How do I run an adventure with the party in competition with an NPC party in a race for the MacGuffin?

Hoping for advice:

I’m looking at the next leg of our campaign being a “race for the MacGuffin” scenario. The PCs (Rolemaster) have been chasing an evil sorceress for a while now. I want to let them catch up but put them in a position where they can’t actually kill her. She’s working for someone powerful who will come after them if they kill her. But it’s in a mercenary role so if they can get the MacGuffin for him he won’t care what happens to her after that.

The problem: I’ve never run or even read an adventure like that. Can someone point me to some good resources? Advice from the geniuses here is considered good as well.

What is a good method for modelling combinatorial tree (sport competition results)?

Probably newbie question here, please point me out to relevant theories/tutorials if needed :

  • let say I want to evaluate the probabilities of the final rankings for a sport competition
  • the competition involved 8 teams, but I can simplify the problem to 4 contestants (say A – B – C – D)
    • the competition is splitted into n journeys during which every team faces another team (and only one). So with 4 contestants, I have 2 matches per journey
    • at the end of a match, 5 different points attributions are possible (depending on the score)

After one journey, there are 30 different possible combinations in terms of team’s points. So the model looks like a tree with a journey at each level.

Even if I simplify the situation to 2 journeys left, I can’t think of a elegant way to implement this problem (in Python for example) rather than “manually” creating the tree with the 30 combinations at each level and counting the leaves ?

I’m not familiar with this kind of problem so I’m not sure about the path forward.

Do the competition scorecards for D&D tournaments have the same ranges of scores?

D&D tournaments were judged according to a system whereby each party was given points for accomplishing specific tasks and taking certain actions in a competition dungeon. [see this question]

I was curious about whether I could find scores from different events and compare them meaningfully. However, I wasn’t sure if each competition scorecard had the same range of point values. Scores in some other competitions are built such that they can be compared (bowling scores are always between 0 – 300, for example), but if each dungeon had a different range of points I’m not sure I could compare them.

Do the scores for D&D tournament dungeons have the same range between competitions? Can they be compared?

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