How to connect two computer using tcp connection (hardware needed) if both the computers are using ubuntu virtualbox

i have written a client program and a server program in c language. Both client and server connect each other using tcp connection. The program is working properly when give the port no. “”(both client and server when made to run in same computer).Please guide me to connect two pc using ubuntu virtualbox such that client program runs in one computer and the server program in another.

Connecting wifi printer that the computers are connected to network via ethernet

installed an all in one Brother fax,scanner,printer in an office and have it connected to one of the 3 windows 7 64 gig computers the computers are connected to the network via ethernet I noticed they can print to the printer at the front desk but I could not see the new printers on the other computers any advice these computers do not have wifi.

Why do we still use a Von Neumann Architecture in modern computers?

The Von Neumann architecture was first created in the mid 40s for use in a computing system known as ENIAC for research into the feasibility of thermonuclear weapons.

To this day the Von Neumann architeture is still primary foundation in the majority of modern computers. I have listened to a few historians and scientists mention that there is likely more efficient architectures and that Von Neumann himself didn’t believe in its universal capability(unfortunately cannot remember enough to find a link).

So why do we still use this architecture in the majority of modern computing?

New computers wont let you install OS of choise?

I have an Asus gaming laptop that I am trying to put ubuntu on.

Even if you disable secure boot and fast boot in bios – there is no CSM support so you cannot install an os from thumb drive or cd rom.

Their support line confirms that you have to use Microsoft os on all their new computers and you cannot change the OS


I mean out side of a class action lawsuit for enforcing a monopoly on pc users These companies do have lots of money and it should be a very open shut case so…

PC information Product Type : Gaming NB

Product Model : GU501GM

Product S/N : K1NRCV00Z500028

Operation System / Firmware or BIOS version : BOIS VER 308

are real computers capable of producing true random series with a program of finite length?

Question: Suppose that one has a Blum–Shub–Smale machine, is it possible to write down a program of finite length that produces a series of numbers, with each consisting of finite number of digits, such that these numbers are truly random in the sense of Kolmogorov randomness, that is, no program of finite length on a Turing machine can produce the same series of numbers?

Is it possible to mount very small PC-like computers on an electric socket?

I’ve been thinking of getting something like Raspberry Pi (or similar small computer) to use as a print server, but am irked by the prospect of having to find a shelf for it near the electric socket and have a cable dangle to to reach it. Then I got to thinking: Can’t the computer just live on top of the socket? Weak computers these days are pretty small. Even with an AC-to-DC converter, it’s not inconceivable to make one light and small enough to stably be mounted onto a socket.

Is this something realistic? Does such hardware exist? And if so – are these mounting adapters for non-socket-mounted computers, or perhaps computers pre-engineered so that their power converters and case are designed from the get-go to fit a power socket?

Bitcoin Core client on multiple computers

I have one computer with a full node bitcoin core. I would like to have bitcoin-qt installed on a different computer but I don’t want to download the full blockchain again in the other computer. I would like to have bitcoind active in the first computer and the second one get transaction information from the first one instead of downloading the full blockchain and getting transaction information from a local blockchain copy. Is it possible to do it? And what about my phone getting transaction information from my computer instead of a public blockchain server?

I know I can use the second bitcoin core on pruning mode, but what about not holding any blockchain data locally in the second computer?

XAMPP Apache 404 error on client computers when running on port 80

I am running XAMPP to host a website for other users on the same network and it has been working with no problems for a long time.

Then all of a sudden the website occasionally started to display a “404 the resource is not found” error when accessed from other computers on the network. The website would sometimes open without problem, then it would show the error again and the frequency of the error seems to be different on different PCs – for example on some it would almost always show it, on others the website opens most of the time.

I can open the website trough the browser on the PC that XAMPP is running on with no problems and I never get the error message.

Eventually I changed the port Apache was running on, which was the standard port 80 and that seems to have fixed the issue for now. However I can’t figure out what could be the reason for all of these computers to not be able to open it on port 80 as before. Even more puzzling is the fact that, like I said, sometimes you can open the website and sometimes you can’t, and that changes every couple of minutes. Also why is the server never getting this error.

I tried to run netstat on the client PCs to see what might be blocking the ports, but didn’t see anything there. Any ideas of how I can further troubleshoot will be much appreciated.

What is the maximum power of future computers?

Since the invention of computer – which was not so long ago -, it has changed in a way that what used to be processed in many hours or even day on a huge computer can take less than a second on a simple nowadays one.

That’s a great step, but I still think it’s not even the beginning of what we can do when it comes to the greatest computer that will be ever made.

Knowing that so many impressive things are still happenning nowadays, like that just-announced Stadia, which will possibily run millions of games at once, can we figure out if we could generate any image we want just creating random data?

In another words, will we be possible of generating a picture of a dog licking a rock on a dolphin just by trying different picture data and analyzing it with some image processing?