How do areas where construction has replaced nature affect the spell Commune with Nature’s ability to give information on buildings?

One of the limitations of Commune With Nature is that

The spell doesn’t function where nature has been replaced by construction, such as in dungeons and towns.

I am uncertain what that entails given that one of the subjects one can divine is buildings.

How does the Commune spell work when cast by someone with the Ritual Caster feat or a warlock with the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation?

The D&D 5e spell Commune is a Cleric spell that contacts the Cleric’s chosen divine proxy and asks them three ‘yes or no’ questions. It is a ritual spell, so a Warlock with Book of Shadows or anyone with the Ritual Caster feat really can learn and cast the spell.

Let’s say an atheist wizard uses the Ritual Caster feat to learn Commune (gaining Ritual Caster does not require belief in any pantheon) and then casts it (which can be done through an arcane focus). Who would she encounter? (If it helps, the Wizard belongs to the School of Divination.)