Most suitable area to stay in Bali if I have conference in Kuta and mode of transport

I am travelling to Bali in July for a week in which I will be attending a conference for 2 days and the rest of the days are dedicated to sightseeing. I have two questions:

1) Which area in Bali would be most suited for my stay under the above conditions?

2) Which would be the appropriate mode of transport car rentals or local cabs?

Applying for Schengen Visa to attend a conference as a freelance web developer, but have other commercial documents

I’m a freelance web developer from Morocco, I started a small business for selling car parts 4 years ago and have legal documents …etc, I stopped the business 1 year after and focused on freelancing which I’ve been doing for more than 7 years but started full time just couple of years ago. However, I still have the legal documents for selling car parts…etc

Now I have a conference invitation in Germany related to web development and the work I do as a freelancer, I have proves of income from freelance clients, and have letter from a company I work with. My question is: – Should I include the car parts business papers with these documents in the application or not, knowing it’s completely unrelated to what I do at the moment.


Freelancer attending a conference in Germany, what visa type and what documents are needed?

I’m working as a freelancer and making good money but without official documents from the government as freelancing activity has not legalized title here in Morocco.

I just got a ticket for WordCamp Europe 2019 with a letter of invitation. Now I want to apply for a visa but don’t really know how to approach, I looked on their website and there are specific documents for each job, but mine isn’t included. So, my question are:

  • What type of visa should I request?
  • What documents do I need for my request to be approved?
  • Do I even have a chance?

Is the 3 day Interactive Design course by Tognazzini at Norman Group Conference worth foregoing the other classes for those three days?

I am somewhat new to the UX field (with very few mentors, leading it) and my company is sending me to the Norman Group Conference in San Francisco this June! I’m trying to pick classes and wondering if the three day Interactive Design course by Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini taught at the Norman group conference worth foregoing the other classes for those three days?

The list of classes I am interested in attending (in order of interest) are below if you have any more feedback! I appreciate it!

Day 1 1. Managing UX Strategy (management)

Day 2 1. User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design (research) 2. Measuring UX and ROI (research)

Day 3 1. Interaction Design: 3 day (interaction) 2. Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner (management) 3. Design Systems and Pattern Libraries (management)

Day 4 1. Interaction Design: 3 Day (interaction) 2. User Interface Principals Every Designer Must Know (interaction)

Day 5 1. Interaction Design: 3 Day (interaction) 2. Emerging Patterns in Interface Design (interaction) 3. Analytics and User Experience (research)

Day 6 1. Application Design for Web and Desktop (interaction)

Attending a conference in Beijing with special dietary needs

There will be a three week international physics conference (taks in English) in Beijing that I might want to attend. Unfortately I’m a picky eater, being a vegetarian with a nut, peanut and raw soy allergy. I do not speak any Chinese, therefore I expect to be unable to communicate this to the personnel in restaurants or the cafeteria.

The speakers attending are from various countries, therefore I would expect that the locals help the guests choosing meals. But having them translate the menu into English is one thing, asking them to ask the personnel for allergens every single day might become old rather quickly. I’ll get in touch with them about this.

Outside of the conference the attendees might go for food in a group as well, but I don’t think that an English-speaking local would be available at all times. If one has no special dietary needs, just taking something from a bar or buffet is fine, but I would really like to know what I eat.

Is it realistic to do this; perhaps with a note made by a Chinese colleague stating my dietary needs like “please give me some vegetarian dish as long as it does not contain …”? I just do not want to be that guy who is taxing on everyone’s patience because I put myself into a situation relying on other people to help me out.

Celebrating March 8: tickets to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague at €80

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Gotten the B1 Visa for conference , Although missed the conference

Good evening,

I have a Valid B1 Visa for instance which is supposed to be used to go for a conference, later on i missed the conference, is there a chance i would have challenges at point of entry? Like would ICE ask me to present documentation for those? what if the conference is past and i have other business to take care of in my home country? Any issue of deportation here?