Which books contain information about Giovanni ghouls?

I will attend a LARP in about a month, and my role will be a Giovanni ghoul. But I know pretty much nothing about Giovanni besides the fact that they are an Italian criminal syndicate, and I especially don’t know much about their ghouls. How are they chosen? How are they treated?

It’s not MET, gamemasters write their own rules, and I already know what the mechanics will look like. However, I am interested in the plot, and the game hosts have announced that they use the Revised edition as their basis.

Where can I find information about Giovanni as a clan and their ghouls in particular besides their third-edition clan book?

I can read some books in that time, but, probably, not all the books ever published for oWoD, that’s I am asking to narrow my choice.

Matrices in which row $i$ and column $i$ contain $1,\ldots,2n-1$ [closed]

For which values of $ n$ is there an $ n\times n$ matrix whose entries are $ 1,\ldots,2n-1$ such that for each $ 1 \leq i \leq n$ , the union of the $ i$ th row and $ i$ th column contains all numbers from $ 1$ to $ 2n-1$ ?

I know that this is possible whenever $ n$ is a power of 2. For example, here is a solution for $ n = 4$ : $ $ \begin{matrix} 1&2&3&4 \ 5&1&4&3 \ 6&7&1&2 \ 7&6&5&1 \end{matrix} $ $

Found txt files on phone that contain hashed data [closed]

I am just trying to sort some info, over the holidays I discovered four txt files containing hashed data in my “documents” folder on my phone (android, some 4 years old, ice cream sandwich ?) – some of the blocks are obviously base64 noted by the “=” but some are not.

Currently my decrypting has brought to light quite a bit of asian language – possibly mandarin chinese, with some himilayan, japonese (possibly korean or vietnam chars also), but i have hit an impasse as my cryptography knowledge is weak. I also have revealed some uft chars that “look” a bit like javascript, and possibly some PHP, but are resembling code structures ( braces, math structures like w * w, etc… )

My question to those more educated – i need to know some basic approaches for revealing this data beyond what i can dig (my knowledge only assists my so far). I am happy to provide test sets, as i believe that this is -either a hack at my phone over holidays, or something like a message from disparaged asian sweat lodge folks that we might be able to help. Anyone interested in shedding some light ?

How Much Blood and Vitae Does a Vampire Contain?

For the purpose of this question I’m going to strictly stick to using vitae to mean vampiric blood, like a vampire has in its blood pool, and blood to mean ordinary human blood.

If a Ghoul character manages to capture a vampire npc and decides to drain him of vitae how much do they get?

I think it would be the amount of vitae in the vampire’s blood pool but I’m wondering if a vampire has extra vitae in it’s veins that can be extracted?

The reasoning is as follows – Ghouls apparently contain ten blood and two vitae (for a ghoul with a typical blood pool) because they need their human blood to be alive but can store vitae as well (somehow). So do vampires contain extra blood and/or vitae to allow them to function?

Phrased another way, is there a minimum amount of blood or vitae in a vampires veins simply to allow them to function or are they ‘dry’ inside (unless they’ve spent vitae to ‘appear human’)?

Can a URL contain executable JavaScript?

I am learning about “Session fixation” and have read the corresponding OWASP page.

In their Example 2 in the above page, they describe an attack via JavaScript, that is embedded in the URL like:


I tried this with an embedded <script>alert("XSS!!");</script>, but as expected, it did not work.

Is there ANY way, an URL can run embedded JavaScript?

Note: This question is somewhat similar to Execute reflected XSS in URL, but I am talking about scripts in the URL, not from a HTTP header.

Can Resilient Sphere contain multiple creatures?

As a DM, I want to know if more than one creature can fit inside Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Rules as Written.

Here is the scenario:

A party of four Medium creatures are walking through the old sewers of a city. Suddenly, the sound of gallons of rushing water echos down the tunnel, the party has only moments to react before the chamber floods with water. Thinking quickly, the party groups together and the wizard casts Resilient Sphere on them to protect them from the water.

Rules as Written, this wouldn’t work. The spell states that:

“The sphere is weightless and just large enough to contain the creature or object inside”.

This quote, and the continued use of singular rather than plural language, heavily implies that it is only intended to affect one creature at a time.

Using the Rule of Cool however I allow this, as the spell description also states it is:

“A sphere of shimmering force [that] encloses a creature or object of Large size or smaller within range”.

This means that if all four Medium sized creatures got into a Large box and cast Resilient Sphere on the box, this would have worked. That is because even though the creatures are in the box, the spell is being cast on the box, not on the creatures. (It is a strange technicality but it is well within the rules, so I as DM allow it to be done without the box.)

It would seem silly to disallow the contents of a container to be affected by the spell when the container itself is affected. That sets a precedent that, if you cast the spell on a chest, all the contents would fall out as the spell can only contain a single object, that being the chest. Casting it on a bottle would cause the liquid to spill out, as you only cast the spell on the container. Casting the spell on a cage could free a creature within it, as the spell was cast on the cage not the creature.

So, with this in mind, can multiple creatures can be contained within Resilient Sphere within the rules?

Here are some rhetorical questions as food for thought:

If the spell was cast on a swarm, what would happen? Would the entire Medium swarm be affected, or would only one Tiny beast in that swarm be affected?

What if the spell was cast the very moment one creature entered the space of another creature? Or when one creature was grappling or riding another creature?

If the spell was cast on an Ochre Jelly which then split whilst inside the Resilient Sphere, would the spell end as it can only contain a singular creature?

Could the spell be cast on a Large box which had a Huge creature squeezed inside of it, as creatures can squeeze into a space one size smaller than them? Or would the spell fail as it can only affect creatures or objects of Large size or smaller?

Disclaimer for any potential VTC-ers. These rhetorical questions are not a part of my question and do not need to be answered, they are simply meant to make potential answerer’s consider multiple possibilities before giving their answer. These do not make my question more broad, as I am not looking for them to be answered, and thusly any answer that focuses on only answering these rhetorical questions should be flagged as “not an answer”.

Why does the FindFormula result contain Abs in result?

If you look at the first example of FindFormula, why is the result Mathematica produces showing an Abs?

 Table[{x, N[x Sin[x]]}, {x, 0, 4, .3}]   FindFormula[%, x] 

The result on the web page is

$ $ 1. x \sin(x)$ $

However, when I run the example on V12.0.0. on Windows 10, it returns the result

$ $ 1. ~abs (x) ~\sin(x)$ $

All of the $ x$ values are positive, so why is MMA adding the abs to the result?

It is as if MMA is figuring how to go back in time, but that is odd given that that is not the data set.


If I kill my MMA session and run this again, it produces the expected result. However, if I rerun the FindFormula command, the Abs results shows up again and continuously shows that same result after re-entering the data and re-running the command.

My player has a book that radiates evil and seeks glyphs/spells to contain it

As the question states. The book radiates an evil from it that blackens and tarnishes, even melts in some cases, whatever container it’s in (sack, box, etc.)

The player seeks to contain this evil in a box permanently. He has lined it with lead which slowed the decay but did not stop it entirely. He has discovered that the interior (and possibly exterior) needs to be inscribed with sufficient glyphs, runes, spells, or the like.

Problem is: I’ve scoured the books and I can’t seem to find a sufficient spell to inscribe on the box. Anybody have any ideas? I’d appreciate any help or suggestions anybody has.

Hope I haven’t written myself into a corner…