Can a computer fan send you a code?

Normally, when I turn on my cpu the fan goes to high speed for a second and normalizes. Lately, when I start my CPU the fan seems to send me a code in pulses. Similar to how some devises send an error code through a flashing light, but in this case a flashing fan; can a cpu fan send a code and are used like this? If not intentional, what would cause the fan’s sofeware to be changed or signal to the fan interrupted?

The fan sounds normal and silent as always and cpu is normal too.

Is Group Theory useful in Computer Science in other areas but cryptography?

I have heard many times that Group Theory is highly important in Computer Science, but does it have any use other than cryptography? I tend to believe that it does have many other usages, but cannot find out where and how to apply Group Theory to other areas in CS, such as algorithms, data structres, graphs, complexity and so forth.

What subfields in computer sciences may one study without learning Object Oriented Programming?

What subfields in computer sciences may one study without learning Object Oriented Programming or is there some kind of degree in Computer Science without the OOP knowledge requirement?

Is there a language without OOP?

Does one need to know OOP to simulate a CPU?

I wanted to earn a CS degree without ever learning OOP. Is there a name for that?

My guess what that Computer science without OOP is simply applied Statistics or Machine Learning using SKlearn and packages.

Sets in Mathematics are immutable but in Computer Science sets are mutable and called “Dynamic Sets” – truth of the statement

While reading the classic text Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen et. al. I came across the following claim:

Sets are as fundamental to computer science as they are to mathematics. Whereas mathematical sets are unchanging, the sets manipulated by algorithms can grow, shrink, or otherwise change over time. We call such sets dynamic.

I felt a bit odd after reading the statement that "set" in Mathematics and in CS are different from the mutable point of view. Now in Mathematics what we deal with are theoretical aspect of things and as such "set" is a theoretical concept and so it is in Theoretical CS. If it is immutable in mathematics then so it is in CS. Mathematics and Theoretical CS are interlinked. So given a graph algorithm which say finds the minimum shortest path between a pair of vertices , we can’t say whether it belongs to Mathematics or CS.

Often in algorithms we write statements as :

$ $ S = S \cup \{a\} \quad \text{view $ 1$ }$ $

Which seems to sort of change our set $ S$ , but if we look it in this way:

$ $ S’= S \cup \{a\} \quad \text{view $ 2$ }$ $

$ $ S=S’$ $

So in the second situation we are not modifying our actual set $ S$ we are forming a new set $ S’$ with $ S$ augmented with $ a$ and then after that we are making the variable $ S$ refer to $ S’$ .

What I feel is that the concept of the set being mutable or immutable is solely dependent on the data-structure of representation of the abstract concept of "sets" and since in data-structure the two steps in view $ 2$ are combined and implemented, so they are called dynamic sets.

In short I feel that Dynamic Sets are data-structure implementation of sets and not the abstract sets.

Can the headphone or earbud (Bluetooth or wired) transmit malicious code, virus, Trojan or any kind of malware from computer to computer?

I have an old computer and I am sure it has Trojan or malicious code but after that i bought new one the problem is i did not change my old headphone that used in my old computer and i plugged it in the new computer so are there any problem to use my old headphone ? and thank you

Understanding proofs Lemma 11 & 10 in this specific Computer Science Scheduling Paper

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the proofs Lemma 11 and Lemma 10 (Pages 10 and 11) in this paper called: Preemptive and Non-Preemptive Real-Time UniProcessor Scheduling.

Generally the proofs have very few steps in between and I can’t seem to understand how the author continues from one step to another. Therefore, I would be very gratefull in a more step by step detailed explanation of the proofs mentioned.

Thank you in advance!

Personal computer + employer’s WiFi [duplicate]

I decided to use my personal Macbook at work, so I’ll be using my employer’s network connection. But I’m really concerned about my privacy. I know I can do non-work stuff using Tor Browser or Brave’s Private window with Tor, but what about my reminders, notes, voice memos and other Apple’s built in apps? I am really freaked about my personal stuff. How can I prevent them from accessing it? I know they may never do it, but if there is even the smallest risk, I want to prevent it somehow. Let’s say I create another user account specifically for work without logging my Apple ID and use it, will it prevent them from accessing my data stored on another (personal) account?

Remote desktop user minwinPC altering security privileges while computer was ‘off’

Is it possible for windows to start the computer while it’s off? I installed a fresh copy of windows and was looking at the security event logger. It logged 5.2k security audits while I was asleep and when the computer was off (I checked it before going to sleep because of strange behavior).

The name is MINWINPC and its target is the built in domain using remote desktop users. TargetSID is S-1-5-32-555. Subject user ID is S-1-5-18. Security logs show altering stack tracing and escalation of privileges.

Account domain is included in WORKGROUP but all network discovery is off. NETSH shows no domain of WORKGROUP exist but event logger records active SYSTEM manipulations. User account shows N/A

I have a win 8.1 with computer from 2008. (using local net with provider’s VPN.) How can my neighbors see my deeds on the computer?

They are talking about it. And even now can see it (I believe). He is working as an electrician or network admin or somewhat related(or maybe have friends in such fields). We had a war here (not completely over yet), so can be a some soldier/militant/whoknowswho.

I have a providers VPN with password but settings without encryption(“disconnect if required encryption”)? Is it a correct settings? My Monitor is from 2006-2008. LCD. Fluorescent lamps were changed to a light diodes strips from some Chinese hardware board.(can it increase electromagnetic information that can be captured from monitor?) My keyboard is wired, but I’ve read it can be intercepted too? No antivirus except windows embedded one. I’ve tested with eset free antivirus and found almost nothing. Last year was bought a SSD drive manufactured in Poland with software with it (I don’t think it is it).

I need to work online, but they are saying things(I can hear them perfectly “thanks” to the war and corona virus quarantine we have very quite environment here.) that can be interpreted as they can actually get some info from my PC.

What is can be done which will not include buying a new pc (even if I can buy it, not sure that problem in hardware) in next 1-2 years? (too expensive for us nowadays.)

Is it possible I have a backdoor here or some open ports that have vulnerabilities?

I’ve read about metasploit but it is for servers. How can I test my computer? please help, tell me it is possible to remove them from here.

What about DNS leaking to local network or dns spoofing? I know nothing about it. What about not so genuine windows? Or my videocard issue a videosignal that can be captured 3 meters below/above(we have brick walls without metal bars and big windows. Also radiator heaters with water pipes are shared near a pc.) and rendered as a picture with not so expensive equipment?

I know for sure they comment selected channels/video pages on youtube and, maybe, a freelance site. And don’t tell me it sound stupid. I know it, but need help. I need to work but can’t because of it.

Was installed several databases for learning and all settings used by default. Is it possible that port 3306 I see in browser was opened to the outside world/local net?

Is it possible that java without update can do this? Sometimes explorer on pc crashes, restarts and shows Libraries window, but I’ve never opened it before crash(it is related).