When I combine two video using ffmpeg with C# then Duration is greater then addition of both video’s duration?

I have two file one has video length is 00:02:18 and second videos duration is 00:01:25 then I combined both video using ffmpeg command in c# then after combine video’s length should be 00:03:43 but when I see the output video’s length is 00:04:03. I can not figure out why this happen.

ConvertCommand = String.Format($  @"-y -safe 0 -f concat -i ""{CombineTextList}"" -fflags +genpts ""{CombinedVideo}""", CombineTextList, CombinedVideo); 

I am using this ffmpeg command for combining video.

  1. CombineTextList is path of the text file which has the path of inputfile.
  2. CombinedVideo is the path of output file.
  3. ConvertCommand is for FFMPEG command.

    CombineTextList :

file ‘C:\Users….mp4 file ‘C:\Users….mp4

Note: I am using ffmpeg in c# windows form application.

Does Absorb Elements Combine With A Sorcerer’s Distant Spell?

According to this question “Is a melee spell attack also a melee attack?” a Melee Spell Attack is a Melee Attack. Meaning if I was to cast Absorb Elements after being hit by a Firebolt, I can add 1d6 fire damage to my next Shocking Grasp.

My question is, as a Sorcerer, could I combine this with the Distant Spell Metamagic option? Using a sorcery point allows me to give a touch spell a range of 30ft. Is Shocking Grasp now a Melee Spell Attack with a range of 30ft and therefore eligible for the extra damage granted by Absorb Elements?

Combine aggregate several ISP via a VPS to increase bandwidth [on hold]

I use a 4G phone connection to access internet; with ~1MB/s. Currently, I have 4 phone connection if I combine all my familly’s phones, I could then get 4MB/s, so I was wondering if I could combine them to increase the speed.

However, contrary to all over questions and response on this (interface bonding etc.) I would like keep the same IP address. So I was thinking of using my VPS as a global Gateway that would aggregate all the connections. This is how I dream it : My computer and my VPS are linked using the 4 connections, the VPS aggregate all packets and forwards them to the internet. And then, it balances between the 4 ways to my computer, that aggregate the response again.

How would you do that ?

Is there a specific name for this technique so that I have a start point for further searches ?

PDFTK combine file with root user

I have website wich use PDFTK. My site allows via a form to send PDF files, then, at the click of a button, launches a combination of all files to create one.

When sending my files, my apache user is assigned. Except that when I run the command line, it does not work. If I pass all my files in user and group root, the command line is passed. Except that I have a manual action to do what is not possible for the proper functioning of my site.

This is my comand with error : ` /snap/bin/pdftk “upload/418/2018/fichier1.pdf” cat output upload/418/2018/fichiercombine.pdf dont_ask

Error: Unable to find file. Error: Failed to open PDF file: upload/418/2018/fichier1.pdf Errors encountered. No output created. Done. Input errors, so no output created. `

This is a good command but with chown : chown -R root:root upload/418/2018 /snap/bin/pdftk "upload/418/2018/fichier1.pdf" cat output upload/418/2018/fichiercombine.pdf dont_ask

Do you have an idea ?


Best Practice combine or separate similar dialog boxes like note and calendar event

My question is perhaps subjective so apologies in advance but this is a real dilemma I’m having.

I have a web based customer management program that allows users to add information about a customer, including notes, set calendar events (tasks), create contact log entries, and to create always-visible sticky notes.

Now these records are incredibly similar: notes have a title, body, created by, and created on fields. Sticky notes are made by checking off a ‘sticky-note’ check box. Contact log entries are just notes that document customer communication, for example, ‘Called John to promote new v 2.0 release”, and tasks are notes with an alarm date, or maybe a start and end date, sutable for plotting on a calendar.

It would be an easy matter to combine all four types into a single dialog with a radio button or toggle button array at top allowing the user to select a Note, Contact, Sticky, or Task. If I did this I could have one ‘super’ button that opens the dialog, say, “New Note/Task” that would allow the creation of any of the types. Alternately I could have four buttons, “New Note”, “New Contact”, “New Sticky”, “New Task” that would open the dialog with the correct radio pre-selected.

Or I could have four separate dialogs each devoted to it’s purpose.

Or some hybrid, like Note, Sticky, and Contact on one and a different dialog for Tasks, then have either one ‘super’ new-note button and a new-task button.

I can argue an advantage of combining all into one multi-function dialog in that the user could switch between types, if they added a note about a meeting they could later change it to a calendar task or a sticky note by editing the note.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Combine with ColumnRow a square and a parallelogram

g1 = Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Blue}], FaceForm[], Rectangle[]},     ImageSize -> {400, 400}];  g2 = Graphics[{{EdgeForm[{Dashed, Blue}], FaceForm[], Rectangle[]},      GeometricTransformation[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Blue}], FaceForm[],        Rectangle[]}, ShearingMatrix[30 Degree, {1, 0}, {0, 1}]]},     ImageSize -> {400, 400}]; 

But when I use GraphicsRow or Grid the two graphs appear with different sizing:

GraphicsRow[{g1, g2}]  Grid[{g1, g2}] 

I guess this is trivial but I cannot find a way so that the two graphs appear with the same size.

How to convert huge number of pictures to a short, 30 fps video? (combine frames)

I’m trying to make a timelapse video. I do have all the shots (6500) and would like to make a short 30 FPS video (max 30 seconds). 6500 shots at 30 FPS makes a 200 seconds video more or less.

If I use fewer pictures I end up with frames containing people that appear only on single frames.

What I would like to do is to use all images and sort of blend them together, so that the person is visible on more frames.

For instance, let’s say a set of 10 images. Dude1 is present on pictures 1-5 and dude 2 is present on pictures 3-10. My desire is that both guys are present in the same frame.

Also something like a “persisting frame” effect would be interesting, so that each frame is overlaid on the next frames for a fraction of a second.

Is there any software that can do this?

I’m on a PC.

Is it possible to combine two iPhones with tethering to increase bandwidth or fault tolerance?

I’m using a MacBook as a “server” and want to keep it always connected to the internet, over cellular.

I have two mobile phones (one GSM, one CDMA) and would like to connect to each of them to achieve fault tolerance, or ideally, increased bandwidth.

Is there any way for me to

  1. Simultaneously connect to two iPhones
  2. Use the joined connection for fault tolerance, or increased bandwidth

I have the option to use Wifi, USB-C, or bluetooth to combine these phones, in any combination