Combine router VPN with Client VPN

I would like to combine my router’s default VPN with another one I run on my laptop.

  • Here is what I currently have :

Current configuration

  • Here is what I would like to have :

Targeted configuration

Both router (DD-WRT) and laptop use OpenVPN to connect to their servers, and both connections are working. However, when I use both VPN, I get a “smaller” traceroute whereas I should have (at least) 1 more hop. For example, here is the traceroute with the router VPN only (fake IP addresses used here) :

$   traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets  1  _gateway (  0.523 ms  0.482 ms  0.501 ms  2 (  29.994 ms  30.725 ms  30.475 ms  3  * * *  4 (  51.344 ms  51.593 ms  51.812 ms  5 (  349.981 ms  350.202 ms  350.185 ms  6 (  52.028 ms (  52.280 ms  52.195 ms  7 (  58.685 ms (  67.073 ms  67.290 ms  8 (  57.032 ms  67.212 ms  67.204 ms  9 (  68.787 ms (  59.666 ms (  69.316 ms 10 (  67.338 ms (  58.179 ms (  69.634 ms 11 (  59.104 ms (  68.459 ms (  58.002 ms 

And here is the same traceroute, but with the laptop VPN enabled :

$   traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets  1 (  62.594 ms  74.503 ms  74.524 ms  2 (  74.552 ms  74.547 ms  74.544 ms  3 (  1152.730 ms  1164.535 ms  1164.447 ms  4 (  74.465 ms (  74.468 ms (  74.453 ms  5 (  74.449 ms (  74.434 ms  74.429 ms  6 (  121.687 ms (  72.067 ms (  68.295 ms  7 (  118.111 ms  173.570 ms (  173.570 ms  8 (  173.573 ms (  173.554 ms (  173.542 ms 
  • My Question are :

    1. Can I tell that both VPNs are used by using those traceroute info ?
    2. If both VPNs are used, shouldn’t I get more hops used in the 2nd traceroute ?
    3. Is there a more reliable way to test if both VPN are used ?
    4. (Edit) Are the “VPN passthrough” settings in my DD-WRT router involved in my questions ?

Certificate Revocation with intermediate CAs – combine CRLs?

I use Nginx for client-side-authentification. Only the SSL-certificates from the User CA should have access to the application. The CA hierachy:

Root CA     | Intermediate CA     | User CA 

So ssl_verify_depth (maximum verification depth) =3

Each CA has a crl.

For Nginx I need one crl-document.

Do I need to combine the CRLs of Root CA, Intermediate CA and User CA?

Thank you very much. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any related questions, (and I apologize if this is a stupid beginner’s question.)

Why can’t we combine thousands of computers and dynamic programming to solve chess once and for all?

It takes 3000 years for a single computer to solve chess. But if we keep adding a computer to solving the problem, wouldn’t that divide the time it takes by 1/N for each computer we add? For example if we launched maybe tens of thousands of smaller computers, maybe using a cloud platform like AWS, and had each computer work on a small sub-problem of chess, store the results in a cloud database so the other computers know what subproblems have already been solved or are being worked on, we could solve chess in less than a week.

Why wouldn’t this work? And if it could work why has no one attempted this yet?

Could you combine an herb witch and a veneficus witch archetype through the use of the “Extra Hex; Cauldron” feat?

The rules about archetypes state that archetypes must not replace the same core class features. I am not sure how this applies to the herb witch archetype and the veneficus witch archetype.

  • Herb witch demands you to take the “Cauldron Hex” at 2nd level.
  • Veneficus witch replaces the 2nd level hex with the “Toxic Words” extradordinary ability.

However would it be viable to take the “Extra Hex” feat at first level and choose the “Cauldron Hex” so that it would not interfere with the 2nd level of veneficus witch?

For referrence:

Herb Witch

Veneficus Witch

Class Archetype Rules

A character can take more than one archetype (sometimes called “stacking” archetypes) and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the base class as another alternate class feature. For example, a fighter could not be both an armor master and a brawler, since both archetypes replace the weapon training 1 class feature with something different. See FAQ at right for additional information.

Do multiple sources of temporary hit points combine, or do you only get one set?

Do multiple sources of temporary hit points combine, or do you only get one set?

For example, say you cast armor of Agathys and false life on yourself. Do you have two separate pools of temporary hit points, or do you have to pick one of the two? By separate pools, I mean that you have 5 temp HP from AoA and 8 temp HP from FL. If you take 10 damage, can you pick one of the two pools of temp HP and take the leftover damage to your real HP, but still have the other pool to protect against a second attack?

I ask because a warlock player in my game insists that she gets both pools, but I think it should be either-or.

How do multiple sources of temp HP interact with one another?

Can you combine Wild Shape and „Bite of the Were-X“-Spells?

In our group we had a discussion about weather it´s possible to use Wild Shape and simultaneously profit from a „Bite of the Were-X“-Spell (Spell Compendium, p. 28/29).

The DM (me) did not allow it because:

  • the spell descriptions clearly refer to a humanoid body

    („Your face becomes that of a boar ..“, „your hands become claws“, „your mouth becomes that of a tiger“ etc (emphasis mine)).

    Oviously, the idea of these spells is a „lycanthropic“ transformation of the caster. Since only humanoids and giants can be lycanthropes, the reference to hands, mouth and face makes sense. But if you have assumed an alternate form via Wild Shape and now possess a beak and paws – your have no mouth or hands any more. – Or maybe you wildshaped into a snake and have no limbs at all. In the spell it doesn´t say that you grow claws … So I argued that you have to have a humanoid body make this spell work.

  • although it´s not a polymorph spell, the wording of the Bite of the Were-X spells suggest that the benefits you gain arise from becoming a half-animal creature. But would the benefit of being a, let´s say, half-bear not overlap with being a bear …?
  • I have the strong feeling, the spell wasn´t meant to be combined with Wild Shape. It seems to be overpowered to turn into a Dire Bear and cast Bite of the Weretiger, giving you a strength score of 31+12=43 (which is that of a Titan …).

I have to admit that my reasons not to allow this combo seem to be mostly common sense arguments. So my question is: should it be allowed by RAW?

Can Bladesingers combine: Bladesong + Double-bladed Scimitar + Revenant Blade feat?

Can Bladesingers combine: Bladesong + Double-bladed Scimitar + Revenant Blade feat?

I wont detail it heavily, but can an Elf and/or Half-Elf Wizard (Bladesinger) combine all these for enhanced benefit?

Leaving out the campaign setting issue, like if using a one-off or custom baked campaign setting (or FR/EW setting with option for other setting content).

Or do the benefits not “stack/combine”?

If so this could be one wild build, if somewhat limited by its other features

Tunnel and Transport Mode in IPSec, is it possible to combine them?

I’ve been wondering between two cases,

1 – tunnel from A to C and a tunnel from B to D, would it be possible to send a packet for A to D?

2 – Transport from A to D, and let’s say tunnel from B to D

Would it be possible to send a packet in any of these cases?

I assume for case 1 it wouldn’t be possible because of SA, and decryption would get messy But for the second case, I mean, that does sounds logical to me..

Could you share your thought?

How to combine GSA Content Generator + GSA SER

I want to correctly build links to my money website without a penalty from Google.
I realized that for this I should first place a link to a page from a web 2.0 resource, and then massively link to this page from other sources, the text on the web 2.0 page must be relevant to link that is placed on this page.
I want to use the GSA Content Generator for relevant text. How can I do it?
How post 1000 relevant to link pages automatically with GSA Content Generator???

I spent the whole day to solve this problem. I watched a lot of videos, I could not find an answer. Help me please