[ Politics ] Open Question : I don’t really care about conspiracy theories but now that the Jeffrey Epstein portion of the pizzagate theory turned out to be true why…?

Has no one since this enlightenment brought any of that back up? The pizzagate thing was swept under the rug as lies, and then a big portion of the conspiracy theory involving Epstein turned out to be true. But the theory has never come back. Why?

[ Celebrities ] Open Question : Why are celebrities like Jennifer Aniston “propped up” so much by Hollywood? is it a conspiracy?

I mean i have looked even via search engine on Yahoo to see about questions on “Why people think Jennifer Aniston is so beautiful, hot, sexy, etc?” and could not believe how many questions there were about this. and why she is so popular and liked, etc? she has not hardly any personality, but she has been treated like she is some type of media queen since the middle 1990s, but WHY?

Is it possible to debunk Intel Management Engine conspiracy theories using a data usage monitor device?

If there would be any backdoor in recent Intel CPU’s, then it should send and receive data secretly.

Isn’t it possible to easily debunk this conspiracy theory by implementing a third physical device between the computer and the router to find out if there’s a difference between the amount of data transferred as reported inside the operating system and the actual amount of data that the third device in the middle counts?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Geez. Nunes is citing conspiracy theorist John Solomon in defense of Trump. How laughable is this going to get?

“‘I’m on a mission to testify’: Dem Ukraine activist eager for impeachment cameo. Alexandra Chalupa is at the center of unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election.” https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/12/alexandra-chalupa-testify-impeachment-069817

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