change hover color of specific menu link

I’m trying to change a hover color of a menu link element. Normally this is really easy, but on this projet i’m not able to do it.

site : login : valentine passwd : mas2019

I need to change the hover color of “RESERVER” button ( pink button in right header menu ) to another color.

I have tryed tons of CSS edit, no one works…

I’ll really apreciate any help for this !

Thanks in advance for your help.

Color coding Alerts

I am having some issues with a project alert colors.

I am having two cases that starts an alert.

One is if the value is over 40 and one is over 45.

Reaching the 40 value is a really bad thing and reaching 45 is even worse.

The problem is that I cannot use orange for over 40 as it is really important and needs action to be taken immediately.

Currently I use light red and hard red but I am afraid that they do not differentiate well enough.

Any suggestions please ?

enter image description here

how we choose gradient and flat colors for creatives based on the image used or attractive color?

Creating creatives for social media or blog,

we using gradient colors or flat colors for creatives.

My question is which is the correct way to do, based on the image we need to select the color or random colors we will pick.

My Answer:

In my view is I selected colors based on the image we used in the creative.

Color contrast too low, but element good visible

I am checking a software against the software ergonomic requirements of WCAG 2.1 Level AA. On part is the colour contrast, which must be for graphics 3.0:1. In the following graphic the orange part is for users without any disabilities very good visible, however the tool “Color Contrast Analyser” show only a contrast to the white background of 2.0:1.

So the graphic does not meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA. But what is the reason? Again: the orange part of the graphic is very good visible. Might it be an inaccuracy of algorithm for calculating colour contrast? Or is it just my personal sensation?

Any other ideas?

graphic with red, orange and green skala. medium value is 38.

Font and Color choices on Full-Page backgrounds

I am an amateur web developer, and am teaching myself React. Currently, I have been building a personal website hosted on github pages –

As I want to complete the mobile design first, please switch over to mobile view (iPhone 6/7/8) in devTools –

Q) As you can see the text is not really appealing or “eye-catching”. What kind of design choices do more experienced people like yourselves go through in choosing the right font/style, and colors to make the page vibrant and aesthetic against a colored background?

Please do not hesitate to criticize and highlight the site’s shortcomings.

Variable for theme text color

I have a custom web part that I want to have styled correctly no matter what color theme is installed on the site. I have this working correctly for my button background colors like this:

.myButtons {     background-color: $  ms-color-themePrimary; }  .myButtons:hover {     background-color: $  ms-color-themeDarkAlt; } 

My problem is that I need to know what foreground color to use. The stock web parts, for example, will change the foreground color to black or white depending on what color theme is selected and I’d like my web part to do the same so that users aren’t forced to try to read white text on a yellow background or something.

Is there a variable to get the correct text color?

Highlight Color & Text Color

How do we avoid using the same highlight color as the text color?

For example: when you highlight a paragraph, the background color changes to draw attention to the paragraph, but what if the color of the paragraph is the same as the background color?

How could we avoid that? Can you guys give me some keywords?

Thank you 😀