, 4 or 8-bit indexed color)?

I have a need for a quick/easy image processing application under Ubuntu 18.04 that will allow me to view, crop, scale down and reduce color depth/color mode (number of color bits per pixel) – with and without dithering – of 24-bit JPG input images and export them as PNG. I’d like the option of reducing to 4, 16 or 256 colors (2, 4 or 8 bits per pixel).

GIMP has these capabilities, but I’m looking for something less bulky.

In Windows (and OS/2 before that!), I was a longtime user of PMView, a speedy viewer and processor. I can continue to use PMView through WINE (there is also an IrfanView app that works similarly through WINE), but I would prefer a Linux app.

I have tried a number of applications. I like the simplicity, cropping, resizing and even the color manipulations of gThumb. But gThumb does not allow me to save a PNG at less than 24-bit. Same problem with Shotwell and Mirage. I’ve had no luck getting usable results with Pinta.

What color to choose as “danger” if the main color of my app is red

I’m having this question wrapped around my head for quite some time. The thing is that my main application has a red color theme. And for just cancel buttons I used to use just gray colors but now that I need a “danger” color… What should I use? Purple? Orange? Using the red again is awkward, maybe a darker red?

PD: I cannot use blue because it’s our competitors color.

enter image description here