What game uses dice with compass point arrows, forbidden signs, explosions, arrows and targeting reticles?

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A while ago I bought a few bags of factory 2nd dice. Out of those bags, there are a handful of dice that I have not been able to immediately identify. Some I have later been able to identify through image searching, such as the Warhammer Blood Angels, Adeptus Mechanicus and Tyranids logo dice, as well as the green and pink nebular swirl dice.

However, I am still unsure as to what some of the dice are. I’ve tried looking at dice websites, searching on Google and even using reverse image searches, all to no avail. For some, I am not even sure how to concisely describe them to accurately search for them.

What I want to know is what game are these dice from? Or, if they are not from a specific game, what they are called. Below are images of the dice:

enter image description here

Compass needle deflected when near off smartphone

It puzzles me that a compass needle is deflected when I bring it near (~ 2 cm above the screen) my turned off Android smartphone, which can only mean there is still a electric current inside it. Surprisingly, the deflection is the same with the phone turned on. What may be the reason behind it?

I could yet not verify whether the same happens with other mobile phones.

How Does Google Maps Detect Compass Accuracy?

Modern versions of Google Maps display a cone of various widths for the compass, depending on how accurate/in need of calibration the compass is.

Given that the compass is simply a magnetometer and could be detecting either real magnetic fields external to the phone or calibration errors/magnetic fields coming from inside the phone, how does Google Maps know how accurate/well-calibrated the compass is at any given instant?

MongoDB Compass Import CSV UTF-8 characters not recognized even if excel shows correctly

I’m trying to import a CSV into a MongoDB collection using the Compass tool. The import is successful but I have special characters such as german umlauts that are marked with a question mark. The CSV is an export from excel. I Saved As CSV and selected in Tools->Web the encoding as UTF-8. This didn’t work.

Google maps compass won’t calibrate

I've been having a hard time with my google maps the last few weeks.

I have a brand new Huawei P20 Pro. The GPS is significantly off on my Google maps and I keep getting a message to calibrate my maps using the figure 7 motion. I try this multiple times and it does not work.

I've tried uninstalling and re-downloading, restarting my phone but nothing is working. The GPS is just off. I've had no luck finding resources online. Anyone else having issues? Do you have any advice for me?

I rely…

Google maps compass won't calibrate

iPhone compass woefully inaccurate

Not sure when this started, but heading/compass on 2 iPhones (6 and X) is way off for some reason. Magnetic north is off by 10-40°, depending on how much moving around I do. True north mostly works, but is also off. There is a difference between the two devices of 5-30° No electromagnetic interference that I can trace nearby. What could possibly cause this? The GPS signal on the X is also quite bad and takes very long to lock. I did the sim eject-reboot routine, to no effect