Contact names not showing on dialer, but do show in Recents

Have a Samsung J3 2017 (SM327). About a week ago, noticed that incoming & outgoing calls going to/from someone in my Contacts only shows the number, not the Contact name, so I often have no idea who’s calling me. But when I hang up and look in the Recent call log, the Contact name shows up correctly there. I have tried every permission, every setting possible. Spent an hour with an ATT tech – nothing. Did a factory restore – nothing. Took it to a Samsumg authorized serviced center and had it completely reflashed. Fixed the prob for 2 days, then reappeared. Any info?

Using Termux to Backups Android’s Contact List

In Termux’s website’s main page, they write (among other stuff):

“use rsync to store backups of your contact list on a remote server”

This makes me wonder:
Android’s Contact List is stored in an SQLite DB, which is a file on the phone’s internal storage.
rsync synchronizes files.

So If I understand the required implementation behind this idea,
then what they mean by the quoted sentence, is that you can simply synchronize the whole SQLite DB file, to a remote server.

The problem is:
What happens when the day comes, and you need to Restore your Contacts DB?

I assume that Android will not let you copy the SQLite DB file that you saved aside, over the current (new, and empty) Contact List’s SQLite DB file,
So how will we do the restoration?

I hope someone understood their idea in this sentence..

Contact page if it just includes an email?

My contact page would only have an email address. One email address, not multiple. No social media, phone numbers, location map, etc. So instead of having a contact page, I just have the business email in the navbar. However, I’ve been thinking that it looks unprofessional to do that. But on the other hand, having such a small contact page seems silly. And providing an email address always has seemed more convenient to me than having a contact forum.

So my question is whether or not it makes sense to have a contact page if it would only have an email address.

Cassandra behavior on contact point based on data center

Cassandra setup in 3 data-center (dc1, dc2 & dc3) forming a cluster

Running a Java Application on dc1. dc1 application has Cassandra connectors pointed to dc1 (ips of cassandra in dc1 alone given to the application)

turning off the dc1 cassandra nodes application throws exception in application like

All host(s) tried for query failed (no host was tried)

More Info:

cassandra-driver-core-3.0.8.jar netty-3.10.5.Final.jar netty-buffer-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-codec-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-common-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-handler-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-transport-4.0.37.Final.jar 

How do I update a contact name on my Galaxy S9?

When I Edit, then Save, the name of a contact in the Contacts app (Version 10) on my Galaxy S9 phone it does not change the name in the Contacts app. That is to say the original name appears after I click Save. When I click Edit again I see the updated name. :/

However, the updated name does appear in my Google Contacts list.

How do I get the updated name to appear in my Contacts app?

Suspicious spoof message through contact form pretending to be one of our employees

Yesterday we received this email message through the contact form of our website from a russian server:

9th of April – SPOOF MESSAGE:

Name: John Surname: Smith EMail: pii-041570bf82880909f0aefee159d41349b9f2904e5bed6b48478e1a5473432277 Company: MyCompany Phone: 1178322276 Message: I'm testing the contact form, please ignore. IP Address: Hostname: Location: 55.7527,37.6172 Organization: AS42610 PJSC Rostelecom City: Moscow Region: Moscow Country: RU Postal: 109548 

The strange part is that 30 days earlier one of our employees indeed sent this message to test the form was working properly:

13th of March – REAL MESSAGE:

Name: John Surname: Smith EMail: Company: MyCompany Phone: 1178322276 Message: I'm testing the contact form, please ignore. IP Address: Hostname: Location: -27.4806,-58.8341 Organization: AS7908 BT LATAM Venezuela, S.A. City:  Region: Corrientes Country: AR Postal:  

As you see the spoof message has the exact name, surname, company, phone and text content of the real one. How could the spoof sender determine this information?

Our site is hosted at an external hosting provider, and we are using PHPMailer, an Office365 account to send the message, and to get the sender information.

Thanks in advance!

Primary contact indicator in table

Let’s suppose we have a table that shows a list of users and their basic contact information.

First Last 1 | Phone 1 | Address 1 ---------------------------------- First Last 2 | Phone 2 | Address 2 ---------------------------------- First Last 3 | Phone 3 | Address 3 

…and so on.

We want the user to 1) quickly understand which user is the primary contact for the account and 2) be able to quickly designate a different contact in the table as the primary contact.

Initially I was thinking that the primary contact should be the first row (by default), bolded, and a “filled star” icon could be added to the left of the name. Other contacts would have an “empty star” icon. Clicking on the “empty star” would make that entity the primary contact, bold the row (and move it to the top of the list when the view is next opened.)

What I’m struggling with is that a star icon usually means “favorite” or “follow up on this”, not “this is a primary x of a collection.”

I also struggle with putting the primary contact at the top of the list and then everyone else under it in alphabetical order — that feels wrong.

What’s a better way to indicate this?

My contact list on my Galazy s5 gets repopulated from a source i don’t know where

my contact list suddenly started getting exceeding long for no apparent reason, with lots of duplicates, and old contacts I haven’t used in years and deleted. I finally deleted all contacts on my, as well as on my phone. I turned off all syncing except for google, I only have one google account on my phone. I had 90 contacts on this morning, and sometime within the last hour I now have over 6000, mostly duplicates and old contacts. This has happened so many times, I can’t find where they are coming from. My verizon cloud is empty, samsung says it can not back up contacts through verizon accounts, I only have one google account that I know of, I don’t know where this is coming from!! Any help!!!!