Condensation on a cold night

I was taking pictures of the sky for about 30 minutes at night and it is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The pictures started to get really blurry and figured it might be because of the temperature. I brought it inside and there was condensation on the lens. I’m a beginner and I fear I really messed up but my instinct was to grab a lens cloth and wipe the lens, but that only created a smear. Then I detached the lens (looking at the internet, I’m now realizing I did pretty much everything wrong), just for a couple seconds because I wanted to see if there was condensation on the other side of the lens. I put it back on, turned off the camera and left it there. Do you think I might have let condensation occur on the sensor itself because of those few seconds where I detached the lens? I’m kind of worrying simply because I don’t have a lot of experience with condensation and cameras. Will there be any permanent damage to the camera or lens?