Document Properties Under Quick Parts Don’t Update When A New Column Is Created

I have a SharePoint 2013 site that contains a document set with multiple content types. Each content type has its own document template. When I open a document template in Word, and then select Quick Parts -> Document Property, I can see all the properties related to the content type. However, if I add a new column to the content type and then open the template again in Word, I don’t see the new column in the list of properties when I select Quick Parts -> Document Property. Is there an additional step that needs to be taken after a new column is added, in order for it to show up under Quick Parts?

How to utilize if/else condition for JSON column formatting in SharePoint?

I am trying to format the color of a column based on the selection of another column in the same View. But, I am having trouble writing the JSON to check for multiple values in the other column. Here is my code so far that only checks for one selection, “Red”. I want it to check for the other possible options, which are “Green”, “Blue”, “Amber”, and “Gray”.

{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "div",   "txtContent": "@currentField",   "style": {     "background-color": "=if([$  OtherColumn] == 'Red', 'red', '')"   } } 

SharePoint Column Conditional Formatting – Applying CSS classes to a date field using a nested IF statement

Apologies, I am relatively new to SharePoint/JSON, So forgive me if I am not seeing the obvious. I would be INCREDIBLY grateful if someone would help.

I would like to apply conditional formatting to a date field using a nested IF statement.

IF the current field is blank, then set the CSS class to ‘blocked’. However, if the current field is populated, run a second IF: IF the current field is more than 1 year before today, then set the CSS class to ‘blocked’, however if the current field is within the last year, set the CSS class to ‘good’.

I have ran the following, without success. No formatting is applied whatsoever.

 {    "$  schema": "",  "elmType": "div",  "attributes": {  "class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='', 'sp-field-severity--blocked', if([@currentField]+31104000000 < @now,'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good'))"   },  "txtContent": "@currentField"  } 

HOWEVER, when I split the conditions into two, they work independently.

  1. =IF empty, blocked, good.
{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "div",   "attributes": {     "class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='','sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"   },   "txtContent": "@currentField" } 
  1. =IF exceeds 1 year, blocked, good.
{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "div",   "attributes": {     "class": "=if(@currentField+31104000000 < @now, 'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"   },   "txtContent": "@currentField" } 

My next step would be to add the corresponding CSS class icon into the field.

Calculation in Calculated Column varying based on null values?

Here’s one I’ve never dealt with before: I have calculated columns (in a SharePoint 2013 survey) that calculate values based on particular survey questions. One of those values, however, is an “N/A” value (currently set to the number zero). What I’m trying to do is this – I need to create an average of the NON-N/A answers. For example – I have 4 survey questions from which I extrapolate an average. If one of the of the answers is N/A, I need to get the average of the other three only. What should my calculated column formula be? I’ve never fathomed this one before.

Highlighted Content Column Creation

Our SharePoint tenant is host to multiple Client sites, all of which are structured more or less the same and with access to each Client site given to ourselves and the respective client. Each site also contains a Document Library named Jobs, with a column named ‘Job Description’, as well as a few others, and whenever a Client has a job come in they’re to create a folder in the ‘Jobs’ library, and detail the specifics in the columns.

As a means of making sure this is being done I’ve been looking into using the Highlighted Content Web Part so as to bring in all the new Jobs that are being created all over our tenant – I currently have it set to a List view, and for the most part this works and I can see Title, Modified, and Modified By details of each list item being created or edited, however ideally I’d like to get the ‘Job Description’ column from the folders into here as well? I know you can create a column in highlighted content through JSON, but I wasn’t sure if this would also pull in the the actual text in the column as well, or if I’d have to use CAML or something else to do that. Is this at all do-able, and if so how?

Any help would be appreciated – Thank you!

How to programatically get the status value of a Content Type column using C#?

I am attempting to read the property of the Item content type which shows the Required, Hidden or Optional property for a particular column.

 if (spList.TryFindContentType("Item", out SPContentType itemContentType))  {      foreach (var field in itemContentType.Fields)      {          // How do I access the status value for a particular column? E.g. Hidden, Required or Optional?      }  } 

Displaying multiple column data in a drop down menu

I’m using SP2010 unfortunately without SP Designer and only used InfoPath once.

I have 2 lists:

  • List A – Is a list of ‘Event Codes’ with a ‘status’ column displaying Active, Used or Reserved status for each Event Code.

  • List B – Has a look up column displaying an Event Code from List A.

When adding a new item to List B and selecting an event code from the drop down box, I want to view all event codes and their allocated status next to each event code.

In effect having data from two columns displaying in the drop down menu.

Default value in mandatory column is not showing up

I made a content type inside a library. Made a Template of the library since it needs to produce hundreds of other libraries. There is one field in the content type that is mandatory and library by library it will need to change its default value.

In word the properties panel on the side of the document does not show said default value, while clicking on ‘file’ (backstage view of the document) it does. As a matter of fact the document allows itself to be saved despite not being in the frontal properties panel.

This is bugging me for weeks now, as I have already checked the column inside the content type in the library and it shows the default value. I have checked ‘column default value settings’ and it is there, and I even add it again for the sake of being 200% sure.

I cannot put the default value in the original content type (site column) since it will change library by library and it will be set when the library is created. I even checked the default Word Template.dotx inside forms and this template does carry the default value.

There is no problem with Excel and PowerPoint because those 2 do not have the property panel on the side but they lead you to the ‘file’ view, where the default value is there.

Is there anything else I can try?

How to exclude former employee name from a SP form (Person or Group aka people picker column)

I am trying to prevent ex-employee names from appearing in a SharePoint form.

Specifically the column is a ‘Person or Group’ aka ‘people picker’ column.

Employee column definition

Richard F name showing

I have a separate ‘Employee’ list already, but it is not always up to date.

Normally using AD is more accurate and kept up to date – since IT must adjust the accounts for people that leave the company.

Ideally I could get this to run off AD still, but do the AD accounts need to be ‘deactivated’ or what are the options? (I’m no expert with AD).

Additional Picture (following Christoffer’s comment):

permissions check for Richard F