want to confirm popup with “Yes” and “No” button when user click on add to cart

I am new in WordPress so need help… I want to show confirm popup with the button “Yes” and “No” when user clicks on Add to Cart. after selecting “Yes” on confirm Popup, add a product to cart. If user select “No” the close confirm popup and do nothing. Also, I want to show product data filed value on confirm popup body section.

Thanks in Advanced…

GridView is show on asp master page in ajax popup modal and working After page index change the grid when refresh the page a confirm window is coming?

GridView and it’s pagination is working fine. Normally when refresh the page no form submission window is appear. But after page index change event of that GridView and refresh the page a confirmation window is coming. How to stop this?

How difficult is it to confirm a Bitcoin Block?

If I have done the math right to come up with this hash, to confirm a true block and this is a confirmed hash. You can look it up here Bitcoin Block #570240


That should be 64 digits. If I try it on my phone calculator, is it y to the x power the right button to push? That gives a result of 26 lowercase letters + numbers 10 to equal 36. Would I push in 36 y to the 64 power? That gives a result of 4.01199191 to 99 digits long almost 100.

Is that math right for how many combinations there are?

How to create a confirm popup when delete item with field collection?

I have configured a field collection field (unlimited items) for a content type and I want create a confirm popup when user delete an item. For this, i found that i can directly go and modify 2 functions in the field_collection.pages.inc file. They are:

1. field_collection_item_delete_confirm

2. field_collection_item_delete_confirm_submit

I’m a newbie in drupal so I don’t know how to use these function from the field_collection.pages.inc file, I tried to hook these function in template.tpl file but it’s didn’t work. Can someone help me ? Sorry about my English.