Do large companies keep a detailed “company log” book/database? [closed]

In my life, I have spent a lot of time thinking and wondering about many things related to larger businesses, even though I have no direct connection to that world. By “larger”, I mean “not just a single carpenter or him and his brother”. Primarily, I’m talking about the kind of company which has a “board” of people, or at least a CEO in an office and a secretary and whatnot.

I often fantasize about how all the numerous things that a company is involved with, or own, or need to deal with internally, is kept track of. If I were starting a company today, the first thing I would do would be to create a database table called “company_log”, and then create a small web interface for me to be able to easily add new records to this log, or display/search existing ones, with clear timestamps recorded.

I would then, whenever I did anything in regards to the company, write this down as a “post”. Naturally, this database would be backed up in multiple copies regularly, encrypted and put in a fireproof safe. Some examples of what I imagine the posts would look like:

[timestamp] Bought new master computer from ACME, Inc. for $  55,998. [timestamp] Set up new master computer. Took 8 hours. Used Alice, Bob and Sue as my witnesses for security precautions. [timestamp] Meeting about the design of the new robot arms. [timestamp] Telephoned Something, Inc. about their prices for robot arm parts. [timestamp] Decided to order the parts from Other, Inc. [timestamp] Meeting about the launch campaign for the finished Robot Buddy. [timestamp] Decided to postpone the launch due to unforeseen issues with the market. [timestamp] Meeting about how to deal with the newly discovered competitor Evil, Inc. [timestamp] Read in the news that Evil, Inc.'s warehouses had been mysteriously bombed during the night. ... 

Basically, I would record every action that I consider in any way related to the company in a long log, so that I can later check back and know exactly what I did, when and why, and so that if I die unexpectedly, the entire company can theoretically (and practically) keep going as long as somebody goes through all the notes and thereby gets “up to date” with everything that has been done and could continue on where I stopped, even though they don’t have my exact brain/mentality, but you get the point.

(Of course, this could “almost” as easily/conveniently have been done with physical papers in folders, which would have to be copied by the secretary or something for backups. This is what I expect they did before computers became feasible/reliable for this kind of thing. The point is still the same.)

I also would have a kind of “overview panel” with dynamic numbers showing the current “stats” of the company, such as “current employees” and all kinds of numbers related to the current finances and other important things like that.

Is this how they do it? Or do they consider it a risk to keep such a log, because it could be leaked or stolen or seized, giving hard proof of all the evil acts they do to make all that money?

Also, I guess the CEO/founder of the company would also have an incentive to “keep it all in his brain” instead of written down, even if in an encrypted, private database, because it makes him more valuable/indispensable?

It makes a lot of sense that a massive corporation like Disney or The Coca-Cola Corporation or something like that is going to have a whole physical vault, if not more, of very redundantly secured backups of their full “company log”, both in digital and physical form. After all, the original founders are long dead and the companies are extremely large and make a huge amount of money every single day. You don’t task stupid risks in that situation. I’m sure they must have all this written down carefully, probably in leather-bound folders in a secure, locked, guarded office in their main headquarters or something along those lines?

How Does the companies authenticate internal users in internal systems?

assuming that a company has an AD/LDAP server with all employees and has many internal systems that must authenticate those users. How would be a good solutions in terms of security best practices to allow these systems to access LDAP server?

I think it’s bad allowing many different systems accessing the company users base. What would be a good solution? Do you know any references/guidelines to this type of problem?

Can the world’s tech companies handle the responsibility we give them?

Wow, where to start…

For over the past 20 years, we have been handing over more and more of our personal data to large private companies, not infrequently American, and in this documentary Cold Fusion looks a little closer at that in a mini documentary of about a quarter.

Among other things, how competition works in the tech industry, what responsibility the tech companies take for the information we share with them and how it all glows with freedom of expression. There is also some talk…

Can the world's tech companies handle the responsibility we give them?

Acquiring Failing Hosting Companies with Clients

I am once again looking to acquire startup hosting companies that can not cut the work if you have started a hosting company and can not keep up to the costs or can not successfully manage it then let me know.

For the past 10 years, we have acquired more than 60 "Fly By Night" hosting companies that had clients who have prepaid for service and did not know they were about to lose out. We successfully transferred all of those clients to our network and still host their sites today. We know…

Acquiring Failing Hosting Companies with Clients

Important aspects to carry out different businesses or companies simultaneously

When we talk business, companies, licenses of our websites, I think we have to take different aspects into consideration. Especially if we are creating different websites or companies. We have to widely diversify our goal, maintain the essence of our business and do each one, in a unique way, without moving away from our business model of course. If we are dealing with different potential clients in different companies, and we are starting each one, the best way is to save as much as…

Important aspects to carry out different businesses or companies simultaneously

Why color contrast is important and example of current online companies using it?

Can someone give me examples of color contrast for accessibility which big companies websites use?

I am only able to find 2 live website examples—————————

I am doing toggle switch contrast switch for my e-commerce website but was not able to find any other e-commerce website doing so.

Can someone give me a reference to this color contrast which other websites are using it?

I want a reference for those sites which actually uses this feature

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