Conditional change row colors

Say I have a content type “task” with one field “status”, which is output by views. Now I want when the status is “finished”, the color of that row will be red, when the status is “failed”, the color of that row will be yellow, when the status is “ongoing”, the color of that row will be green. Is there any way to realize this? BTW, I know very little about code.

Picture as below

Prints each letter of a string in deferent colors. C#

I’m practicing for my Technical Interview and I’m worried my code does not meet the bar. What can I do to improve this answer?

Here is the question:


colors = [“red”, “blue”, “green”, “yellow”]; and a string

str = “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”;

write a function that prints each letter of the string in different colors. ex. L is red, o is blue, r is green, e is yellow, m is red, after the space, i should be blue.

My answer:

static void TestPrintColors()     {         string[] colors = new string[4] {"red", "blue", "green", "yellow"};         string str = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet";         PrintColors(colors, str);     }      static void PrintColors(string[] colors, string str)     {         char log;         ConsoleColor originalColor = Console.ForegroundColor;         int colorIndex = 0;         ConsoleColor currentColor = originalColor;         for (int i = 0; i < str.Length; i++)         {             log = str[i];              if (log == ' ')             {                 Console.WriteLine(log);                 continue;             }              switch(colors[colorIndex])             {                 case "red":                 currentColor = ConsoleColor.Red;                 break;                  case "blue":                 currentColor = ConsoleColor.Blue;                 break;                  case "green":                 currentColor = ConsoleColor.Green;                 break;                  case "yellow":                 currentColor = ConsoleColor.Yellow;                 break;                  default:                 currentColor = originalColor;                 break;             }              colorIndex++;              if (colorIndex >= colors.Length)             {                 colorIndex = 0;             }              Console.ForegroundColor = currentColor;              Console.WriteLine(log);         }          Console.ForegroundColor = originalColor;     } 

Reusable named colors list to use across all mobile apps?

I’m trying to define a (map? / protocol?) for the mobile apps colors between the mobile developer (I represent) and the UI designer, to easily use it in our apps and to achieve consistency among all apps that if ever needed to make a clone of one app, all we have to do is changing the colors codes, the same applies when we need to provide multiple themes.

I made this with the UI developer help (I don’t know if similar concept exist in the UI/UX models): enter image description here

Is this common in the UI/UX models, Am I re-inventing the wheel? is this doable, and can we really reach this consistency? I need to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance

Edit the Custom Colors for Text Colors in Google Docs

In Google Docs, I cannot change a Custom Text Color. If I select Custom Colors for a Text Color, those selected Custom Colors cannot later be edited. Is there any way to unset previously picked Custom Colors in Text Color picker?

For example, given a new Google document,

  1. click Text Color

    enter image description here

  2. select Custom…

  3. pick some custom color

    pick some custom color

  4. click OK

  5. again, click Text Color
  6. select Custom… . How to edit the previously picked color? last color used

The problem is when I’m trying out different Custom Colors then the custom color palette fills with shades of colors I do not want to use.

For example, after looking for a shade of green I like, the custom color palette looks like:

too many leftover experiment colors

I’d like to remove the unused shades of green from the custom color palette (and keep the preferred shade of green).

Modify PlotTheme (lighter colors)

TD = 8 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 33 + (61 + 1/4) + (41 + 1/4)/2 +     15/2 + (18 + 3/4) + (18 + 3/4)/2 + 14/2; CM = 15/2 + (61 + 1/4) + (41 + 1/4)/2 +     24 + (3 + 3/4) + (18 + 3/4) + (18 + 3/4)/2 + 14/2 + (24 + 3/4) +     9/2; TP = 2*90;  countsDim1 = {CM, TD, TP}/(TD + TP + CM);  n = 384 + 179; labels = Placed[    Row /@ Thread[{"" <> ToString@# <>           " H" & /@ {N[(n countsDim1[[1]]), 5],          N[(n countsDim1[[2]]), 5], Round@N[(n countsDim1)[[3]]]}}],     "RadialOuter"]; legend = Placed[    SwatchLegend[Automatic,      Row /@ Thread[{{"CM ", "TD ", "TP "},         Row[{"(", #, , ")"}] & /@          Quantity[Round[100 countsDim1], "Percent"]}],      LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 26, FontFamily -> "Latin Modern Roman",        FontColor -> Black, FontWeight -> Bold},      LegendMarkerSize -> 26], {After, Bottom}, Framed];  type = Framed[   PieChart[countsDim1, ChartLabels -> labels, ChartLegends -> legend,     PlotRange -> All,     LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 26, FontFamily -> "Latin Modern Roman",       FontColor -> Black, FontWeight -> Bold},     PlotTheme -> {"Business", "PastelColor"}, ImageSize -> Medium],    Background -> LightYellow] 


enter image description here

I have tried the various combinations described in the dedicated page: PlotTheme.

Is it possible to have a PlotTheme or/and a ColorTheme with lighter colors?

Google Sheets Conditional Formatting – Change Colors of Cell per Day based off A Cell Date

I’m new to Google Sheets and need help with conditional formatting. I have Column C, RESPA DATE, that has a date that varies for each borrower. I want to change the color of the cells in Column D, DISCLOSURES SENT, daily within three days of Column C until a date gets entered into the cell. Once RESPA is triggered I have three days to send out disclosures. I was wondering how I could format the cell to change to green on day 1, yellow on day 2 and red on my last day 3 until I enter a date then it goes back to a white cell.

Thank you