Gotten the B1 Visa for conference , Although missed the conference

Good evening,

I have a Valid B1 Visa for instance which is supposed to be used to go for a conference, later on i missed the conference, is there a chance i would have challenges at point of entry? Like would ICE ask me to present documentation for those? what if the conference is past and i have other business to take care of in my home country? Any issue of deportation here?

Attending a church conference in USA

This is my first time in applying for a visitors visa to the USA, I want to attend to a church conference as a visitor.

Can someone please tell me what types of questions will be asked by the consulate, so that I can prepare for the answers? I will be self sponsoring my trip, if that matters.

The conference is in September 2017 -so I have to hurry- and I am from Zimbabwe.

UK Visa from India: Should I mention if conference organisers will be reimbursing some of my travel expenses?

There is a field in the visa form where it says if someone will be paying towards the cost of my visit.

My organizers will be reimbursing part of my travel. Right now, I don’t have it in writing(in the invitation letter) from the organizers.

So, should I say, no one will be paying?

Do I require a separate Schengen Business visa to attend an official conference if i already having a Multiple entry Schengen Tourist visa C-type?

I am residing in UK for the last 1 year and I am holding a C type Multiple entry Schengen Tourist Visa in my Indian Passport which is valid until 2020. This was issued for France, couple of months before. My spouse is a British citizen and I got this visa as a family member of EU/EEA citizen.

I am having a conference for 3 days (official visit) in Portugal on Feb 2019. The flight ticket, accommodation bookings will be taken care by my office as it will be a group trip. Could someone please let me know I require another Schengen business visa for visiting Portugal for this conference or can I use my existing Schengen tourist visa?

If I could use the Schengen tourist visa, do I need to carry any documents with me when travelling ?