[ Current Events ] Open Question : How come Trump International Hotel didn’t even offer to feed or shelter homeless New York City veterans this Easter?

Local Mosques, some churches opened their doors to help our heroes and our caring Mayor DeBlasio worked to make shelters availible citywide. It’s interesting how everytime I ask questions like this Trump Supporters claiming to be “Christian” always say “It’s a hotel not a shelter” or “homeless vets are lazy, on drugs”. What do you think? Was Trump really for the rich all along and never our Homeless and disabled veterans?

I need to come up with a formula that I could use and replace values

The problem is as follows:

”Let’s say a company ran a pre-launch and generated 5,000 leads on their level 1 over a period of 30 days. Meaning, all of those leads came into the company directly from their own marketing efforts.

But throughout the well-executed pre-launch, there were multiple viral components and content released that those 5,000 people shared.

That 5,000 could balloon to 6,000… then 9,000… then 13,000, then 20,000…. throughout the launch.

In this example, using the 20,000 number, that’s 15,000 extra leads that the company had zero acquisition cost.

To drill deeper, let’s say the average CPA (cost-per-acquisition) was $ 4.00 per enrollment into the pre-launch for the company.

The company spent $ 20,000.00 on marketing (5,000 X $ 4.00) to obtain those 5,000 leads.

But thanks to the viral nature of a pre-launch, they had an extra 15,000 leads that came in.

So that brings down their overall cost per lead to just $ 1.33.”

My question is… how did they come up with the result of $ 1.33 CPA.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Is there any unique identifier for postgreSQL server Or how come postgres master is identifying its slave unqiuely

Is there any way to have more than one PostgreSQL slave servers in the same system.

If yes, how come a master detect each server as different slaves from the below query

select * from pg_stat_replication;

will give one row for each slave which are connected to it, with PID, IP-address/client_address, client_port, etc..

If two servers are running in the same machine gives the same IP-address so it is not a unique identifier.

If slave got restarted then both client_port and PID will change so these are also cant be a unique identifier.

So, what is the unique identifier used by Postgres master to identify each slave server uniquely? Or how it is finding its slave servers differently?

Can a non-EU citizen travelling with me come with me through the non-EU passport line?

I’m doing some travelling with my mate in a few weeks and I was wondering if, to save time, he could come through the Schengen border through the EU Line with me even though he is not a citizen? I’m a dual Australian and Italian citizen, and he is an Australian citizen and has a 1 year residency visa (Italy). Thanks!

props value come as undefined but print on browser console

I have this strange issue, not sure what I am doing wrong. I pass a flags object to this components and it is available when I log it on console but it doesn’t enter the loop observe logging Object.keys(flags) is undefined. Even when trying to access the value of an object directly, it is undefined.

class Home extends React.Component {

render() {     const allflags = [];     console.log('in Home component flags.. ', this.props.flags);     const {flags} = this.props;     console.log('Object.keys ', Object.keys(flags));     Object.keys(flags).forEach(key => {         console.log('key => ', key);         console.log('value => ', ''+ flags[key]);         allflags.push(<div>{key} : {''+ flags[key]}</div>);       });      console.log('Home Props flags', flags);       console.log('displayWallet >>>>>>>>> ', ''+flags['displayWallet']);     return (         <div>             <h1> All flags</h1>             {allflags}         </div>     ); } 


Actual Result:

App.js:8 in Home component flags.. {}displayLogonStatus:true displayWallet: true proto: Object App.js:10 Object.keys []length: 0__proto__: Array(0) App.js:16 Home Props flags {}displayLogonStatus: false displayWallet: true proto: Object App.js:17 displayWallet >>>>>>>>> undefined

Expected Result: App.js:10 Object.keys []length: 0__proto__: Array(0) – Shouldn’t be empty

App.js:17 displayWallet >>>>>>>>> undefined – Should be undefined when it is printed just above.

How can I explain our system admins that AV can’t protect our enterprise machines from malware that come from USBninja?

Was hoping to get your support to help to explain to our system admins how come the AV can’t protect our enterprise from attacks that can be generated from USBninja. How can I explain our system admins that AV can’t protect our enterprise machines from malware that come from USBninja?