Important aspects to carry out different businesses or companies simultaneously

When we talk business, companies, licenses of our websites, I think we have to take different aspects into consideration. Especially if we are creating different websites or companies. We have to widely diversify our goal, maintain the essence of our business and do each one, in a unique way, without moving away from our business model of course. If we are dealing with different potential clients in different companies, and we are starting each one, the best way is to save as much as…

Important aspects to carry out different businesses or companies simultaneously

Why color contrast is important and example of current online companies using it?

Can someone give me examples of color contrast for accessibility which big companies websites use?

I am only able to find 2 live website examples—————————

I am doing toggle switch contrast switch for my e-commerce website but was not able to find any other e-commerce website doing so.

Can someone give me a reference to this color contrast which other websites are using it?

I want a reference for those sites which actually uses this feature

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Nationwide companies and GMB

Just wanted to make sure this is correct as my research isn’t really turning up anything definitive:

Adding a nation-wide company with one physical location that doesn’t even take "walk-in" customers (think eCommerce) to Google My Business is not only pointless, but it can actually be harmful.


What are the pros and cons of companies like Apple or Google developing their own programming languages? [on hold]

Even thought they are promoted as being open source and community owned, it seems that languages like Go or Swift (what are other good examples?) are owned by big companies that have a lot of influence on design decisions of these languages.

So I wonder: Why do these companies develop own programming languages? Is this good for programming and the software business in general? Is it good for society?

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