error 500 with contact form 7 and SEO plugins

Hello I get an 500 internal errorwhen I try to update a page on elementor and this only happens on pages that contained a contact form 7 I tried to deactivate the plugins and the problem disappeared by deactivating Yoast seo I tried to look for an alternative to this plugin and I found rank math but I received the same error 500 i tried to install yoast seo in the local version of the siteweb and i didn’t recieve the error i need an SEO plugin and contact form7 too how can i fix this?

Trying to contact Red Orca for permission to print an answer in a book [migrated]

I apologize in advance for breaking protocol. I’m just looking to get an official okay on rewriting and publishing Red Orca’s answer in this thread in an upcoming book about Magic Items. I looked for alternative ways to contact them but fell short. It’s an incredible answer and I’d love to make it more widely known to people out there looking to categorize their own items.

They can reach out over reddit to u/griff-mac or Discord to griffmac#9421, if that’s more appropriate. Thanks in advance, and again, I hope I’m not breaking rules too egregiously.


Where do you break long contact details that run over one line?

For example an email address for one area of the company is something like “”

Though we can do many alternatives (links, forms etc.) so you don’t see this long contact, we’ve found that people want to know where it’s going.

The longer contact address proves a challenge on mobile and in different components of the page.

  1. Where’s a good breakpoint for email?

  2. What’s an alternative approach when you have to display a really long single word?

Does silent image require the caster to actually have visual contact with the area they want to place the effect on?

Or the 60ft radius is all that matters, even if it is behind a wall?

To be even more specific, what about if it is a 15ft area in a location in-range that you have seen before but is now out of sight? And what about when on your turn you have visual contact with an enemy in a certain area, then move behind some cover and then place the illusion -area around the enemy & within the 60ft range-? I am placing this question because I have seen other illusory spells’ descriptions that specify that you must see where you place your spell. Silent image doesn’t specify whether the sight component is or isn’t required.enter image description here