Comments on my custom post type

I have a custom post type gig and added the supports Comments but it doesn’t show any comment input at all.

$  args = [     "label" => __( "Gigs", "understrap" ),     "labels" => $  labels,     "description" => "",     "public" => true,     "publicly_queryable" => true,     "show_ui" => true,     "delete_with_user" => false,     "show_in_rest" => true,     "rest_base" => "",     "rest_controller_class" => "WP_REST_Posts_Controller",     "has_archive" => false,     "show_in_menu" => true,     "show_in_nav_menus" => true,     "delete_with_user" => false,     "exclude_from_search" => false,     "capability_type" => "post",     "map_meta_cap" => true,     "hierarchical" => false,     "rewrite" => [ "slug" => "gig", "with_front" => true ],     "query_var" => true,     "supports" => [ "title", "editor", "thumbnail", "comments" ], ]; 

For testing purposes, I’ve only added the following php code in my template:

<?php     comments_template(); ?> 

This is the output:

<div class="comments-area" id="comments">  </div> 

Just an empty comments-area div.

What am I doing wrong over here? The comments work on the post type post.

Possible options of minimizing duplicate comments?

Are there any solutions that combine or group similar comments? Any plugins, 3rd parties or anything that takes community comments and compress what has been already said?

Barring that, what would it takes to create something that consolidate comments with the same messages (under youtube video or Reddit post, for example)?

Blog Comments – author name and format

Hi @Sven
I am wondering if I create custom blog comments, is it possible to add line breaks to comments?
And secondly, is there a way to refer to the FIRSTNAME or NAME of the post author? EG %First_name% or something like this?
It would be great to do both of these for Blog Comments.
Here’s an example comment that we could form if these were enabled/possible:

Multilingual Comments on my website

I have a website which contains description, title, cover of movie or some other things. On the bottom I have Facebook comments.

I have a 2 questions.

Should I change Facebook comments to Disqus comments?

Comments should be universal or separate for each language? (website Available in English, Armenian and Russian, should I separate comment block for single entity, let’s say movie or all users should see all comments about that movie and be able to discuss in different languages?)

Interface examples for handling “page notes” and highlighted text comments?

I’m working on a collections-based interface (think Pinterest or Dropbox), and we’re implementing a feature that allows users to add Notes/Comments to various elements (folders/boards, files/pages, highlighted text, etc…).

These “notes” would be accessible either via an icon (say, a small Post-It note with the total count), or a sliding tray somewhere (there could be multiple notes for a specific item). Additionally, they’ll need to access any notes they’ve added to specific text they’ve highlighted on a page. Should this be included in the standard Notes, or be treated differently? Not sure…

I’m having a hard time finding inspiration for this, and would love to see examples of Notes being handled really, really well.

Does anyone have any screenshots they could share of existing apps? Or any thoughts on how we should be handling this? I’m a bit stuck here and could use some inspiration 🙂

Thank you so much!


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