I’m looking for ideas and suggestions for an ideal to create programming company?

I’m looking for ideas and suggestions for an ideal to create programming company?

How to treat the programmer to make him/her comfortable in the company?

Salary, commission, bonus etc ..

I would like to know similar models in the leading Western and whole world companies and how they done it?

Please leave any ideas and suggestions 🙂

Best regards


https: Is my company connection intercepted? [duplicate]

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  • Can my employer see what I do on the internet when I am connected to the company network? 13 answers

I wanted to find out whether my company can see what I’m posting online as soon as using websites using a valid https certificate.

I know there are a lot of posts here about whether my company can find out which URLs I’ve visited. Now I wanted to find out whether I’m being intercepted by the proxy-server we use (we have a computer-wide proxy-server in place which is also used for webbrowsing) by means of “faked” https-certificate.

IMHO my company doesn’t use such a procedure, but I just wanted to confirm it by some experts on here.

When I’m browser to https://security.stackexchange.com on my companys laptop in firefox, the certificate-hirarchy looks completely identical to the certificate-hirarchy showing in Chrome on my home computer:

enter image description here

Even the certificate fingerprints and serial-numbers are completely the same.

Is my understanding correct that:

  • Even though we are using a proxy, it is sufficient to check the certificate hierarchy and when it’s the same inside the companys network and in my home network, I can conclude I’m not being sniffed the inputs I do
  • The procedure of the proxy-server to “insert” a faked https-certificate, in case there would be such a system in-place, would probably be made system-wide. That means, as I only compared the certificate-hierarchies on a few domains now, it should mean such a procedure will highly likely not be in-place at all, also not for any other domain?
  • That means the only way to track my inputs, would be to use some sort of keyloggers? (Which is probably not possible / allowed by law anyhow (living in germany)).
  • From what I gathered from the other posts here on stackexchange, they can obviously save from the logs which URLs/hostnames I have visited. They question is: Do they see the full URLs or only the hostname / the target server? Because it could potentially do a big difference whether I visited some reddit page about how to setup some software or some reddit page about po*rn 😀 Obviously I won’t visit these, just frmo a technical POV I want to know what’s possible here.

Thanks in advance!

Bug bounties – Reported a bug to a company nothing as been done [duplicate]

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  • Where to publicly report a vulnerability, after developer ignores it? [duplicate] 4 answers

I’ve discovered a bug in an order page from big American company in April 2017.

I’ve reported the bug to said company and they haven’t done a thing, I email them from time to time but the bug is still there and they haven’t done nothing related to the bounty.

What should I do? Report the bug publicly or wait? They keep replying that the bug is being remediated for the last 9 months.

Thanks in advance.

What is the best way to display user company role and application role when logged in to the application

An application having two roles i.e Company Role and Application Role based on which different sections of the application are accessible to the person. Company Role describes either Admin or Users whereas Application Roles describes the functional role of the user in the company.

For Eg, In a company, there is a person which has Company Role as User and Application Role as Accounts and HR. Now when the person logged in the application, message or pop up or sub menu should be displayed to provide the information of the roles assigned to the users and different menus will be accessible based on the Application role.

I can either display the roles assigned information in the Pop up or as a message “You are logged in as xx role” when person is logged in or i can provide an option in the sub menu for it.

What is the best way to display the roles assigned information to the person having multiple Application Roles along with the Company role when logged in the application.

Large company needs custom software

I realize what I am about to say will probably result in several responses to the effect of “Don’t do this!! Hire a Pro.” But please spare me and instead try to help give me some insight.

I am a mechanical engineer, not a computer programmer. I took a programming class in college in Matlab and haven’t used it since and never really did anything very impressive with it. I have dabbled a little in visual basic in excel and a little in python but just through teaching myself and mostly just find blocks of code on the internet that do what I need or almost do what I need and piece them together and produce something ugly but seems to work… One program I wrote allows me to select several csv files… opens them one by one… copies data from column B and pastes them side by side in a single excel sheet. This sounds simple… but for the people at my company, this is like the equivalent of Magic… everyone at my company typically does these types of repetitive tasks manually. Currently I am still the only user of my “magic” programs and my efforts basically are unknown and unappreciated. Until recently, long story short, I was asked if I could finish a project another guy was working on who no longer works at my company. Ironically, the project is similar to the one described above with the csv files, in fact its the same csv files, same process, but needs to run in the background automatically and grab new csv files as they are created (about every 15 min or so… 24 hours a day 7 days a week) and add the new data to an ongoing excel sheet.

So… fairly simple project for someone that knows what they are doing… But I don’t know what I am doing… So… the Vice President is who asked me if I could finish the project… I said maybe… But I need to give him a firm yes or no soon… He explained that he sees 3 options… option 1) 100% outsource option 2) “Develop” someone inside the company to do it (like myself) this includes paid training etc… option 3) a combination of the 2. I like the idea of using a combination of the 2. Specifically, I like the idea of cobbling together something that works, and then showing that to a professional and saying “hey this works… this is what I want… how much to touch it up and make it professional”? for example, adding in the little error handlers and things like that. Or for example, I often stumble across new ways of doing the same thing in a more “elegant” way… whereas before the chunk of code I was using was 20 lines and now its only 10 lines… or one way is 10 times faster… etc… So… with all that being said… if the professional touch up costs less than 5k… my company will probably pay for it… if its 15k… they might not… I don’t know… but I have already provided a disclaimer that I am not a professional and anything I can do will likely be cobbled together. Regardless, I will be a hero in their eyes.

So… as I began to think about how to go about a project like this… I began to realize several things… like my little visual basic macro that runs in excel… 1) runs on my work laptop… 2) requires excel to be open and 3) requires me to manually click “run”… in order to make this a fully automatic program that runs in the background all of the time I suppose I need to at the very least use something like python to watch for these new files to be created and then automatically open excel and run the excel macro. In addition, I assume this needs to be installed and run on our companies server, not my laptop… That opens up a whole new can of worms and brings me to where I feel is the “starting point.” So what is a server? I mean I know all of us at work are connected to it and all the printers and the various network drives (for example the “S” drive… that is the “shared” drive where lots of stuff is saved and easily accessible to everyone… and is also the location of all these csv files) I know it runs on some kind of server software… I know its that rack with all the wires and fans and flashing lights. But as far as what a server really is… I have no idea. So, can I install this program on the server remotely from my work laptop? Or does the server have its own dedicated monitor, mouse and keyboard? Do I need to be a server expert and know how our server was designed to be able to install this? Or is it pretty simple and straight forward? For example, I call I IT… Say “what kind of operating system does our server run on”? Maybe they say Linux… Then I Google, “how do I install a python program on a Linux Server.”

SEO for Myanmar clients done by a Thai company


We are based in Bangkok and doing web design with SEO for clients in Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar. This is our Thai website – https://webdesign.geniusgraphic.com.

As for local SEO, we are well-experienced in Thai SEO but got stuck in Myanmar one. We have one separate website for Myanmar: http://www.geniuswebdesignyangon.com.

We are doing well for SEO in English for Myanmar clients but we want to get deeper into local SEO in Myanmar language literally, both for our own website…

SEO for Myanmar clients done by a Thai company