How come Android can support 2 apps in split screen but not in background?

I read another question on Ask Different about why apps have to reload when you switch to another app and back, and I think it’s the same for Android.

But why does this not happen in split screen?

For instance, when I’m using a ressource-consuming app (pokémon Go for example), of I switch to another app and stay a little too long on it, the system will kill other apps (possibly the most consuming first), and when I come back to the game I’ll have to face the (long) loading again.

However, I can split the screen while playing, having he game on one half and any other app on the other.

  • Why is it so different? If the system is capable of running Youtube and Pokémon Go at the same time, why does it kill Pokémon Go if I do a single search on the youtube app when not split?

  • If the system “locks” Pokémon Go and kills other apps when in split screen, is there no way for me to “lock” it too in normal mode?

Is there anything that would prevent a wealthy farmer from having his meat come from regenerating animals?

Note: I’m currently not actively playing any RPGs, this is just something I came up with and wanted to know if it’s actually feasible within the rules. If this idea strikes you as interesting, feel free to use it in your own campaign.

So the idea I had was as follows: a wealthy farmer who provides meat for most of a major city (think the size of Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter in their prime) has a suspiciously small farm for the amount of meat he supplies. Turns out that somehow, the farmer has managed to give all of his animals a passive Regeneration effect somehow, similar to the Ring of Regeneration. He simply cuts off the meat and/or organs he needs and then gives the animal time to regenerate, then repeats the process.

So the questions I have about this subject:

  1. Would this be allowed through either RAW or a minimal application of house rules? I’m wondering specifically about:
    • Can Regeneration do this?
    • What possible ways are there for him to give the animals the effect? I assume a Ring of Regeneration wouldn’t work if it’s not on a finger.
    • Would the meat be fit for consumption?
  2. Less related to 5e itself, but would this be economically feasible?

AutoRotate is Working Partly Mysterious. Please Come Inside

I am using LOS 14.1 unofficial (by dl12345 user from XDA) in my N910C. AutoRotate doesn’t work and i found a solution which is working partly. What does mean partly?

I added these to my build.prob with adb.

log.tag.launcher_force_rotate=VERBOSE lockscreen.rot_override=true

And i’ve set permission of build.prop like this.

chmod 644 build.prop

Then rebooted to System.

I tested AutoRotate and it is working good even if i am in main (lock) screen. 2-3 days later i realized it is not working anymore mysterious. In the meanwhile i rebooted the device 1-2 times within 2-3 days. I started to look for a new fix and found this command.


I deleted first two (2) commands and added this command to the build.prop with adb and set the permission like that.

Rebooted to System and tested. It is working good and today i realized it is not working again.

I started to think what is the problem? It is working some and not working anymore. Why? I couldn’t find the problem.

I need your ideas and experiences.

P.S: I don’t want to use an app always for this.

EDIT: I had edited and pushed build.prop 1 hour ago and had tested, it was working. I looked now and again it is not working.

Thank you so much.

Have a happy day.

Triple/dual monitors will not come back after Blank screen 1080

I have ubuntu 18.04 with gnome desktop. 3 Monitors connected with DP to nvidia 1080. Blank screen setup for 5 minutes. 8 out 2 my monitors will never turn back on after blank screen shuts them down. It make come back for a second before you can press ESC to unlock they will turn off.

What could be the issue and how can I fix it.

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