Yankauer Suction Tube With Suction Tip And Connector price

YuYao Jikang Medical Device Plant, Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise integrated with industry and trade. The company is located in the south central city of Yangtze River delta. It is adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou. South of the YangtzeRiver, located in the center of the “Yangtze economic zone”, with extremely important business development advantages The company has registered capital of 5 million yuan. Since its establishment, relying on the unremitting efforts of all the staff, the continuous improvement of the enterprise and the quality products with the times, it has gradually become large and medium-sized enterprise with both humanities and strength. At present, the company has more than 10000square meters of self-built workshop, including more than 2000 square meters of purification workshop. After many years of research practice, the company has a variety of professional, excellent products oriented to the market and well received by customers, the most important products include: Disposable Nasal Oxygen Cannula. Disposable Nebulizer Mask, Disposable Suction Catheter, Disposable Oxygen Mask, Medical Waste Collection Device, Disposable Suction Connecting Tubes, etc.
The company has strict quality management, good production environment, new production equipment and perfect means of testing, From raw materials, outer purchasing to the entire production process, it carries out self-inspection, mutual inspection, sampling inspection, semi-finished products and finished products according to technical documents routine inspection and validation inspection. The company has established a complete quality management system and super vision system, and carried out various forms of on-site management, and has passed the GMP quality system assessment in August, 2013.
The company adheres to rely on talents and scientific research to run enterprises, take the path of sustainable development and strive to become a successful example of medical and health enterprises through hard and unremitting efforts. We always adheres to the principle of serving users, quality first”, pay attention to market information, research clinical needs, and continue to develop new products with domestic and, international advanced level, meeting the needs of medical and health development.Yankauer Suction Tube With Suction Tip And Connector price

Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

I am new to TLS.

I`ve successfully configured my Postfix SMTP Relay to relay emails to my internal Application by using office365 connector on 25 port.

Due to Security concerns need to relay SMTP to port 587 TLS.

PLS any one help me to how to configure TLS in Postfix SMTP Relay from scratch?

SQL Connector for Azure Key Vault – Cannot use more than one key vault

I am using SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition with SQL Connector for Azure Key Vault. I am trying to attach more than one Key Vault to my SQL instance but it is not working.

I went through these instructions to set up the EKM provider and create a credential, create a new database encryption key from the asymmetric key, etc. for the first key vault – testkeyvault1. I am trying to repeat these same actions using a second credential which is configured for the second key vault – testkeyvault2

However, I keep getting the following error:

Msg 33049, Level 16, State 2, Line 70 Key with name ‘test2rsakey0’ does not exist in the provider or access is denied. Provider error code: 3112. (Provider Error – No explanation is available, consult EKM Provider for details)

SQL Server is clearly looking at the wrong key vault. Looking at the event viewer shows this as well:

Vault Name: testkeyvault1.vault.azure.net  Operation: getKeyByName  Key Name: test2rsakey0  Message: [error:112, info:404, state:0] The server responded 404, because the key name was not found. Please make sure the key name exists in your vault. 

If I add testkeyvault2 first, and then repeat the process for testkeyvault1, the results are reversed. So it seems that SQL Connector looks for keys only in the first configured key vault. I even checked the registry and ensured that keys exist for both key vaults in the following path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQL Server Cryptographic Provider\Azure Key Vault\

I need to be able to use multiple key vaults since some customers want to provide access to their own key vault to encrypt the database stored on our servers.

Is there any way around this? Any alternative solutions to use multiple key vaults, or to allow customers a BYOK model?

Access denied when trying to get SPListCollection out of SpWeb in BCS connector

I have a BCS connector.

In a constructor of its service class I want to access a SharePoint list.

using (var site = new SPSite("My site URL") {     using (var web = site.RootWeb)     {         var list = web.Lists.TryGetList("My List"); //Getting value error: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))!         ...     } } 

But when I try to access the list like in the code example above, Im getting the Getting value error: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))! error.

The account I’m using for crawling is the same account I’m using myself for SharePoint administration so I’m pretty sure it has access to the list since I’m the one who created it?

What is the cause of this access denied error and how can I resolve it?

Reducing CLIQUE to Super Connector problem

I am trying to show that our problem is NP-Complete by reducing the known problem CLIQUE to our problem.

Regular CLIQUE problem:

Input: An undirected graph $ G$ and a positive integer $ K$ .

Goal: Does $ G$ have a clique of size at least $ K$ ?

Our problem:

Input: An undirected graph $ G$ and a positive integer $ K$ .

Goal: Is there a group of size $ K$ of super connectors in $ G$ ?

A super connector is a node with at least $ C$ (i.e., a fixed number of) edges. A group $ S$ of super connectors is a set of super connectors all connected to each other.

A group of super connectors is thereby a clique and a return value of TRUE from our problem will result in TRUE in the CLIQUE problem as well.

My idea to solve this is that I modify the graph by removing all nodes that aren’t super connectors. We are then left with a graph where every node is super connectors and can then input the graph in the CLIQUE problem to see if there exists a clique and thereby get a solution for our problem. By modifying the graph like this both of the problems will give the same outputs with the same inputs. Am I on the right path or completely wrong?

How can I check a version of installed ODBC MariaDB connector?

Several months ago I built MariaDB Connector/ODBC from Source following official instructions:

git clone https://github.com/MariaDB/mariadb-connector-odbc.git cd mariadb-connector-odbc cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo -DCONC_WITH_UNIT_TESTS=Off -DCONC_WITH_MSI=OFF -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local . cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo 

But I don’t remember what version of the Connector I built, so now I need to know it. How can I check version of MariaDB Connector/ODBC?

Hybrid on-prem connector – Won’t validate – Backlog of emails

We’re having an issue with our on-prem Exchange 2016 validating as a connector with our O365 portal, below error;

450 4.4.316 Connection refused [Message=Socket error code 10061] [LastAttemptedServerName=hybrid.X.com] [LastAttemptedIP=X.X.X.X:25] [X.eop-eur04.prod.protection.outlook.com]

I believe this is something to do with the SMTP port itself but I’m not all that savvy with the infrastructure yet. Is there anything obvious to look out for? We have a backlog of 2500 emails waiting to go but it appears this is causing the issue.

What kind of SATA connector is this?

My Supermicro motherboard has a “vertical S-SATA connector”. The manual simply says “A vertical S-SATA connector, offers four S-SATA 3.0 connections (S-SATA 0-3)”. I took a picture of it and it looks like it has 18 pins. I’ve had no luck finding any kind of 18-pin SATA cable. What kind of connector is this?


How to use fiber-optic LC connector with my MacBook Pro for access to LTO-5 tape drive?

I’d like to use an LTO-5 tape drive to provide long term backup storage for files on my MacBook Pro that I wish to archive. It appears the drive uses a fiber-optic LC connector. Is there a way to connect such a drive to my MacBook Pro so I can back up files using it from my laptop? If not, is there a LTO tape solution that works with MacBooks?