Why can’t train tracks be reused by 3rd party companies for passenger travel?

I just found the amtrak tracker and see that there is a lot of space between the trains. I was wondering why there aren’t any non Amtrak controlled carts and trains that run on the same tracks to fill that empty space? Anyone should be able to create a company, build safe carts, and by using their tracks they can help to maintain them. So why isn’t this possible?

The benefits would be to get lower rates and more frequent trips for passengers.

Who are these 21 fictional companies?

The Werewolf supplement Book of the Wyrm describes the Pentex corporation and other Wyrm-tainted stuff. Pages 37-39 list 21 fictional corporations owned by Pentex.

A couple of these were instantly recognizable to me as parodies or references to real-world business. For example, “Endron International”, a petrochemical company infamous for large oil spills, is a parody of the Enron Corporation (which has a branch called Enron International). Enron was a global energy company with diverse business interests which was accused of ignoring pipeline leaks.

How many of these corporations are parodies or references to real-world business?

How companies earn money

While installing the app “Amazon” On playstore i saw that the no of downloads are about 100 million and some days before this i have got the information that amazon has overpowered all other companies like Microsoft and google and rise up as the biggest company with Jeff Bezos the richest person. But i have a confusion in mind that since no of downloads of Google is far more than amazon then how amazon is still a richer company than it. I think there might be several other parameters as well which determine the evaluation of a company. And I want to know what are these. Thanks in advance!!

What kind of printers do the most secure companies use?

If wifi-enabled printers are a bad idea, I’m wondering what kind of printers (brand even perhaps) that secure companies use, such as banks or financial institutions. I would assume these printers don’t even have the capability of wifi, that is they are ethernet-only. But searching around I haven’t really found anything to start on ethernet-only printers with all the standard security features of secure printers (password protection, encryption, lack of hard drives, etc.).

VPN companies with “no logging” policy – how can they claim this?

I was reading https://vpnpro.com/blog/best-vpn-no-logs/ and it claimed that none of the companies in the list logged VPN usage.

One company operates in the British Virgin Islands, but that’s a territory of the United Kingdom, so theoretically, British law applies?

How do the other ones based in Europe manage to get away with this?

I am not looking for advice on how to commit illegal acts, but rather what the actual truth is about VPNs.