Linked server only works if I am on the machine itself. I can’t use it from my local computer. what is missing?

I have a few queries that I use to monitor log shipping. Sometimes I want to run those queries on a different server. I usually do that through a linked server.

I have a server called SQLDEV4-TS that has a linked server to MY_SERVER\DEVELOPMENT

ON SQLDEV4-TS I have setup Kerberos as per the picture below:

enter image description here

I have this query below that I use to test the connectivity to the linked server.

DECLARE @server_name sysname = @@servername SELECT @server_name=N'MY_SERVER\DEVELOPMENT'   DECLARE @sql NVARCHAR(MAX) = N'SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY([' + @server_name +'],        ''SELECT ''''Radhe'''' AS Radhe'');'  BEGIN TRY     EXEC sp_testlinkedserver @server_name      EXEC sp_executesql @sql=@sql  END TRY BEGIN CATCH     SELECT [error_number]=ERROR_NUMBER(), [error_message]=ERROR_MESSAGE(); END CATCH;  PRINT 'We got past the Catch block!'; 

When I am on the server itself – SQLDEV4-TS – and I run the above script I get the following result:

enter image description here

All good – it works as expected – no problem.

However, when I connect to SQLDEV4-TS from my local machine, and run the script (on my machine) I get the following result:

Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’.

enter image description here

What is missing in this linked server setting, that I have to be on the machine itself for it to work?

Looking to run GSA and SEO tools on dedicated computer

Greetings, fellow SEO & GSA enthusiasts!
I have decided, as I am in the midst of upgrading most of my “processes” IRL, to get another computer, so SER and companion programs, can run 24/7 on a dedicated machine.
This will allow me to use a machine solely for photo editing, web browsing, FTPing to servers, writing articles, using Notepad++ to modify/create stuff, and whatever other work-related tasks I do.  Also playing YT videos. As it is, SER runs when I am not using the machine. I can go further if I had 24/7 use of the computer just for GSA.
Anyone have any suggestions? I know I can just get a VPS, also. Any pros/cons? Any suggestions as far as OS?  Is Win 10 best for SER, if I am going to setup a new machine? Currently running on Win7. 

IIS forwarding from one computer to SQL Server on another computer

I’m a newbie in the system administration. There are tons of tutorials how to make port forwarding using your home router. So I can easily make SQL Server, installed to my computer, available outside by forwarding everything that comes to the router port 1433. Router:port 1433 –> Computer with SQL Server

But how to do that if I do not have a router (or access to it)?

I have an Azure VM with IIS (I host a website there). I have another Azure VM with SQL Server on it (this another VM is on the LAN with my VM with IIS. I do not have access to the VM that makes the routing for this LAN.

So my task is to make SQL Server available via internet to specified IP address using IIS.

There are tons of videos how to make url forwarding for IIS and no articles or videos for PORT FORWARDING.

Task: I have an address ( I want to call it on port 1433 and get access to SQL Server installed to the computer on the same LAN. IIS:port 1433==>SQL Server on another VM

Could you please give me a link to the article or video with detailed instructions on how to do that? Or write the answer with detailed instructions. Thanks.

What’s the meaning of “resources external to the SQL Server computer are needed” in Microsoft’s SQL documentation?

In Microsoft’s SQL Server documentation on Windows service account configuration, the decision to use either a VA (virtual account) or a MSA (managed service account) hinges on whether

resources external to the SQL Server computer are needed

What exactly does this phrase mean here? I’m seeking an explanation that makes sense to an ‘accidental DBA’ with minimal experience of SQL Server, or Windows Server, configuration. What counts as a ‘resource’ here, and what kinds of ‘need’ are relevant?

Context: I have a fresh SQL Server 2019 VM on Azure, which was configured with VAs out-of-the-box, and I’m trying to decide whether we need to switch to using MSAs. I have found multiple other questions concerning this same documentation page and/or the same basic decision between VAs or MSAs (or regular AD Accounts) – but none really explain this specific phrase in a way that helps me apply it to my particular scenario. Which is essentially a data warehouse use-case: data will be coming into this SQL instance from external sources, but that’ll be managed by a third-party DW automation application running SSIS scripts, not directly by the SQL engine. (This application has its own AD service accounts.)

Whilst I’ve explained my specific scenario here to try to clarify the question, I’m keen for a generic answer so anyone with any SQL Server use case can evaluate this "resources external to the SQL Server" phrase for their needs. Specific answers for my use case are also welcome.

USB flash drives sharing on computer network [closed]

Can we share USB flash drives on a computer network?

Example : USB flash drives connected to a local Windows/Mac/Linux os machine is part of the computer network. The contents of the USB flash drives to be shared with other computers.

Can this be implemented?