Problemas en mostrar datos en combo box en pantalla con petición Ajax

He realizado un servicio rest realizado con C# con petición ajax con combo box, pero este a su vez no muestra datos, la cual tengo un objeto html 5 como objeto combo box la cual debe llenar datos de una ciudad, pero esta no muestra las ciudades que realice en el servicio rest, esa muestra como no definido en el objeto del combo box, la sintaxis undefined, anexo código fuente

             <div class="form-group has-feedback">                  <label>Ciudad</label>                 <select class="form-control" id="Ciudad" name="Ciudad" onchange="ValidarExisteCiudad()">                     <option>Seleccione ...</option>                     <option> </option>                 </select>              </div>  
function ValidarExisteCiudad() {     var existeUsuario;              $  .ajax({             type: 'GET',             url: "CargaCiudad",             async: false,             dataType: "json",             success: function (data) {                   $  .each(data, function (key, registro) {                     $  ("#Ciudad").append('<option value=' + registro.IdCiudad + '>' + registro.Nombre + '</option>');                 });             },               error: function (data) {                 alertify('Error.' + data.error.message);                 existeUsuario = false;             }         });      return existeUsuario;  }  
 [HttpGet]         [AllowAnonymous]         public async Task<IActionResult> CargaCiudad()         {             List<Cuidad> Items = await drHelpPrueba.Cuidad.ToListAsync();             int Count = Items.Count();             return Json(new { Items, Count });         }  

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

TSP with knapsack combo

My problem statement is that my agent has to visit multiple pickup points once to collect orders, say Item A, Item B, Item C…… etc. We are using TSP for that. Now say Item A are stored in 3 places and each place has stocks which are 20,30 and 40 respectively. If my total quantity of pickup for Item A is 45 then how do I choose the optimal path? Do we have any particular algorithm for this? I have heard of the Travelling Producer problem but did not find much details on it.

Is the spell combo Booming Blade into a quickened Thunderwave legal? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Casting multiple spells in a single round 9 answers
  • Which uses of Bonus-Action spellcasting are legal? 1 answer
  • Does order matter when casting a cantrip with a casting time of a bonus action and another spell? 2 answers

I’m sure this topic has been beaten to death, but I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for. That being said, maybe I’m just not seeing the answer for what it is and I just want to feel special by having my specific question answered. In either case, if the question doesn’t say it all, basically level 3 sorcerers have access to both Thunderwave (1st level spell) and Booming Blade (cantrip.) Bonus action spells don’t let you cast anything that isn’t a cantrip afterwards so:

Healing Word into Firebolt in one turn is allowed but, Shillelagh into Cure Wound in one turn is not allowed.

That means Bonus Action Leveled Spell casted first, then Action Cantrip in one turn is ok to do,but Bonus Action Cantrip casted first, then Action Leveled Spell in one turn is not ok to do.

I ask about case 3, Action Cantrip casted first, then Bonus Action Leveled Spell in one turn, is this ok?

Does this Spirit Guardians + Thorn Whip combo work?

I’m a bit confused on the wording of Spirit Guardians’ “when the creature enters the area for the first time on a turn” I know it works if the creature runs into the spell, but does not do damage directly if the cleric runs onto the enemy (or when the cleric casts it on top of the enemy.) I’ve read somewhere that forced movement of an enemy still counts as “entering the area”

So I have a question related to Thorn Whip, and I’ve set up an example to demonstrate it better.

Suppose there is only one enemy, and a cleric:

enemy turn 1: runs forward,

cleric turn 1: casts Spirit Guardians

enemy turn 2: enemy attacks and flees (cleric doesn’t take Opportunity Attack,)

cleric turn 2: states they want to ready their action to cast thorn whip the moment the enemy runs outside the spirit guardian radius, the cleric then uses their movement to run to the enemy and stand there.

enemy turn 3: enemy takes spirit guardians initial damage from the “starts its turn there” clause, runs out the field, triggering the cleric’s reaction. The cleric hits and pulls them 10 feet back into spirit guardians.

The question is: Does the enemy take damage again as they are entering the area again?

Anyone have a great combo of CAPTCHA solvers?

Greetings, GSA pplz!
I was wondering if anyone has a good combo of solvers…
I just started re-reading the SER docs and found the page with all the CAPTCHA solver services.
I haven’t tried all, but I’ve sampled a few, and use some on a regular basis.
Anyone still using Xevil? How about any other under-rated service that is really good and a good value?

Thunderbolt 3 hub and external battery combo

I have found a few 72wh external usb-c battery that also can act as a usb2.0 hub, but it only delivers 45 watts at 15 volts.

I’ve found that 45 watts at 20 volts can slowly charge even my i9 vega 20 mbp, but does anyone have experience with only 15 volts?

Finally, has anyone found an external battery that can also be a thunderbolt 3 hub, or at least usb3.0 hub?

My vision is to leave my charger at work, and use something like this at home as both a power supply/charger, usb3.0 hub, and portable external battery for when I travel. Thanks!

Modem/Router combo keeps switching to Bridged mode

I have a SBG6700-AC modem/router combo that was purchased at Best Buy a couple of years ago. WiFi routing was enabled out of the box and worked fine until I hooked up the modem yesterday at a new location with a new account from Spectrum. For some reason, the Gateway Mode keeps setting itself to Bridged. Changing it back to Routed reboots the machine and it is in Bridged mode when it comes back up. The technician at Spectrum assured me that it has nothing to do with them (in spite of this post which seems to suggest Spectrum’s forerunner TWC did exactly that) and suggested I try a factory reset. It was a pain, but I agreed to try it. Same thing. If I disconnect the cable and then change it back to Routed mode, it stays in Routed mode until the cable is connected. Connecting the cable cycles the modem again and it immediately comes up in Bridged mode.

What is going on and how can I fix it. If it is something that Spectrum is doing, how can I prove it?

How to determine which key combo is free to assign?

I’ve already spent much more time on finding a combination that works in every app (universal).

The shortcut triggers a service for + or – brightness of my external monitor.

I tried a ridiculous ctrlaltcommandF1 and F2, but it doesn’t work in apps like finder, preview etc. It only gives an error beep. (But is it already assigned? Or its portion is assigned and gets triggered?) I haven’t found anything else since.

How do I find a free keyboard shortcut? Otherwise there’s no point in creating them.

MS Word – Display value based upon what is selected in a combo box

I have a dropdown box in MS Word with the title of “DOK”. I want to change the value of another field based upon the value selected in the combo box.

I’ve tried referencing it with an IF formula

IF "<<DOK>>"="1 - Recall"  "True" "False" 

where DOK is the name of the combo box, but I keep getting “False”. Will I need to do this with some form of VBA or am I not referencing it correctly? Thank you.

Shift + Tab key combo no longer works

The Shift + Tab key combo used to:

  1. Navigate back in browsers

  2. Un-indent text in my text editor

no longer works. It appears the functionality to this key-mapping has completely disappeared and I am at a loss as to how to regain it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reimplement it?

I am using a Late 2012 Mac mini running macOS Mojave 10.14.4.