Map to crawled Site column or List/library column?

OK, I have got a site column which is added/used in a list. In the crawled properties there are two properties, one for the site column and one for the list.

Now, I have to map one of the crawled properties to a managed property.

My question is:

Which crawled property should I map to? To the one from site column or the one from the list?

What is the difference as far as crawl and mapping is concerned?

create Labels on the number of data in the column in database

I want to create Labels on the number of data in the column in database and each Label has a value from the column and I want to show all labels in Panel, I used Stored Procedure to Select data from Database.

Label lbl = new Label();             DataTable dt = show.ShowData(lbl.Text);             if(dt.Rows.Count>0)             {                 for(int i=0;i<dt.Rows.Count;i++)                 {                     lbl.Text = i + "@Data_Name";                     panel1.Controls.Add(lbl);                 }             } 

I need to concat data from multiple row into one column without changing the structure of actual table during export

enter image description hereI have a table item , in which SKU, size , color is there and product_code is same for parent and child product. when I import product to e-com ,under my parent, child product should be displayed. below is my table format to import. i need to concat column A+B+C matching with column D and get the SKU_config data.

How can i upload multiple images to an column in MYSQL

$  j = 0;  $  target_path = "imagens/livros/";  for ($  i = 0; $  i < count($  _FILES['file']['name']); $  i++) { $  validextensions =  array("jpeg", "jpg", "png", "gif");  $  ext = explode('.', basename($  _FILES['file']['name'][$  i])); $  file_extension  = end($  ext);  $  image_name = md5(uniqid()) . "." . $  ext[count($  ext) - 1]; $  uploaded_image =  $  target_path . $  image_name . "." . $  ext[count($  ext) - 1];  $  j = $  j + 1; if (($  _FILES["file"]["size"][$  i] < 9000000)     && in_array($  file_extension, $  validextensions)) {          if (move_uploaded_file($  _FILES['file']['tmp_name'][$  i],  $  uploaded_image)) {  "INSERT INTO pictures (img1, img2, img3, img4, img5) VALUES  ('$  uploaded_image', '$  uploaded_image', '$  uploaded_image', '$  uploaded_image',  '$  uploaded_image')"; 

hi, i try this.

but this get only 1 image name e send to five columns BD, is possible send five images with different names?

img1 | img2 | img3 | name1 name2 name3

Kimball Modelling One Column Linking to Many Dimensions

We are conducting Quality inspections, Appraisals, and Ratings on furniture. Many different types of furniture exist, chairs (1), shelves (2), couches (3), table (4). The respective DimProductType is 1,2,3,4. We actually have 100+ product types.

If measuring facts for brown tables, or chairs with 6 six legs, or Couches with polyester fabric type, how would I model the Fact table?

In FactInspection, there are two proposed methods. What is best Kimball design for this?

DimProductTypeProductId linking to many dimension tables below in one column, Or have denormalized columns for each furniture with nulls (with 100+ product types)

What is the official Kimball way to model this?

Method 1:

(this will join, on DimProductTypeProductId Composite)  create table dbo.FactInspection (     FactInspectionId int primary key identity(1,1)     DimInspectionDate int not null,     ValueAmount numeric(10,2)not null,     StarRatingOutof10 int not null,     DimProductTypeProductId null ) 

Method 2:

create table dbo.FactInspection (     FactInspectionId int primary key identity(1,1)     DimInspectionDate int not null,     ValueAmount numeric(10,2) not null,     StarRatingOutof10 int not null,     DimChairId int null,     DimShelfId int null,     DimCouchId int null,     etc..  ) 

Dimension Tables:

create table dbo.DimChair (     DimChairId int primary key identity(1,1),     ProductType int,     ChairNaturalKey int,     ProductTypeAndNaturalKey as (ProductType + '|' ChairNaturalKey) persisted     Color varchar(55),     LegNumber int )  create table dbo.DimShelf (     DimShelfId int primary key identity(1,1),     ProductType int,     ShelfNaturalKey int,     ProductTypeAndNaturalKey as (ProductType + '|' ShelfNaturalKey ) persisted     Length float,     Height float,     NumberofShelves varchar(55) )  create table dbo.DimCouch (     DimCouchId int primary key identity(1,1),     ProductType int,     CouchNaturalKey int,     ProductTypeAndNaturalKey as (ProductType + '|' CouchNaturalKey) persisted     FabricType varchar(255),     NumberofSeats int ) 

How to group 50 columns for every row in sas and create a new column for their values?

I have 50 categorical columns which contain numbers and 1 separate column for a unique identifier and 100 rows. I want to create a new dataset out of it which would have 3 columns: Column1 for the unique identifiers; Column2 for the categorical columns grouped for each row; and, Column3 for the numerical values.