Combing five files with same content but different names into one file with versions in sp2019

I am working with SP2019 and On the file share, there is a Legal folder added which gets lot of files dumped into it. Once users work on files, they save it there and send it to external party for review, this file as an example be named as ‘General Accounting Assessment’ and post review it comes back as ‘General Accounting Assessment_V1’ and sits on the same shared folder as the original file.

This review process happen multiple times and that results into 4-5 files on the file share with below names: 1. ‘General Accounting Assessment’ 2. ‘General Accounting Assessment_v1’ 3. ‘General Accounting Assessment_v3’ 4. ‘General Accounting Assessment_v4’

Users initially save file ‘General Accounting Assessment’to SharePoint prior to sending out for review to external party so when v1, v2,v3 and v4 version file arrives, they manually rename the files to match it to name ‘General Accounting Assessment’ and drop into SharePoint so it can add up as a new version to the existing file.

I would like to automate this process and for which I am wondering if there is a way maybe by Flow or SharePoint to check whenever a new file is added, strip off the portion _v1 or _v2 or _v3 or _v4 dynamically appended at the end to file name ‘General Accounting Assessment’ and save it to SharePoint

Can someone please help on the proposed solution, thanks in advance.

Combing two ranges with identical column structure from two different sheets (in same spreadsheet)

I’m doing a simple ticketing system, where I have two sheets, “Form Responses” and “Email Responses” both of which are populated automatically as their names imply (one from a form, one from an email by using Zapier). Both sheets have the same header columns (e.g.: Timestamp, Email Address, Subject, Description).

I want to create a third sheet that has the same headers again but has content from both “Form Responses” and “Email Responses”, sorted by Timestamp.

I tried ={'Form Responses 1'!A2:H18,'Email Responses'!A2:H18} but it puts the sheets next to each other.