What companies are under Tradologic and Veltyco?

According to report that Gal BARAK is a principal shareholder of the above companies; VELTYCO & Tradologic. Through this VELTYCO, many millions of illegally received investor funds have been moved to offshore destinations. Among these illegal broker sites in the VELTYCO network are Option888, TradoVest or XMarkets. He was also one of the shareholders of TRADOLOGIC. What more companies are under this platform?

Why do rental companies ask you to record the mileage at the end of your trip?

Whenever I drop off a rental car, the front desk asks me to state the latest mileage on the car. This would make sense if I rented a car with limited mileage but almost every car rented out by major rental companies has unlimited mileage, thus the final price you pay always remains the same.

So what’s the reason for asking this question even if they see you’ve had unlimited mileage? Is it so that rental company employees don’t take the car for a drive after you drop off the keys?

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