Conditional formatting cells with multiple conditions and relative references over a range

I have a Google spreadsheet with arbitrary data. Three adjacent columns (let’s say A, B and C) have been set up with Data Validation to only allow values from 1 to 10.

I’m looking for a way to validate that if all three columns of a single row (e.g. A4, B4 & C4) have a value of 10, all three cells should get formatted differently, let’s say a different background color for the sake of simplicity.

This formatting should apply to an entire range from A/B/C1 to A/B/C300, and here lies the problem.

I’ve tried many ways to do this with data validation, built-in functions and conditional formatting, but other than going row by row applying the formatting, I haven’t found an actually effective way to do this. Had to resort to the script editor and write a function called when onEdit() gets triggered, but this is slow and the coloring can actually be seen being applied when the code triggers because each row needs to be checked individually.

Is there any way to do this without having to resort to scripting, and without having to do it row by row?

How to solve this Webform conditional rules?

I have a webform with 4 Radio button – 1, 2 , 3, 4 & 4 field sets – Person1, person2, person3, Person4

What I am trying to achieve, if I select

- Radio 1 - Person1 field set would show - Radio 2 - Person1 & person2 would Show - Radio 3 - Person1, 2 & 3 show - Radio 4 - all field set should show. 

I am just cant get it to work and keep getting this error

    Conditional errors on page 1: More than one conditional hides or shows component "person2". More than one conditional hides or shows component "person3". 

Would anyone knows if its possible to achieve? Thanks

Conditional Expectation: Intergrating indicator function multiplied by the joint denisity

I am currently reading “Measure, Integral and Probability” by Capinski, Marek (see p179). It includes some motivation for the definition of the conditional expectation. For example, given two random variables $ X,Y$ with joint density $ f_{(X,Y)}$ (and so the marginal and conditional densities), we want to show that for any set $ A \subset \Omega, A=X^{-1}(B), B$ Borel, that $ $ \int_A\mathbb{E}(Y|X)dP= \int_A \mathbb{E}(Y)dP.$ $ This is one of the defining condition of an conditional expectation. The book shows the following calculation, \begin{align} \int_A\mathbb{E}(Y|X)dP &= \int_\Omega 1_B(X)\mathbb{E}(Y|X)dP\ &= \int_\Omega 1_B(X(\omega))\left(\int_\mathbb{R}yf_{Y|X}(y|X(\omega))dy\right)dP(\omega)\ &=\int_\mathbb{R}\int_\mathbb{R}1_B(x)yf_{(Y|X)}(y|x)dy f_X(x)dx\ &=\int_\mathbb{R}\int_\mathbb{R}1_B(x)yf_{X,Y}(x,y)dxdy\ &= \int_\Omega 1_A(X)YdP\ &= \int_A YdP. \end{align} What I don’t understand is the second to last equality immediately above, i.e. $ $ \int_\mathbb{R} y \int_\mathbb{R}1_B(x)f_{X,Y}(x,y)dxdy = \int_\Omega 1_A(X)YdP .$ $ I think it is a typo since $ X\in \mathbb{R}$ and $ A \subset \Omega$ — however, I cant figure the correction either!

Conditional Fields inside Paragraphs not working

Am able to get the configured conditional fields in hook_field_widget_WIDGET_TYPE_form_alter() and trying to apply them for Paragraph fields but not working, below is the code(most of it copied from Conditional Fields module file):

$ dependencies = conditional_fields_load_dependencies(‘paragraph’, ‘paragraph_machine_name’);

if (!empty($ dependencies)) {

    foreach ($  element['subform'] as $  field_name => $  field_details) {       if (isset($  dependencies['dependents'][$  field_name])) {          foreach ($  dependencies['dependents'][$  field_name] as $  id => $  dependency) {           if (!isset($  element['subform']['#conditional_fields'][$  field_name]['dependees'][$  id])) {             conditional_fields_attach_dependency($  element['subform'], ['#field_name' => $  dependency['dependee']], $  field_details, $  dependency['options'], $  id);           }         }       }        if (isset($  dependencies['dependees'][$  field_name])) {         foreach ($  dependencies['dependees'][$  field_name] as $  id => $  dependency) {           if (!isset($  element['subform']['#conditional_fields'][$  field_name]['dependents'][$  id])) {             conditional_fields_attach_dependency($  element['subform'], $  field_details, ['#field_name' => $  dependency['dependent']], $  dependency['options'], $  id);           }         }       }     }   } 

Can someone please help me in it?

Conditional change row colors

Say I have a content type “task” with one field “status”, which is output by views. Now I want when the status is “finished”, the color of that row will be red, when the status is “failed”, the color of that row will be yellow, when the status is “ongoing”, the color of that row will be green. Is there any way to realize this? BTW, I know very little about code.

Picture as below

Conditional Reference field value not passing in Rules via Fetch

I am trying to structure a rule that updates a new entityform submission conditionally with extra info from a different entityform type.

I currently have my rule set as follows:


After creating new entityform submission [entityform]


[entityform] is of type = submission Data Comparison: [entityform].type = EntityformType Data Comparison: boolean field = true  Entity has Field = ReferenceField  

The boolean field sets the condition to fetch additional information.

ReferenceField is an entity reference field created in Views, which references [Entityform2] by Submission ID.


Fetch by Property = [Entityform2] Type Loop Fetch by ID = [Entityform2] Submission ID Component  

Component has variables that need [EntityForm] and [EntityForm2.ID] to operate. It performs the necessary rewrites on [EntityForm].

Of course the problem here is that the two datasets aren’t linked in the rule. So, depending on how I reference Fetch by ID, I’m current either restricted to the first item in the list (attached to Entityform2.0) or the last (attached to the Loop, which keeps rewriting until it runs out of options).

Obviously, I should be pulling the ReferenceField from Conditions to set the ID for Entityform2, but it’s not working. I have tried:

Fetch by ID using ReferenceField as the value

Fetch by Property = Submission ID and ReferenceField as the value

Created variables based on ReferenceField and tried to fetch on value

Created variables based on the ReferenceField entityform-id and tried to fetch on value

But every time I try to insert value from ReferenceField, the component breaks.I feel like this should be a pretty straightforward fetch operation, but I’m stuck. Am I missing a step?

chained conditional mapping – `ifDefined` method

Is there a more concise way of conditionally mapping over a value like in:

val userName: Option[String] = Some("Bob") val address: Option[String] = Some("Planet Earth")  val dbQuery = new Query()  val afterUserName = => dbQuery.copy(_.userName = u))     .getOrElse(dbQuery)  val modifiedQuery = => afterUserName.copy(_.address = a))     .getOrElse(afterUserName) 

I wish there was an ifDefined method available on all types like in the following block. This removes the .getOrElse(...) call.

dbQuery   .ifDefined(userName)((d, u) => d.copy(d.userName = u)   .ifDefined(address)((d, a) => d.copy(d.address = a) 

excel formula using conditional formatting

Im using dates on my spreadsheet and I want to show a date to be highlighted if its greater than another cell by 18 months, If its less than another cell by 18 months, if it is between 9-12 months of another cell I would like to have it highlighted.

So for example cell A1= 2/1/2019 cell B1= 7/1/2020

I want cell B1 to be green if it is 18 months or greater than cell A1

I want B1 to be blue if it is between 15-17 months less than cell A1

I want B1 to be yellow if it is 14 months or less than cell A1

Hoping you can help please.