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Need to find a way with SQL to query for a combined columns without having to use CONCAT

How can I run a query to lookup two columns that result with one of the two column having a duplicate.

Table A: Column 1 has values (a, b, c, d, e) Column 2 has values (xyz, 123, abc, 789)

Example of a data: Column 1 = a and column 2 = xyz column 1 = b and column 2 = xyz column 1 = c and column 2 = 123 column 1 = d and column 2 = 789 column 1 = e and column 2 = xyz

Result: show me query that has column 1 with ‘a’ or ‘b’ and column 2 as ‘xyz’ without having to concatenate the two column.

show me below only (another word show me result of column 2 that is not duplicate based on the lookup of column 1 and 2): Column 1 = a and column 2 = xyz column 1 = b and column 2 = xyz

When a mystic theurge uses combined spells, whats the spell level?

I asked a related question but different here.

In the following scenario, how does a mystic theurge combine spells ability work. Cleric 3 / wizard 3 / MT 3. They use a second level wizard slot to cast a first level cleric spell. Lets assume that the character has wisdom 18 for +4 and int 20 for +5.

  • Which attribute is used in calculating the save DC, the clerics +4 due to cleric spell, or wizards +5 due to wizard spell slot?
  • What is the DC per the level of spell? Since its Cleric 1 is it +1 or slot 2 for +2?

The end DC can be 15, 15, 16, or 17 depending on how the abilities work.

How would this House Rule for combined Advantage/Disadvantage Impact Rolls?

According to the rules for Advantage/Disadvantage:

If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, you are considered to have neither of them, and you roll one d20. This is true even if multiple circumstances impose disadvantage and only one grants advantage or vice versa. In such a situation, you have neither advantage nor disadvantage.

(PBR 60)

While I understand the main point of this is to simplify things and avoid the insane stacking of individual bonuses found in 3.5e, it’s disappointing that stacking advantage and disadvantage is the same as having neither. I’m thinking of a house rule like this:

If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, instead roll three d20 and take the median value.

My gut says that this would keep the average roll at 10.5, but tend to cluster rolls around 10 instead of the even distribution of a single roll, but I’m not sure how to actually calculate the distribution. Regardless, rolling dice is fun, so this seems like a way to keep things balanced while still keeping the thrill of rolling extra dice that comes from advantage or disadvantage.

Would this method actually keep the average output the same as 1d20? Are there any edge cases or unforeseen circumstances where this would be more advantageous or disadvantageous than it should be?

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Can the Separatist and Scroll Scholar cleric archetypes be combined?

Each of these archetypes changes something about how the cleric’s domains work, and I’m not sure if they can be combined.

The Separatist chooses one domain from those that their deity normally offers and a secondary domain that can be almost anything. For that secondary domain:

Granted powers from the cleric’s second domain function as if the cleric’s level, Wisdom, and Charisma were 2 lower than normal (minimum level 1) in terms of effect, DC, and uses per day. This also means the separatist doesn’t gain the domain’s higher-level ability until 2 levels later than normal. If the second domain grants additional class skills, the separatist gains these as normal.

The Scroll Scholar gets Diligent Student, which

…replaces one of the 1st-level granted powers from her domains—the character gets to choose which of her two 1st-level granted powers it replaces.

Here are the ways that I could see this getting ruled:

  1. The archetypes cannot be combined, because both of them modify the Domains class feature
  2. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student has to replace the ability from the primary domain, because that is the only domain power the cleric has at 1st level.
  3. The archetypes can be combined, and Diligent Student can replace the second domain’s 1st level power, even though the cleric wouldn’t normally get that power until level 3.
  4. The archetypes can be combined, but Diligent Student won’t be usable until level 3 if it replaces the second domain’s ability. In this case, Diligent Student functions as if the cleric was 2 levels lower, just like the second domain.

Is there an official way that these archetypes would work together, or are they / should they be mutually exclusive?

Combined DB technologies?

Dear forum – yet another DB decision question. Thanks in advance for any good advice.

So, I am setting up a database for the "media archive" of our company. It includes metadata about (1) print data (such as press clippings, book reviews, marketing documents, books and brochures we publish) and (2) audio-visual data (basically everything with a timeline, such as digitized videos and audio files, DVDs and CDs). So these two build the main data tables and there's a couple of other smaller…

Combined DB technologies?

Can the witch hex “Gift of consumption” be combined with Fortitude(Harmless) spells?

For reference the hex’s descriptions

Gift of Consumption (Su): The witch curses a creature to share any effects that target her vitality. Whenever the witch is exposed to an effect that requires her to attempt a Fortitude save, as an immediate action she can curse a creature within 30 feet to share the effect. The hexed creature must also attempt a Fortitude save at the same DC as the witch’s, and on a failure it is subject to the same effects as the witch. Regardless of the outcome of the saving throw, the creature can’t be targeted by this hex again for 1 day. This hex does not function with effects that require additional types of saves, such as phantasmal killer.

Greater Gift of Consumption (Su) The witch can more effectively redirect effects to her proxy chosen by the gift of consumption hex. When the witch succeeds at her Fortitude save against an effect that she has redirected to a proxy, the hexed creature takes a –4 penalty on its Fortitude save against the redirected effect. If the witch ever fails a Fortitude save or intentionally exposes herself to an effect that requires a Fortitude save, such as by ingesting a poison, she can redirect that effect to affect only the hexed creature, though the hexed creature can still attempt a saving throw to resist the effects. Once she has redirected an effect to another creature in this way, that creature cannot be affected by the gift of consumption hex again for 24 hours. The witch must have the gift of consumption hex to select this hex.

Can the gift of consumption hex be combined with beneficial effects, such as spell “Delay Poison”, which has Fortitude (Harmless) in its save descriptor, and target an ally?

Does the situation change if the witch character has Greater Gift of Consumption?

Status icon for verified, claimed and both combined [on hold]

I’m currently working on a web app, which has different kinds of status. It can either be nothing, claimed, verified or claimed and verified.

This is the current version for status “verified”. I’m wondering which is the best solution to show the different status types as icons within the corner by changing the icon or color. What’s the appropriate icon to show “claimed”? Or should I use different colours and badge shapes?

Really appreciate your feedback and input 🙂

enter image description here

I was wondering if that’s a possible solution:

enter image description here

The shape of claimed is part of the combined status and also the shape of verified is in the final shape. Also petrol is the company color, so the combination of blue and green is petrol. Would it make sense?

Separate sites for USA & Canada or one combined site

I have a manufacturing business and produce product that we sell in both USA and Canada. We have one location in Canada and one location in USA and both have GMB pages for them.

For the past 3 years I have had 2 websites with the purpose of thinking .com is needed to rank in USA and .ca is best for ranking in Canada. As well my prices are different for the 2 countries and I want to be sure people are looking at the correct product/pricing for their country.
My rankings for .ca are very…

Separate sites for USA & Canada or one combined site