Como fazer pra enviar outro valor selecionado no combo box

Estou com um problema em que meu Combo Box puxa as informações do Banco de dados, porém eu utilizo essas informações pra gravar uma outra informação, só que o combo box só envia a primeira opção que fica selecionada automaticamente

Aqui é ele carregando o combo

     private void Selecionarproduto(){          DataTable dtTabelas = new DataTable();          MySqlConnection conectar = new MySqlConnection("server=;database=ProdPacote; Uid=root; pwd=1234;");          MySqlDataAdapter mySqlDataAdapter = new MySqlDataAdapter("select ID_Produto, nome from Produto", conectar);         DataSet DS = new DataSet();         mySqlDataAdapter.Fill(DS);         cbxPeca.DataSource = DS.Tables[0];         conectar.Close();         mySqlDataAdapter.Fill(dtTabelas);          //cbxPeca.DropDown;          //carrega as informacoes no combo         cbxPeca.DataSource = dtTabelas;         cbxPeca.DisplayMember = "nome";         cbxPeca.ValueMember = "ID_Produto";     } 

aqui ele salva no banco, porem só envia o Primeiro Idinserir a descrição da imagem aqui

   private void btnSalvar_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)     {         try         {             Selecionarproduto();             conectar.Open();             int DataEntrada = Convert.ToInt32(txtEntrada.Text);            int DataSaida = Convert.ToInt32(txtSaida.Text);                //MessageBox.Show("Conectado");              MySqlCommand Inserir = new MySqlCommand();             Inserir.Connection = conectar;             Inserir.CommandText = Inserir.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Pacote (Peca, Nome, Quantidade, Data_entrada, Data_saida ) VALUES ('"                                     +cbxPeca.SelectedValue.ToString() + "', '" + txtNome.Text + "', '"                                     + txtQuantidade.Text + "', '" + DataEntrada + "', '"                                     + DataSaida +"'); ";              Inserir.ExecuteNonQuery();             conectar.Close();             MessageBox.Show("Cadastro Realizado!", "Concluido",               MessageBoxButtons.OK,               MessageBoxIcon.Information);             selecionarCategoria();         }         catch (SqlException)         {             MessageBox.Show("Falha na conexao!", "falha",               MessageBoxButtons.OK,               MessageBoxIcon.Information);          }      } 

Como podem ver ha dois produtos cadastrados, porem no pacotes ele só envia o id do primeiro produto, por mais que eu selecione o outro produto

Does a Simulacrum – Wish combo affect the original caster?

I’m in a new high level campaign which is a continuation of a previous one. I’m 18 level wizard and our DM allowed to perform multiple simulacra at a time in the previous campaign. However, now I am able to cast 9th level spells, including Wish. Let me give you below the descriptions of simulacrum and wish:


The simulacrum is friendly to you and creatures you designate. It obeys your spoken commands, moving and acting in accordance with your wishes and acting on your turn in combat. The simulacrum lacks the ability to learn or become more powerful, so it never increases its level or other abilities, nor can it regain expended spell slots.

Wish side effects

The stress of casting this spell to produce any effect other than duplicating another spell weakens you. After enduring that stress, each time you Cast a Spell until you finish a Long Rest, you take 1d10 necrotic damage per level of that spell. This damage can’t be reduced or prevented in any way. In addition, your Strength drops to 3, if it isn’t 3 or lower already, for 2d4 days. For each of those days that you spend Resting and doing nothing more than light activity, your remaining recovery time decreases by 2 days. Finally, there is a 33 percent chance that you are unable to cast wish ever again if you suffer this stress.

What if I create 2 simulacra (expending 7th and 8th slots) and order them to perform a wish for me? Who will be affected by the side effects?

Como selecionar em combo dinâmico?

Boa noite, estou estudando Selenium e estou com dificuldade em selecionar um opção dentro do combo dinâmico. O site é o Segue abaixo como estou utilizando:

WebElement element = getDriver().findElement("Marca")); Select combo = new Select(element); combo.selectByValue("HONDA"); 

Após executar, o cucumber apresenta a mensagem: Element could not be scrolled into view

Já tentei utilizar outras maneiras, via xpath simulando um click real, mas ele não consegue localizar o elemento.


<div class="col-4" xpath="1">  <select id="Marca" name="Marca" class="multipurpose big" data-aspect="Marca" data-showcount="true" data-clear="true" style="display: none;"> <option value="">Todas</option> <option value="CHEVROLET">CHEVROLET</option> <option value="CITROËN">CITROËN</option> <option value="FIAT">FIAT</option> 

Comparar por medio de combo box dependientes id desde el usuario contra la base de datos

hola quisiera saber como puedo validar desde el archivo de edición de registro un campo html select contra la base de datos de existir el registro traerlo seleccionado en select y poderlo modificar. estoy usando combo box dependientes en php y mysql para provincia distrito y corregimiento si me pueden ayudar gracias.

What is the most damaging Time Stop combo?

I’m running a powerful lich and I want to nuke the party from orbit when he gets low on HP. The plan is that he will pop Time Stop, and cast a flurry of spells that will all hit the party at once.

Scenario 1: The main stipulations I’m working with are these:

  • Assume Time Stop lasts the full duration.
  • Assume the Lich can cast any spell, 9th level and below, that rolls dice for damage (so no Power Word: Kill), given standard available spell slots.
  • No spells are allowed that cancel the Time Stop early by dealing direct damage to the party – that spell must be used at the last round of Time Stop. (This means Delayed AoE Spells are a go.)
  • Assume the party can all be hit within a 30ft diameter.

Scenario 2:

Imagine the same stipulations as Scenario 1, but Time Stop lasts only 3 rounds.

So far, the best combos I’ve come up with involve casting Time Stop, Delayed Blast Fireball, and some kind of nuke like an upcast Fireball; not that creative but I’m sure there are quite a few combos I’m missing.

10.6.8 Update Combo Failed Unknown Error

I recently received an old iMac 27″ aluminum unibody core 2 duo (EMC 2309: 2009 model) that was having troubles with the graphics card after High Sierra installation. I was looking to set it up as a media-station/test-machine, and was thinking Snow Leopard would be perfect. I already have an old mac mini on my desk running MacOSX10.6.8, but rather than copying over my hard drive, I decided to do a fresh install. It was during the 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1, after the install, that I encountered a problem. I found an identical thread: but there was no clear answer to the problem, and I did not want to go through hours of a slower-than-my-normal-internet-speed download from

I already had saved a copy of the MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.8.dmg on the same drive with my 10.6.2 Install Volume, and the 10.6.2 install had run smoothly. I went to run the 10.6.8 update, only to get an installation failure with an “unknown error”:

enter image description here

It turns out the MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.8.dmg available online is not quite the same as the one I had previously downloaded, the file size was slightly smaller, and the creation date later.

enter image description here

Is this simply a case a developer signature expiring, and publishing a rerelease? If so, Is my new MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.8.dmg also going to expire? It’s just nice not to have to wait to re-download something from a crappy link for hours only to discover it timed out at less than 5%. I was hoping to make an install media for this, but it seams pointless if it’s not going to work the next time I need it. Is there a way to get around installer expiration issues?

does this level 10 multiclass combo work?

I crafted a level 10 multiclass ranged oneshot character that has a lot of interactions and i was wondering if i did this right.

the race is not specified but should be something with +1 to dex for a total of 16 dex.

a longbow : 1d8 + 3 (dex)

3 levels ranger for the gloom stalker archtype for the dread ambusher trait and archery fighting style:

dread ambusher hit = 1d8 + 3 (longbow) + 1d8 + 3 (dread ambusher hit) + 1d8 (dread ambusher extra damage)

this has a +9 to hit: 3 dex + 4 prof + 2 archery

2 levels in fighter for the action surge and Close Quarters Shooter fighting style.

that means 2 dread ambusher hits and an extra + 1 to hit

4 level in rogue (assassin) for sneak attack and assassinate and ASI.

ASI makes 18 dex for a + 4

the dread ambusher hit then becomes : 1d8 + 4 (longbow) + 1d8 + 4 (dread ambusher hit) + 1d8 (dread ambusher extra damage)

then add the sneak attack damage (2d6) and possible crit on surprise.

1 level in cleric in the zeal domain (from Plane Shift: Amonkhet) for the Priest of Zeal trait. for an extra weapon attack

then the total comes to:

(1d8 + 4 + 1d8 + 4 + 1d8) * 2 + 2d8 + 1d8 + 4 with possible crit if they are surprised

this takes 3 attack rolls with a + 11 to hit with possible advantage if im first.(4dex +4 prof + 3 from 2 fighting styles)

so my question is : does all these interactions work or am i overlooking something?