Gmail autocomplete — how to clear contact suggestions when composing a new message?

When I compose a new message in Gmail on my Android phone I’m offered several suggestions for the recipient (i.e. for the email’s To: field) via an autocomplete function. These are often very old/unknown contacts which I’d like to no longer see as autocomplete suggestions, but I can’t yet work out how to clear this list.

The contacts suggested appear to have come from an old list of “Other” contacts, i.e. people that I’ve contacted infrequently and who were not actual contacts I’ve added to my contact list. These only show up when I compose a new message in Gmail on my phone, and the autocomplete works as expected when on a non-Android device (laptop).

My assumption is that the Gmail autocomplete function is reading these outdated contacts from a list stored somewhere in a file on my phone which is impervious to the contact sync process or somehow not being cleared as expected otherwise — I’ve tried all manner of syncing phone contacts, deleting old/other contacts outside of Android, etc. but no joy so far.

An idea I have is to somehow search Android’s filesystem for a file that contains the unwanted contacts and if found then wipe that file clean. Is this reasonable, and if so can anyone suggest guidance that’ll make this less of a wild goose chase?

My phone details:

Model: Nexus 5X Android version: 7.1.2 Baseband version: M8994F- Kernel version: 3.10.73-ge570678 Build version: N2G47F 

Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

“Send as Text Message” not available on iMessage for one contact only

I am currently having issues with iMessage. I cannot text my friend for some reason (iPhone user as well). When I hold the iMessage to send it as a text, it says “Send as Email” instead. However, I can send texts to other people with iPhones as well. I have checked my “Send & Receive” and my number and email are checked. I have also tried deleting my friend’s email on my contacts but no difference, only the email registers to my phone when that person tries to contact me via facetime, iMessage, etc.

On the other hand, my friend can be texted by other iPhone users except me. She can text me, but I cannot reply as a text message. On her “Send & Receive” there is no “check” on her phone number but rather a loading sign beside it that doesn’t seem to go away.

Unable to block contact on iMessage for Mac OS 10.14.2

I am unable to block a contact on my mac’s iMessage app (Mac OS 10.14.2).

I go to preferences > imessage > blocked > + , and then a drop down of my contacts appears. I select the name from the list but then the list just disappears and nothing is added to the blocked list. (And yes they are still able to contact me).

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

iMessage window

Is there a web API, similar to Google Places, that provides contact emails?

I’m trying to build a list of local contacts from about 500 businesses. Using Google Places API, I was able to generate numerous phone numbers and addresses.

However, Places doesn’t offer email addresses. I assume this is because of spam reasons, but there are offer contact addresses on their websites. If they’re willing to put it out there, they are willing to receive emails.

Is there an API where you can pass in either a business name or address, and known contact details, including email addresses are included?

How do I theme the contact form?

I am trying to create a contact form for users with username, email, message, and submission button, but I want to customize the structure of the form.

Where do I get the structure of the form to customize it?

Contents of ContributeForm.php:

<?php  /**  * @file  * Contains \Drupal\contact_form\Form\ContributeForm.  */  namespace Drupal\contact_form\Form; use Drupal\Core\DependencyInjection\ContainerInjectionInterface; use Drupal\Core\Form\FormBase; use Drupal\Core\Form\FormInterface; use Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface; use Drupal\Component\Utility\UrlHelper; use Drupal\Core\Ajax\AjaxResponse; use Drupal\Core\Ajax\ChangedCommand; use Drupal\Core\Ajax\CssCommand; use Drupal\Core\Ajax\HtmlCommand; use Drupal\Core\Ajax\InvokeCommand;  /**  * Contribute form.  */  class ContributeForm extends FormBase implements FormInterface{       protected $  accepted_domains = ['', ''];     /**      * {@inheritdoc}      */     public function getFormId() {         return 'contact_form_contribute_form';     }      /**      * {@inheritdoc}      */      public function buildForm(array $  form, FormStateInterface $  form_state) {         /* $  form[ '# attributs'] [ 'class'] [] = 'well white-box';*/         $  form['intro'] = array(             '#markup' => t('Use this form to send a message to an e-mail address. No spamming!'),         );         $  form['Full Name'] = array(             '#type' => 'textfield',             '#title' => '<label class="control-label" for="input01">'.t('Full Name').'</label>',             '#required' => TRUE,            /* '#attributes' => array('class' => 'input-xlarge text-tip'),*/         );         $  form['email'] = array(             '#type' => 'email',             '#title' => $  this->t('Email address'),             '#required' => true,            /* '#prefix' => '<div class="control-label">',             '#suffix' => '</div>' */          );          $  form['Type of feedback'] = array(             '#type' => 'radios',             '#title' => $  this->t('Feedback'),             '#description' => t('Type of feedback'),             '#options' => array(                 t('Comments or suggestions'),                 t('Questions'),                 t('Report a problem(s)'),                 t('Other'),                /* '#prefix' => '<div class="form-horizontal well">',                 '#suffix' => '</div>'*/             )         );         $  form['Subject'] = array(             '#type' => 'textfield',             '#title' => $  this->t('Subject'),             '#required' => true,            /* '#prefix' => '<div class="form-horizontal well">',             '#suffix' => '</div>'*/         );         $  form['Your Message'] = array(             '#type' => 'textarea',             '#title' => $  this->t('Your Message'),             '#required' => true,             /*'#prefix' => '<div class="form-horizontal well">',             '#suffix' => '</div>'*/         );          $  form['my_captcha_element'] = array(             '#type' => 'captcha',             '#captcha_type' => 'recaptcha/reCAPTCHA',             '#required' => true,           /*  '#prefix' => '<div class="control-group">',             '#suffix' => '</div>'*/         );        /* $  form['actions']['#type'] = 'actions';*/         $  form['actions']['sendt'] = array(             '#type' => 'submit',             '#value' => $  this->t('Send'),         );         $  form['actions']['cancel'] = array(             '#name' => 'op',             '#type' => 'submit',             '#value' => t('Cancel'),          );         return $  form;     }     /**      * {@inheritdoc}      */      public function validateForm(array &$  form, FormStateInterface $  form_state) {         if (!filter_var($  form_state->getValue('email'), FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {             $  form_state->setError($  form['email'], 'Email address is invalid.');         }          if (!$  this->validEmailAddress($  form_state->getValue('email'))) {             $  form_state->setError($  form['email'], 'Sorry, we only accept Gmail or Yahoo email addresses at this time.');         }     }      /**      * {@inheritdoc}      */     public function submitForm(array &$  form, FormStateInterface $  form_state) {         foreach ($  form_state->getValues() as $  key => $  value) {             drupal_set_message($  key . ': ' . $  value);         }     }      protected function validEmailAddress($  email) {         $  domain = explode('@', $  email)[1];         return in_array($  domain, $  this->accepted_domains);      }  } 

get contact off iphone 3/ios6 to iphone 5s.ios12

I have an old imac running 10.6.8 (sacred and never to be updated!) I have a ‘new’ imac running 10.12.6.

I have my old iphone 3G running ios 6.0.1, with all my latest phone contacts on it. I have a new iphone 5S running ios 12.1.12.

Old itunes refuses to see new iphone. NEW itunes refuses to see NEW iphone but amazingly can see and backup OLD iphone. Therefore on my new imac 10.12.6 I have a backup of my old iphone. I also have a saved copy of my old imac’s iphone 3 backup Application Support/Mobile Sync file.

Now here is the issue: I want to get my contacts from my old iphone to my new one, but new itunes cannot see my new iphone 5s.

And icloud won’t cooperate because of the version differences. Making a CardAv account on my old iphone failed. Also iCloud on the new iphone sent a verification code to input to old iphone, but the iCloud screen in iphone 3 has no keyboard to input the code!

You see my difficulty.

Questions therefore are: 1. Is there a way to get the iphone 3g backup file onto the iphone 5s (and working) without itunes or icloud? 2. Or is there a way to force new itunes to see the new phone 5s so I can do a restore?

Can anyone help please? (I am OK to mess around in Terminal if given exact lines of code, or mess around with converters, whatever works safely….)

Contact form submission reply to my self instead the lead

In my website I have a Contact form where people fill out the form and that info ends up in my gmail.

Here is an example what it may look like.

Up to a point till two days ago when I hit the reply button I will be replying to the lead as in the above example it would be

Although since two days ago when I hit that reply button (in picture) I am replying to myself. So I have to manually enter the lead email address.

Does anyone knows how to revert it back? So when I hit that reply button it replays back to the I have not done any changes to gmail.

Contact form throws “an illegal choice has been detected” error

I try to add a contact form with add contact form from the contact module on Drupal 8 but I have this error when I try to save the configuration:

  • The recipient field is required
  • An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

I fill all the fields correctly but I always have the errors when I try to save. Only the tag, system name and redirecting path stay in fields, all others stay empty and I cannot save the form.

I’ve tried to reinstall the Contact module with Devel and launch rebuild.php but that changed nothing.

How can I fix that?

How can I contact another YouTuber?

I need to contact another YouTuber for a business purpose.

But this YouTuber doesn’t have anything in their “About” section (no Business Inquiry Email). And YouTube removed the “About > Send Message” button 6 months ago.

And I already know about “Friends”. But to do that, you have to (somehow) send the YouTuber a hyperlink “invitation” – and so I come back to my original problem.

And I know I can already leave a comment, but I don’t want to do that. They might not see it and also, it’s public.

They are not showing any kind of social media links or anything like that. So, how can I contact another YouTuber?

I’m a Premium member. I know there is something called a Partner account, and a Creator account. I’m wondering if me having one of those would make any difference.