Device Care (by Samsung) and “Running Services” in developer options show different amount of RAM consumption. What could be the reason?

I have Samsung Phone that is running OneUI and whenever I check RAM consumption in Device Care in settings, it shows something around 700 mb free but when I check the RAM usage in developer options, it shows something like 1.5 GBs. That’s a huge difference. Is Samsung lying to make its app look useful?

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Extraordinarily fast battery consumption

I have been using Xiaomi Mi Max (4/128) (now running on MIUI for over two and a half years and as the time passed, my battery started to die pretty quick – I used AccuBattery to check the battery’s health and it was about 40% after 30 charging sessions. On average it could last about 3-4 hours on screen and about 12 hours standby.

My decision was to change the battery and I did it, but the phone still does not work for 8+ hours on screen (as it did before the battery started dying that quick). I took a look at the power usage graph and the thing that suprised me the most was the distribution of power. I know it should be rather exponential than linear, but it was different – first 30% (from 100 to ~70 percent) has been drained in less than an hour, next 45% was used linearly (approximately 10% per hour), and the rest lasted for 20 minutes, going rapidly down to 0%.

Up to now I deleted apps which I was not using, turned on the auto-brightness and the battery saver. I was thinking about doing a factory reset, but at the moment I am unable to save all my photos and data, so I would like to get any ideas what else could I do instead, in order to lenghten the time the battery can last.

Fuel consumption and distance

Robin has owned her car for 2 years. In that time, she has driven a total of 68, 000 km. She has had the following maintenance costs over the past 2 years.

  • 13 lube, oil and filter services at $ 31.95/service – 6 tire rotations at $ 24.95/service
  • 1 cooling system service at $ 95.00 – 2 wheel alignments at $ 71.95/service

Robin has a car and has a fuel consumption of 9.8L/100km. Her license plate costs $ 74.00 a year and her insurance is $ 1475.00 a year. The average cost of gas over the past two years has been $ 1.28/L.

a) Calculate Robins maintenance costs over the past 2 years

b) Calculate Robin’s fuel costs over the past 2 years

c) Calculate Robin’s operating costs over the past 2 years (maintenance, fuel, license, insurance costs)

d) Calculate the average monthly cost over the past 2 years

e) Calculate her costs per 1 km.

What kind of font(s) offer maximum on-screen readability for consumption on smartphones in Africa?

I know that Africa is very large and very diverse, a continent and not anything like a single country, and cell phone hardware is presumably not uniform.

However, if it is known, what kind of font(s) would be optimal for ebooks intended for consumption on smartphones in Africa?

Is there a tool with which to limit data consumption per day on a specific network interface & essid?

My phone provides a ESSID “MobileHotspot”, to which I can connect from Ubuntu.
Now, since the connection is metered, I want to limit the data consumption PER DAY (localtime) to a certain volume.

Is there a way to limit the daily data quota (not throttle the connection speed) ?

Also, can I block certain programs (not ports) from downloading/uploading ?

Note: Only on that ESSID (aka only when internet runs over the phone). Not on other essids.
And the limiting should be done on the Ubuntu machine, not the android phone.

measure power consumption in android

I’m a computer engineer student.I’m working in a project about power consumption in different apps. I have a basic question. what is the most accurate way of reading and measuring device power? for example Trepn app gets its power readings from the power management IC (PMIC) and the battery fuel gauge software. how is it possible ? how can I get access to PMIC data? are they using batteryManager? or do apps like Gsam battery monitor use batteryManager for getting its power readings? I also read something about power_profile.xml , is this reliable? Is there a way that I can access this file in my app? what about reading power data in root devices? what are benefits ? Are there any files in /proc or /sys or other directories related to power data? All I know is about batteryStat and batteryManager. are there any other software tools? however most of approaches I found use hardware measurements for sampling power data.

thank you

Huge battery power consumption with one particular SIM card

These days, I am facing a very weird problem.
I have a Vodafone SIM card in an Android phone. In that phone, there is a 2000 mAh battery. I had noticed that the battery was discharging very fast, about 2%/hour when idle!
At that time, no battery consuming apps were running and all other mobile radios were switched off.
The discharge rate should have been less than 1%/hour.

I thought that this might be a problem with the battery, but when I tested with another Vodafone SIM card, I saw that the discharge rate has again gone down to 1%/hour!

Can anybody say what is actually happening?

Additional information: Few days ago, accidentally, there had been a half-hole on the SIM card. So, is the problem due to this hole?