Which countries can easily provide visa for attending a conference?

*Hello! I am pursuing PhD (Psychology) in India. I haven’t been travelled to any other country. I want to attend conferences outside India also. I am interested in genuine academic conferences. I had applied for good conferences in past but unfortunately could not make out due to lack of time to book visa appointment for US. But I think Countries like US have strict visa rules. I can’t waste time in doing so much paper work for getting a visa just to attend 2 to 3 days conference as I am at the advance stage of my PhD and it requires more and more time. Can anyone of you guide me with the name of some countries which can easily ( as compared to US visa)provide me visa to attend conferences there. Thank you in advance.

Traveling for a Conference

I am hoping to go to the USA to attend a nursing conference. I am trying to improve my standards and learn from the conference for a better working knowledge of nursing and all related field.

Can I also attend the nursing conference in America and take my grandchild along with me?

Won a ticket to attend Cannes Lions, a conference. Which type of visa should I apply for?

I’m from the Philippines and I won a competition wherein the prize is a complete pass to Cannes Lion. I will still be talking to the person from their side but I want to prepare beforehand.

Is the purpose of this travel considered a business trip or a visitor trip? What supporting documents will I be needing from Cannes Lions?

US F1 Visa grace period attending a conference

I am currently in the US on a F1 Visa for studying. My I-20 is valid until May 19th, as then my program is finished. Usually I study in Canada (I am there on a study permit with a passport from Austria).

Before returning back to Canada I wanted to visit a conference in the US (in another state, I will have to take a plane). The conference starts on May 20 and lasts for 6 days.

My question is: am I allowed to attend the conference, as I am in the grace period of my F1 visa? Note, the conference is not part of my program in the US.

Second question: Can I get reimbursed for this conference by the conference organizers? Probably, I would run into troubles here as this might be considered some kind of work, which I am definitely not allowed to do.

Is it maybe somehow possible to apply for an ESTA and get a B1 stamp on it? But I only have domestic flights, so I guess this doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestion regarding what is the best way to proceed to attend the conference and maybe even not to lose the reimbursement?

Australian visa for conference – invitation letter

I’m an Indian national who will be visiting Australia for a week to attend a conference. I am currently a graduate student in the UK. The conference organizers asked me what they should supply for the visa application.

As far as I understand, the visa category I should be applying for is https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/visitor-600/business-visitor-stream#HowTo. Under documents, it is quite vague and states that I need

  • an invitation from a host organisation
  • conference registration details
  • a letter from your employer stating why you are visiting
  • your plans for your stay and details of your Australian business contacts
  • proof of your current employment and professional qualifications
  • evidence your company is an active business, such as an annual report
  • evidence of prior contact with Australian businesses

Are there specific details that the conference hosts should include in my letter of invitation?

Is there a way to pass conference code to the IOS Dialer Screen once i get an incoming call?

i know that you can use wait feature to append some text like conference code when you invoke the phone dialer from ios app using tel:// protocol .But in my case i need to append conference code when i receive an incoming call ,i seearched everywhere but couldnt determine if there is a way to di in IOS .

Im using CXCallObserver to detect when i get an incoming call , and when the call gets connected,i just need to pass my conference code to the dialer screen just like how it shows up when i invoke the call from my app using tel:// for ex: tel://04056789;56789.