Any reason Magento2 decided against using one of the standard config file formats?

Any reason Magento2 decided against using one of the standard config file formats? Did the rest of the world get this so wrong?

I love how they decided to use plenty of XML in their framework, but decided they shouldn’t use it for the actual environment configuration. I ask because if we should all be using plain code, so that we can keep all those pesky automation away, or… wait, that’s incredibly stupid.

So what possible reason do Magento 2 core developers have, for this additional example of genius?

Sharepoint 2010 – Exporting config settings for all lists, workflows, and libraries

Is there a way to export the design/setup of all my lists, libraries and workflows? I’m looking for something kind of like this:

List 1:

Permissions:   Columns: Associated Workflows: 

Workflow 1:

Starts when item is edited Associated List 

Anything remotely like this?


Fixing letsencrypt’s changes to my nginx config file that cause my site to 404

My site(aws instance, ubuntu 18, nginx 1.14) used to work, at least until I decided to install letsencrypt, which caused my site to 404 upon acessing it, which I later discovered I could circumvent by going to rather than I noticed afterwards that my nginx configs were changed by certbot, but I don’t know what changed, as I’ve not touched that part of my server for years. I do remember that it was basically just the default config with the sitename changed, as well as php added to the list of “index” files. Here’s my configuration file if it helps:

Há diferença entre o comando ” git config core.autocrlf input” e “git config core.autocrlf true”

Boa noite meus caros, Eu tive um problema para rastrear arquivos em meu diretório, um dos nossos camaradas do SO colocou dois comandos que resolveram a situação. Mas notei que o comando “git config core.autocrlf input” não estava funcionando para rastrear subdiretórios. Alguém saberia dizer a diferença mais conceitual entre os dois comandos apresentados!? (” git config core.autocrlf input” e “git config core.autocrlf true”). Eu havia empregado também com o comando “git add .” para rastrear mais de um arquivo, estes comandos não resolveram o problema para múltiplos arquivo. Alguém teria uma solução para esta situação também!? Desde já agradeço a colaboração;

Config AppleWatch to not dial 911 during “Fall Detection”?

my need:
I do not want “Fall Detection” to dial 911. And, I’d like to use “Fall Detection” to stop other people from dialing 911 on my behalf.

my condition:
I will be walking, and I have a seizure… my next memory is that I am in the Emergency Room. An ambulance ride and ER visit is $ 1800. I receive no treatment in the ER. All I need to do is rest. I refuse to pay $ 1800, and I hope “Fall Detection” can solve this problem.

the situation:
I am walking, have a seizure, stumble and fall to the ground. Apparently I sit there confused and resting. Apparently, I am able to talk with people who ask if I’m ok. But, I’m not able to convince them not to call an ambulance. A few times I remember talking to EMTs telling them to leave me alone, but they always force you to get in the ambulance (I guess for financial reasons). I guess I’m too weak / exhausted to physically resist them.

If “Fall Detection” could get an “Emergency Contact” of mine to talk with a good samaritan that finds me and convince them not to dial 911, that would be such a gift. So amazing. What is the best way to configure “Fall Detection” to have this strategy work?

thanks so much.

What could cause this (config) cache issue after upgrading from 2.1.14 to 2.1.15?

after upgrading a shop from 2.1.14 to 2.1.15 I’m getting the following exception when visiting any page via the browser:

1 exception(s): Exception #0 (Exception): Notice: Undefined index:  in /src/vendor/magento/module-developer/Model/View/Page/Config/RendererFactory.php on line 64  Exception #0 (Exception): Notice: Undefined index:  in /src/vendor/magento/module-developer/Model/View/Page/Config/RendererFactory.php on line 64 #0 /src/vendor/magento/module-developer/Model/View/Page/Config/RendererFactory.php(64): Magento\Framework\App\ErrorHandler->handler(8, 'Undefined index...', '/src/vendor/mag...', 64, Array) #1 /src/vendor/magento/framework/View/Result/Page.php(149): Magento\Developer\Model\View\Page\Config\RendererFactory->create(Array) #2 /src/vendor/magento/framework/View/Result/Page.php(139): Magento\Framework\View\Result\Page->initPageConfigReader() 

I suspect there is something wrong with writing the cache. The homepage for example renders fine the first time, and on a refresh this exception is shown. When I then clear the cache and refresh the page shows again. Also, everything works fine when disabling the Magento cache completely.

It happens in both developer and production modes, and also in 2.1.16.

What could possibly cause this?

PulseAudio doesn’t load after adding noise cancellation to config

I am new to linux and want to use it as my daily driver however, I want noise cancellation for my mic and after some googling, I found out that you can edit the pulseaudio config file to load the specific module for it as shown in this :-

So I opened terminal, typed

sudo nano /etc/pulse/ 

and then added the lines

 ### Enable Echo/Noise-Cancellation load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc aec_args="analog_gain_control=0 digital_gain_control=1" source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink set-default-source echoCancel_source set-default-sink echoCancel_sink 

after that, I rebooted my computer but everytime I did something related to voice recording made my computer freeze for about a second (like going to Settings->Sound, starting a voice recording in Counter Strike Global Offensive, testing microphone in steam etc…).

Then I opened pavucontrol and saw this :-

Screenshot of pavucontrol

Does anyone have a clue as to what I am doing wrong?

How to check for differences in config with drush 8?

Is there any way to check for differences with config in Drush?

I checked the list of drush 8 config commands and I couldn’t find anything.

The reason I need this is that I have a site that runs behat tests via CircleCI, and sometimes I need to import the configuration more than once. So, I wanted to write a bash script that uses Drush to check whether there are any configuration differences, and if so, automatically re-imports the config in a loop until there are no more differences.

I’m stuck on Drush 8 because the behat extension only supports Drush 8.