Can conda environment inherit base packages?

I’m looking for a solution where environments do inherit from root, but searching for the answer there seems to be a lot of confusion. Many OP questions believe they are inheriting packages when they are not. So, the search results find these questions, but the answer has the counter solution (or just explain they are mistaken).

That said, one OP actually has a similar objective. Can packages be shared across Anaconda environments? This OP says they are running out of space on their HDD. The implication being “sharing” should use the same installed packages in the new environment. The answer (not accepted) is to use --clone.

I also found this post, Do newly created conda envs inherit all packages from the base env? which says --clone does not share packages. In this post the OP believed their new environment “shared” packages, and then concludes “shared” packages don’t exist. What is the use of non-separated anaconda environments?

I tested both the --clone flag, and the Conda Docs instructions to “build identical environments” options. Both env directories have the same identical size: 2G+. The only difference was building identical environment downloaded the packages again, and clone coppied the local file taking much less time.

I use Miniconda to deploy CLI tools to coworker workstations. Basically, the tools all use the same packages, with the occasional exception, when I need to add a particular module which I don’t want in the base install.

let `conda install` use a manually pre-downloaded package

I’ve got a PC with a slow internet connection. When trying to install an about 500MB package (conda install -c pytorch pytorch), I get a download timeout.

I tried downloading this file manually elsewhere and then placing it in my home directory and installing with conda install --offline ~/pytorch-1.0.0-py3.7_cuda9.0.176_cudnn7.4.1_1.tar.bz2 (like here). This works by itself, however, when I try to install further packages depending on it, conda decides to download it:

The following packages will be UPDATED:     pytorch:         1.0.0-py3.7_cuda9.0.176_cudnn7.4.1_1 <unknown> --> 1.0.0-py3.7_cuda9.0.176_cudnn7.4.1_1 pytorch Proceed ([y]/n)? y Downloading and Extracting Packages pytorch-1.0.0        | 498.7 MB  | ###########5              |   8%   CondaHTTPError: HTTP 000 CONNECTION FAILED for url <> Elapsed: -  An HTTP error occurred when trying to retrieve this URL. HTTP errors are often intermittent, and a simple retry will get you on your way. 

Note the ... <unknown> --> ... pytorch. Apparently, when installed with --offline, the package source is unknown and that leads to re-download. I also naively tried placing the file into ~/miniconda3/pkgs, no success.

Is there a way to increase the download timeout limit for conda, or let it recognize the pre-downloaded .tar.bz2 package file?

I understand that it has little to do with pytorch, but I just leave real names as they are.