Google Sitemap XML isn’t showing About Page, Contact Page, Etc, only

My google sitemap has been uploaded to Google Search Console using When I click to the page in google search console ‘sitemaps read:’ I can only see the following:

The actual pages my site consists of are:

Should the about/work/services pages be listed in Google Search Console when I click into the sitemap_index.xml file? Or have I done the xml file incorrectly?

I am using a Child Theme on Elementor on WordPress. The only thing in my robots.txt file is the following
User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
I do have a devoted page with all my pages listed out

[![my active sitemap on Google Search Console][1]][1] [1]:

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How to select selected Html Drop Down and paste it automatically into a Contact Form

first of all its my first question in Stackoverflow, because im hardstuck in a problem right now. So hopefully someone can help me with that.

The project: I am building a Product Configurator for a Website. The main goal is, that customers can configurate their product and the options they selected are automatically placed in a Contact Form.

I am working on WordPress with Elementor. The Plugin I used for the configurator is: "Woocommerce Extra Product options"

My Problem: I need to get the ID’s of the specific selected containers and fill the text of the containers automatically in the Form down below.

The site:

Does anyone know how i can do this? Maybe in a .php file? Or in elementor? I did some massive CSS on the site, so that it looks like it is right now. This Selector is to select all containers of the Dropdowns.

.tc-extra-product-options .cpf-type-select .tmcp-field-wrap label.fullwidth select{ color: red; } What i also tried is to use Elementors Html Code-widget to get the variable of the specific Id of a container.

This didnt work: the output is "undefined"

var e = document.getElementById(“tmcp_select_160362915b5ef2”); var strUser = e.options[e.selectedIndex].text; document.write(strUser) I hope someone has an idea on this.

thanks in advance


PS: The site could look a bit messy i am sorry for that

Creating a PHP contact page [closed]

I have been working on a small website and wanted to add a contact us page. The rest of the website is just 3 html files and a css style sheet. I have created the form in a fourth html file, contact-us.html, but I am not sure how best the PHP to send the email should work.

I have tried having a separate PHP file, contact-send.php, which is linked to using action="contact-send.php", then this PHP file sends the email, but what the user sees is just a blank page, the contact-send.php page, when they click submit. I want the user to be ideally taken to a page that says success if the form is sent or allows them to make changes if the information entered was not right.

I have seen people have a PHP file for the contact-us page which includes the html for the form, but I didn’t know if it was good to have the code that sends the form visible on the same page.

If I have the PHP to send the email in a separate file, how can this then update the webpage if the email is successfully sent, either by redirecting to a new page or by updating the content of the current one.

This website is just being hosted on Linux servers.

What different files should be used ? Should I have the main contact page be a php file which also sends the message, or should it be a separate file which is then able to redirect the page?

A* algorithm: need help fixing path that come in contact with obstacle

I am using A* as a pathfinding technique for my AI; it works fine until it gets close to an obstacle (in my case rocks). Right now it just continues the loop if it finds a neighbor thats a rock. It should not actually do this. It should check it.

Allowed Moves: FORWARD,LEFT,RIGHT (LEFT & RIGHT at diagonals) turns are basically two phases: FORWARD, turn face then FORWARD (counts as one move with no additional cost)

The AI should know to turn left or right on the rock in the direction of the goal while also taking other rocks into account.

The line that checks for rocks is: if(at == 1 || at == 2) continue;

I guess you could use the neighborlist to check the sides of the ship.

However it shouldn’t always check it. Only when it comes in contact with a rock

Scenario 1: (ship should turn left (one move) once then continue on path) enter image description here

Scenario 2: (ship should either turn left or right twice (two moves) to unblock itself) enter image description here

Scenario 3: (ship should turn left or right depending on which path is shorter: doing two lefts will hit rock twice but distance is shorter than if it went right by 1 tile)

enter image description here

In each of these scenarios the face of the ship is the only thing that changes; unless its a forward move into the rock then there is no change. If right/left were used in any other situation (regular tiles) it would change position also.

public class AStarSearch {          private ServerContext context;     private List<AStarNode> openList;     private List<AStarNode> closedList;          private double ORTHOGONAL_COST = 1.0;     private double DIAGONAL_COST = ORTHOGONAL_COST * Math.sqrt(2.0);          public AStarSearch(ServerContext context) {         this.context = context;     }      private Comparator<AStarNode> nodeSorter = new Comparator<AStarNode>() {          @Override         public int compare(AStarNode n0, AStarNode n1) {             if(n1.fCost < n0.fCost) return 1;             if(n1.fCost > n0.fCost) return -1;             return 0;         }              };      public List<AStarNode> findPath(Player bot, Position goal){         openList = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();         closedList = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();         List<AStarNode> neighbors = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();         AStarNode current = new AStarNode(bot, bot.getFace(), MoveType.NONE, null, 0, bot.distance(goal));         openList.add(current);          while(openList.size() > 0) {             Collections.sort(openList, nodeSorter);             current = openList.get(0);             if(current.position.equals(goal)) {                 List<AStarNode> path = new ArrayList<AStarNode>();                 while(current.parent != null) {                     path.add(current);                     current = current.parent;                 }                 openList.clear();                 closedList.clear();                 Collections.reverse(path);                 return path;             }             openList.remove(current);             closedList.add(current);                          int x = current.position.getX();             int y = current.position.getY();             switch (current.face) {                 case NORTH:                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y+1), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y+1), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));                     break;                 case EAST:                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));                     break;                 case SOUTH:                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y-1), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x+1, y-1), VesselFace.EAST, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));                     break;                 case WEST:                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x, y), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.NONE,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y), VesselFace.WEST, MoveType.FORWARD,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y+1), VesselFace.NORTH, MoveType.RIGHT,current,0,0));                     neighbors.add(new AStarNode(new Position(x-1, y-1), VesselFace.SOUTH, MoveType.LEFT,current,0,0));                     break;             }             for(AStarNode neighborNode : neighbors) {                 // Compute the cost to get *to* the action tile.                 double costToReach = current.position.distance(neighborNode.position);                  int at = context.getMap().getTile(neighborNode.position.getX(), neighborNode.position.getY());                 if(at == 1 || at == 2) continue; // this is the line where it checks if tile is rock or not                  double gCost = current.gCost + costToReach;                 double hCost = heuristicDistance(neighborNode.position,goal);                 AStarNode node = new AStarNode(neighborNode.position, neighborNode.face,neighborNode.move, current, gCost, hCost);                 if(positionInList(closedList, neighborNode.position) && gCost >= node.gCost) continue;                 if(!positionInList(openList, neighborNode.position) || gCost < node.gCost) openList.add(node);             }         }         closedList.clear();         return null;     }          private double getActionCost(Position node, int currentTile) {         if(currentTile > 3 && currentTile < 11) {             return 0.2;         }else {             return 1;            }     }      private double heuristicDistance(Position current, Position goal) {         int xDifference = Math.abs(goal.getX() - current.getX());         int yDifference = Math.abs(goal.getY() - current.getY());          int diagonal = Math.min(xDifference, yDifference);         int orthogonal = xDifference + yDifference - 2 * diagonal;          return orthogonal * ORTHOGONAL_COST + diagonal * DIAGONAL_COST;     }          private boolean positionInList(List<AStarNode> list, Position position) {         for(AStarNode n : list) {             if(n.position.equals(position)) return true;         }         return false;     }  } 


public class AStarNode {      public Position position;     public VesselFace face;     public MoveType move;     public AStarNode parent;     public double fCost, gCost, hCost;          public AStarNode(Position position, VesselFace face, MoveType move, AStarNode parent, double gCost, double hCost) {         this.position = position;         this.face = face;         this.move = move;         this.parent = parent;         this.gCost = gCost;         this.hCost = hCost;         this.fCost = this.gCost + this.hCost;     }    }   

There will be no additional cost of running into a rock as long as its a shorter route. Also, if a ship tries to turn left or right from its current position; but there is a rock at that tile it will move up one tile and changes its direction.

The overall question/goal: How do I fix my current code to account for these situations; please provide an implementation or instructions.

Ajax contact form widget plugin data not insert in database

I have been working at this for weeks without success. I’ve figured out problem after problem with the code, but none of the corrections seem to fix my core problem. The form doesn’t insert anything into the database and I don’t know why. all my data’s passed in the ajax call but it doesn’t insert in the data in the database.

I’m new to ajax and to WordPress plugins so I might be missing something obvious. Please help me know where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance.

My widget form plugin code

public function widget( $  args, $  instance ) {       if ( ! isset( $  args['widget_id'] ) ) {          $  args['widget_id'] = $  this->id;                  }          $  title = ( ! empty( $  instance['title'] ) ) ? $  instance['title'] : __( 'Contact' );          $  title = apply_filters( 'widget_title', $  title, $  instance, $  this->id_base );                            ?>     <?php         if ( $  title ) {            echo '<h2 class="widget-title">'.$  args['before_title'] . $  title . $  args['after_title'].'</h2>';                    }        ?>      <form  class="form-group" method="POST" id="form" action="">         <label>Name</label><br>         <input class="form-control" type="text" id="name" name="name" ><br>         <label>Mobile</label><br>         <input type="text" class="form-control" id="mobileno" name="mobileno" required><br>         <label>Email</label><br>         <input class="form-control"  type="email" id="email" name="email" ><br>         <label>Message</label><br>         <textarea class="form-control" id="message" name="message"  maxlength="10" onKeyPress="lengthcheck()"></textarea><br><br>         <button  class="btn btn-warning" type="submit" id="submit">Send Message</button>     </form> <?php }    

This is my enqueue methods:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'vs_con_enqueue_scripts' );  function vs_con_enqueue_scripts(){  wp_register_script(     'ajaxHandle',     plugins_url('valid.js', __FILE__),     array('jquery'),     false,     true   );  wp_enqueue_script( 'ajaxHandle');  wp_localize_script(     'ajaxHandle',     'ajax_object',     array( 'ajaxurl' => admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ) )   );  wp_enqueue_style( 'bootstrap-style','' );  }   add_action( "wp_ajax_contact", "vs_contact_form" ); add_action( "wp_ajax_nopriv_contact", "vs_contact_form" );   function vs_contact_form(){     global $  wpdb;         $  name = $  _POST["name"];        $  email = $  _POST["email"];        $  mobileno = $  _POST["mobileno"];        $  messsage = $  _POST["messsage"];                $  tablename = $  wpdb->prefix.'contactdetails';        $  insert_row = $  wpdb->insert(           $  tablename,             array(                 'name' => $  name,                 'email' => $  email,                 'mobileno' => $  mobileno,                'messsage' => $  messsage             )          );            // if row inserted in table         if($  insert_row){            echo json_encode(array('res'=>true, 'message'=>__('Message Sent Successfully')));        }else{           echo json_encode(array('res'=>false, 'message'=>__('Something went wrong. Please try again later.')));        }        wp_die(); }  

Here this is my form submit jquery ajax call function


jQuery(document).ready(function($  ){     $  ('form#form').on('submit', function(e){        e.preventDefault();        var name =jQuery('#name').val();        var email = jQuery('#email').val();        var mobileno = jQuery('#mobileno').val();        var message = jQuery('#message').val();        debugger;        var text;        if(name.length < 5){          text = "Please Enter valid Name";         alert(text);          return false;        }        if(isNaN(mobileno) || mobileno.length != 10){          text = "Please Enter valid mobileno Number";          alert(text);          return false;        }        if(email.indexOf("@") == -1 || email.length < 6){          text = "Please Enter valid Email";          alert(text);          return false;        }                $  .ajax({           url: ajax_object.ajaxurl,           type:"POST",           dataType:'json',           data: {              action:'contact',              name: name,              email: email,              mobileno: mobileno,              message: message         },   success: function(data){             if (data.res == true){                 alert(data.message);    // success message             }          }, error: function(data){             if (data.res == false){                 alert(data.message);    // success message             }            }        });     $  ('#form')[0].reset();       });     });  

please help me to find out where I am wrong?

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