What are The Common Mistakes Avoid while using facebook for business

There are a number of common mistakes made by small businesses on Facebook that if avoided can truly help your brand shine on your audience’s news feeds.

1. Leaving Your Profile Incomplete
2. Failing to Promote Your Content
3. Failing to Engage Your Audience
4. Ignoring Video Posts
5. Leaving Out the Human Element
6. Not Harnessing the Full Potential of Facebook Ads
7. Being Too Sporadic in Posting
8. Making Your Facebook Page Difficult to Find or Share
9. Not Alerting Followers Before You…

What are The Common Mistakes Avoid while using facebook for business

produce top 5 most common (reoccurring) numbers

I’m working in C++ and I’ve got the code to produce the most frequent numbers but now I’d like it to just show me the most common reoccurring numbers. How would I go about doing this? Thank you in advance.

#include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <fstream>  using namespace std;  int main() {     ofstream outputFile("out.txt");     ifstream theFile ("in.txt");     int MaxRange= 39;      int myint[310]={0};      int mycompare[40]={0};      int mycount[40] = {0};      int i = 0, j = 0, k = 0, sum = 0;      for(j=0;j <= MaxRange;j++){         mycompare[j] = j;     }      do     {         theFile>>myint[i];          for(j=0;j<=MaxRange;j++)             for(k=0;k<=MaxRange;k++)             {                  j = k;                 if(myint[i] == mycompare[j])                     mycount[k] = mycount[k]+1;             }         i++;      }     while((myint[i-1] >=0) && (myint[i-1] <= MaxRange));      cout<< "The Number\t\t Frequency"<<endl;     cout<<"------\t\t------"<<endl;       for(k=0; k <=MaxRange ;k++)     {          if(mycount[k] != 0)         {             outputFile<<k<<"  "<<mycount[k]<<endl;             cout<< k<<"\t\t"<<mycount[k]<<endl;              sum = sum + mycount[k];         }     }      cout<<"Total input from file  = "<<sum<<endl;      return 0; }