How to resolve the MySQL error Duplicate entry ‘comment_publish_action’ for key ‘PRIMARY’?

I’m a beginner in Drupal. I want to import my database to my webserver and get this error when trying to do so:

“#1062 – Duplicate entry ‘comment_publish_action’ for key ‘PRIMARY'”

I don’t know how to fix this error.

Here are more details about it:

INSERT INTO actions (aid, type, callback, parameters, label) VALUES (‘comment_publish_action’, ‘comment’, ‘comment_publish_action’, ”, ‘Publish comment’), (‘comment_save_action’, ‘comment’, ‘comment_save_action’, ”, ‘Save comment’), (‘comment_unpublish_action’, ‘comment’, ‘comment_unpublish_action’, ”, ‘Unpublish comment’), (‘node_make_sticky_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_make_sticky_action’, ”, ‘Make content sticky’), (‘node_make_unsticky_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_make_unsticky_action’, ”, ‘Make content unsticky’), (‘node_promote_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_promote_action’, ”, ‘Promote content to front page’), (‘node_publish_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_publish_action’, ”, ‘Publish content’), (‘node_save_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_save_action’, ”, ‘Save content’), (‘node_unpromote_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_unpromote_action’, ”, ‘Remove content from front page’), (‘node_unpublish_action’, ‘node’, ‘node_unpublish_action’, ”, ‘Unpub[…]