Macros and Trust Center Settings – Alternative Combo of Settings

I asked a question in the about enabling Macro’s in the “Trust Center” and the security implications. I have now begun signing my projects with a “Code Signing” certificate and placed that certificate in the “Trusted Publishers” store of my end users.

I really don’t like the combination of settings available in the Trust Center.


I would like to set the following and wondered if there was a way via RegEdit and/or Group Policy.

Disable all Macros WITHOUT notification, except digitally signed Macros.

This would block end users from running Macro’s by hitting allow, but still allow “TrustedPublishers” to share VBA Enabled Office content.

Combo wifi Alfa [AWUS1900 + APA-M25 + APA05 + APA05-5GHz] [migrated]

What I would like to do

Hello, I want to build a powerful combo for pentests using wifi adapter, amplifier and antenna (see next section). I don’t have bought those components yet because I have a few questions concerning usage and compatibility :

  • Are those components fully compatible ?
  • Do I need to buy 1 APA-M25 per AWUS1900 output or only one is OK ?
  • Same question for amplifier : do I need 1 amplifier per antena output or only 1 is enough ?
  • The AWUS1900 schema suggests that 2 antenas are for 2.4GHz and 2 are tor 5GHz : Does it mean that if I put amplifier on the most left output (from front view), it will amplify only 2.4Ghz ?
  • (Do you have any additional recommendation ?)

Below is the targeted hardware details :

Targeted hardware

  • Wifi adapter Alfa AWUS1900 (dual 2.4GHz + 5GHz)

Alfa AWUS1900Alfa AWUS1900 schema

  • Antenna Alfa APA-M25 (dual 2.4GHz + 5GHz)

Alfa APA-M25

  • Amplifier Alfa APA05 (2.4GHz)

Alfa APA05

  • Amplifier Alfa APA05-5GHz (5GHz)

Alfa APA05-5GHz

C# – Leer datos de un archivo .txt y mostrarlos en un combo box

Necesito leer datos de uns archivo .txt, el cual tiene n lineas, pero solo requiero leer la primera y cada 8 lineas a partir de esas.

Este es el codigo que tengo hasta ahora, solo que este muestra todo lo escrito en el txt.

public partial class frmCARGAR_MODELO : Form {     public frmCARGAR_MODELO()     {         InitializeComponent();         string line;         int counter = 0;         //string[] datos;          // Read the file and display it line by line.           StreamReader file = new StreamReader(@"C:\Users\OsIbarra\Documents\TEST\ejemplo.txt");         while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)         {             comboBox1.Items.Add(line);             counter++;         }         file.Close();    } 

Estos son los datos que veo hasta este momento en el combo box, como comente, solo debemos ver el primer dato y cada 9, el primer caso seria ver el 62009 y despues 656, etc.

62009 PIEZA N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 656 PIEZA N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4 123 PIEZA N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4 

Haunted Heroes Pact Wizard may cause a favored spell combo to be even more broken?

I’ve been looking at the Pact Wizard archetype from Haunted Heroes Handbook and noticed a feature they pick up at 10th level that states that when metamagic feats are applied to spells learned via patron or curse, the spells are treated with a spell of one level lower with a minimum level equal to the spell’s original level).

Here’s where the problem comes in. A few patrons give Time Stop as their bonus patron spell at level 18. The spell already specifies 1d4+1 rounds for how long the spell lasts. 2 to 5 rounds is pretty crazy already. The metamagic feat that could make this spell completely broken is Extend Spell. +1 to the spell’s level, and with the aforementioned class feature, 4 to 10 rounds could get that kind of spell banned from a game table.

It goes from bad to worse when Delayed Blast Fireball comes into play. Lots of players like spamming Grease to keep opponents at bay and make them easier to hit. When you have 4 to 10 rounds to charge up that fire bomb, your GM could very well ban you from using Extend Spell in that manner.

So to elaborate on the question: does the feature even work that way for Time Stop? Or does the extend only apply to the base +1 to make a +2 and then you roll? For the sake of balance, I hope it’s the latter.

How should I build my Bard/Sorcerer/Paladin combo


I’m playing a D&D campaign where we’re currently at level 5, and my character has gotten involved with the resident goddess of Chaotic Goodness and one of her angels. As such, and to balance an otherwise non-tanky party, I’ve decided to take levels in Paladin.

Right now, he functions as sort a all-round combatant. His spellcasting hurts enemies and heals allies, he can use his rapier to deal fair amounts of damage and he can use his bardic talents to buff allies and nerf enemies. The paladin levels are mostly to give him more tankiness (as that is sorely needed in the party) and due to roleplaying issues (when the equivalent of a valkyrie asks you to serve, you can only refuse for so long).


Current Levels: Lore Bard / Divine Soul Sorcerer 2

Abilities: STR 11, DEX 18, CON 15, INT 18, WIS 14, CHA 18

Skill profs (expertise in italics): Deception, History, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, Stealth

Guiding characteristics

  • I would love to get the Wings from Divine Soul, level 14, but it’s not a deal-breaker to skip it.
  • The party is currently lacking in tankiness, but has high damage output, so my character would be picking up the secondary tank role.
  • I’m looking for synergy between the paladins holy spellcasting and the Sorcerers versatility.
  • The DM has let us know that Level 6 and 7 will be along quite soon, but that Level 8 will be some ways off, so the next two levels will likely be quite critical as I’ll be stuck with them for a while.
  • I’m looking for efficiency in combat as a tanky caster, likely buffing and healing quite a lot.
  • I like the idea of dealing massive amounts of damage a few times, rather than moderate/low damage a lot of times (I have Inflict Wounds and love to cast it as a 3rd level spell).
  • The goddess whose angel my character is in league with is the Angel of Death, so necromancy spells would be fun.


When should I start talking levels in Paladin and what ratio of levels should I have?


  • The DM has waived the MC requirements for Paladin.

Can you combo attacks with the Booming Blade cantrip?

I understand that so long as conditions are met, you can Sneak Attack as part of the melee attack from the Booming Blade cantrip.

Can you dual wield and attack with both weapons after casting Booming Blade? I understand that you probably need something like the War Caster feat and Subtle Spell to pull this off, but I don’t know if the melee attack as part of Booming Blade is a bonus action or not.

Can you extend the combo if you had Extra Attack like those from either fighter, ranger, monk, or bard, and use damage-increasing spells like Hex or Hunter’s Mark? It’s safe to say this build is around Lv 5 or higher.

So is the following combo possible?

  • Build (Human Rogue 4, Ranger 3, Sorcerer 3)
  • 1st Round: Full round act: cast Hunter’s Mark and Hex.
  • 2nd Round: cast Booming Blade swing with main hand weapon [weapon + d8 + 2d6 sneak attack]
    then swing again (if with extra attack) [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8],
    then swing with off hand [weapon + hunters mark 1d6 + colossus slayer 1d8]

Now if you dip in fighter, can you add Action Surge so you can get two more attacks from your main hand for a possible [2x weapon + hunter’s mark 2d6 + colossus slayer 2d8] damage? And 2d8 thunder damage if the targeted enemy goes after the attacker (me)?

Problemas en mostrar datos en combo box en pantalla con petición Ajax

He realizado un servicio rest realizado con C# con petición ajax con combo box, pero este a su vez no muestra datos, la cual tengo un objeto html 5 como objeto combo box la cual debe llenar datos de una ciudad, pero esta no muestra las ciudades que realice en el servicio rest, esa muestra como no definido en el objeto del combo box, la sintaxis undefined, anexo código fuente

             <div class="form-group has-feedback">                  <label>Ciudad</label>                 <select class="form-control" id="Ciudad" name="Ciudad" onchange="ValidarExisteCiudad()">                     <option>Seleccione ...</option>                     <option> </option>                 </select>              </div>  
function ValidarExisteCiudad() {     var existeUsuario;              $  .ajax({             type: 'GET',             url: "CargaCiudad",             async: false,             dataType: "json",             success: function (data) {                   $  .each(data, function (key, registro) {                     $  ("#Ciudad").append('<option value=' + registro.IdCiudad + '>' + registro.Nombre + '</option>');                 });             },               error: function (data) {                 alertify('Error.' + data.error.message);                 existeUsuario = false;             }         });      return existeUsuario;  }  
 [HttpGet]         [AllowAnonymous]         public async Task<IActionResult> CargaCiudad()         {             List<Cuidad> Items = await drHelpPrueba.Cuidad.ToListAsync();             int Count = Items.Count();             return Json(new { Items, Count });         }  

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

TSP with knapsack combo

My problem statement is that my agent has to visit multiple pickup points once to collect orders, say Item A, Item B, Item C…… etc. We are using TSP for that. Now say Item A are stored in 3 places and each place has stocks which are 20,30 and 40 respectively. If my total quantity of pickup for Item A is 45 then how do I choose the optimal path? Do we have any particular algorithm for this? I have heard of the Travelling Producer problem but did not find much details on it.

Is the spell combo Booming Blade into a quickened Thunderwave legal? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Casting multiple spells in a single round 9 answers
  • Which uses of Bonus-Action spellcasting are legal? 1 answer
  • Does order matter when casting a cantrip with a casting time of a bonus action and another spell? 2 answers

I’m sure this topic has been beaten to death, but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. That being said, maybe I’m just not seeing the answer for what it is and I just want to feel special by having my specific question answered. In either case, if the question doesn’t say it all, basically level 3 sorcerers have access to both Thunderwave (1st level spell) and Booming Blade (cantrip.) Bonus action spells don’t let you cast anything that isn’t a cantrip afterwards so:

Healing Word into Firebolt in one turn is allowed but, Shillelagh into Cure Wound in one turn is not allowed.

That means Bonus Action Leveled Spell casted first, then Action Cantrip in one turn is ok to do,but Bonus Action Cantrip casted first, then Action Leveled Spell in one turn is not ok to do.

I ask about case 3, Action Cantrip casted first, then Bonus Action Leveled Spell in one turn, is this ok?

Does this Spirit Guardians + Thorn Whip combo work?

I’m a bit confused on the wording of Spirit Guardians’ “when the creature enters the area for the first time on a turn” I know it works if the creature runs into the spell, but does not do damage directly if the cleric runs onto the enemy (or when the cleric casts it on top of the enemy.) I’ve read somewhere that forced movement of an enemy still counts as “entering the area”

So I have a question related to Thorn Whip, and I’ve set up an example to demonstrate it better.

Suppose there is only one enemy, and a cleric:

enemy turn 1: runs forward,

cleric turn 1: casts Spirit Guardians

enemy turn 2: enemy attacks and flees (cleric doesn’t take Opportunity Attack,)

cleric turn 2: states they want to ready their action to cast thorn whip the moment the enemy runs outside the spirit guardian radius, the cleric then uses their movement to run to the enemy and stand there.

enemy turn 3: enemy takes spirit guardians initial damage from the “starts its turn there” clause, runs out the field, triggering the cleric’s reaction. The cleric hits and pulls them 10 feet back into spirit guardians.

The question is: Does the enemy take damage again as they are entering the area again?