Be your SEO Consultant- Backlinks, SEO, Website or Product etc for $20

Be your SEO Consultant- Backlinks, SEO, Website or Product etc What you get from this service Feel like you’re at a dead-end with your online marking and don’t know where to focus your time and efforts? Perhaps you know lots about SEO already, but have the feeling that there might be something more advanced that you’re missing out on? Online marking/SEO are both areas that require a very deep technical knowledge so it’s no surprise if you can’t manage all this *and* run your business! If you’ve had one or more of the following problem with your website (or you’re not sure you should be working to avoid similar issues) we can help: – Deterioration of rankings – Lack of positive ranking movement – Not confident you’re targeting most profitable keywords – Need help taking your current strategy to the next level – Website isn’t converting visitors to sales – Need some help analyzing your analytic/conversion data (or don’t have any!) – Received a Google Penalty (Panda/ Penguin/manual review) (add for extras) – Received an email/notification from Google webmaster tools _ Went to go the DIY route but don’t know where to start – Need help with your website design/development or functionality If one or more of the above applies to you , or even something completely different, we’re confident that we can put you back on the right track.. Whatever the reason, for a friendly chat and expert guidance, we are here to help so get in contact now.. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Please note: These rates are for in-house employees and business owners. If you are seeking SEO support as a consultant yourself because you’ve reached the limit if your competency, please contact us to discuss a custom engagement.

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