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android app makers – make 1000$ profit per app – outsource contacts provided

Samsung J7::I have several different “contact” Apps on my phone.. each a different color icon, each called “Contacts”. – which is which?

A long title I know, but if it were shorted, someone trying to help would probably make a wrong assumption without being so specific. I’m assuming that each different “Contact” list application, is associated to different email systems or different services that I use for Email? Every different “Contacts” App wants to control the world by merging into it, every piece of contact information it can find from other similar applications. My problem I don’t know which ICON is from which email vendor. Or otherwise saying: which “Contact” Icon refers to my Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Verizon accounts? I would like to standardize on something if I new which Icon belongs to who? For example I have a Red, Blue, and Orange colored Icon on my J7 home screen and don’t know whose belongs to who.

Third-party contact apps to backup contacts to Google from Samsung devices

The Contact apps that ships with Samsung devices does not seem to have a function to reliably backup all contacts on the phone and SIM storage to Google accounts.

Is there any third-party app that’d let me reliably do so? Bonus points if it’d let me sort which contact goes to which Google accounts registered on the device.

As a last resort, if there’s no such app, I don’t mind if I can get to backup to storage with which I can transfer the contacts to a different device.

PS I intentionally point to a specific model because I need to do so from two different Samsung devices and both their contact apps did not let me move all contacts to Google account. One of them does have .vcf export, but the other doesn’t. I want a more universal solution if at all possible.

PPS The device that can do .vcf export has Google accounts correctly setup on both the new and old devices but all contacts has not been synced, hence the question.

Samsung Contacts (version not remembering default save location

Ever since about a few weeks ago, Samsung Contacts (currently on version no longer remembers my default storage location for saving a new contact. Nowadays, whenever I tap the + icon on the bottom right, it asks me which account to save the contact to. I did add a new Google account to my phone a month ago, so the step would have been expected the first time, but now I’ve selected my preferred account and tapped “Set as default” multiple times. I definitely want to use only one specific account to manage my contacts (my personal Google account), so I don’t like having to select the account every time.

I would have thought that a lot of other people who use Samsung devices aren’t so clued up on why they should save their contacts to the cloud, so this type of complexity would certainly disadvantage people who aren’t careful about storing data in the cloud.

I have Android Pie on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

How can I see a contact’s phone number on Android 8

If I search for and tap a contact, it calls them, but I can’t see their number. If I scroll up and down endlessly looking for a specific contact and I tap them, it still won’t show me the phone number. Sometimes I would like to get a contact’s number to share with someone else without having to call the contact first. Is this possible on Android 8?

I’m just using the stock dialer.

On Deleting a label through google contact api v3, it deletes the label however moves all the contacts to other contacts

On Deleting a label through google contact api v3, it deletes the label however moves all the contacts to other contacts. I want to delete the label and all its contacts instead. The URI invoked is one provided by google docs which is below label. This is in ruby

request = @client.generate_request(

:uri => “”,

:http_method => “DELETE”,

:parameters => {

:v => ‘3.0’,

:xoauth_requestor_id => ‘me’ },

:headers => { ‘If-Match’ => ‘*’} )

response = execute!(request)

Receive Apple Watch messages notifications from select contacts only

Is it possible to receive message notifications on an Apple Watch only from selected contacts?

I’ve tuned my Watch notifications so that I basically only get notified of all calendar and call events, but I’d like to also be able to receive messages from some selected contacts.

On a related note, I also wonder if it’s possible to raise to view a notification on the Watch if I hear a notification from my iPhone. This way I can leave the phone in another room and not be bothered by distractions, but should I hear something I can quickly view the notification on my Watch.

how to display a contacts list in accordion view?

I want to display a contacts list in SharePoint 2013 as accordion. I tried to use the code from and modified it a little bit.

But now my problem is to show the picture. For this i have the URL stored in the app. Has anybody a solution to show the picture and next to the picture the contact details. Here’s the code I used:

(function () {      // jQuery library is required in this sample     // Fallback to loading jQuery from a CDN path if the local is unavailable     (window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="//"><\/script>'));      // Create object that have the context information about the field that we want to change it's output render      var accordionContext = {};     accordionContext.Templates = {};      // Be careful when add the header for the template, because it's will break the default list view render     accordionContext.Templates.Header = "<div class='accordion'>";     accordionContext.Templates.Footer = "</div>";      // Add OnPostRender event handler to add accordion click events and style     accordionContext.OnPostRender = accordionOnPostRender;      // This line of code tell TemplateManager that we want to change all HTML for item row render     accordionContext.Templates.Item = accordionTemplate;      SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(accordionContext);  })();  // This function provides the rendering logic function accordionTemplate(ctx) {     var title = ctx.CurrentItem["Project_x0020_Role"];     //var Picture = ctx.CurrentItem["Picture"];     var FullName = ctx.CurrentItem["FullName"];     var WorkPhone = ctx.CurrentItem["WorkPhone"];     var Email = ctx.CurrentItem["Email"];      // Return whole item html     return "<h2>" + title + "</h2><p>" +  "Name: " + FullName + "<br /> " + "Phone: " + WorkPhone + "<br /> " + "Email: " + Email+ "</p><br/>";  }  function accordionOnPostRender() {      // Register event to collapse and uncollapse when click on accordion header     $  ('.accordion h2').click(function () {         $  (this).next().slideToggle();     }).next().hide();      $  ('.accordion h2').css('cursor', 'pointer'); } 

Thanks in advance.


This is how the table should look like: