Diet, Celebrity Diets Fitness Blog. Unique Content, Domain is 13 Years Old

Why are you selling this site?

I started it in 2006, so the domain name (.com) is 13 years old. The site contains about 5000 articles of unique content that I wrote myself. At its peak, the site generated about $ 5000 a month from AdSense and had about 10,000 hits a day.

All traffic is organic from Google, Bing, etc.

I stopped working on it in 2015 to pursue other business interests. Currently, the site still gets organic traffic and makes some money from AdSense, less than $ 100 a…

Diet, Celebrity Diets Fitness Blog. Unique Content, Domain is 13 Years Old

convert content types to forum topic types and view in the forum tables

second problem from a site passed from d7 to d8 all right, perfect import, however on the d7 site I populated some forums through rss with feeds, but the transfer from d7 to d8 takes them away from the forum tables, because they were not actually forum topics but other types of content that I had posted to the forum entries, okay irrelevant, but I found them as other types of content on the d8 site then I used to make these other types of content as forum topic types with attached forum field, so almost all right, but they are not visible in the forum tables, however, if I recall the taxonomy term of a specific forum, they are listed together so the question is: how do I view content types converts in forum topics in forum tables? thanks to those who give me the solution

Search display template for content search web part for task aggregation

In a site collection, I have about 4 task list setup each on separate subsites. So on the root level, I am using a content search web part and through query, I am showing tasks from all of these 4 task lists to show aggregated tasks in the web part. Here is the query i am using: path:”” ContentTypeId:0x0108* -RefinableString01:Completed

RefineableString01 is a mapped managed property and its helping me showing non- completed (task status other than completed)tasks. Now the challenge I have is to show this web part as close as possible to an actual task list view which has Task name, due date, status, description as task headers/columns in CSWP and I believe it requires setting up a custom display template which I have not worked on at all.

Can someone help me setting up tabular view of tasks aggregation using custom template. FYI, I have already setup managed properties (mapping respective crawled properties to respective managed property called Refineablstring etc) for description, task status and due date.

Additionally, I would also like to show custom choice column called Investor (site column) in the CSWP along with other basic columns, I am waiting for it to get crawled, once crawled, I will setup a managed property for the same.

Can someone please help me with the cswp display template that I can use, thanks in advance.

Problem with Unorganized content on page

So I am not familiar with Drupal at all and need help. I am a graphic designer and trying to change the order of the layout on one of my pages. We had a developer design and organize our site but she screwed up the organization somehow.

How can I reorganize image on a page again? I tried going through Administrator > content > then I re-published the content in order but it did not work. enter image description here

enter image description here

I’ve added an image so you can see my problem. Basically I’m having to manually drag the items in order but row weights but wanted to know if I can somehow organize them by title name and refresh the page to fix the problem. Any help is appreciated!

SharePoint Online. Modify file content with Remote Event Receiver

I have to check the content of an Excel file uploaded to SharePoint and if the columns don’t follow an order, switch them to have the order needed.

I’ve thought to make an Remote Event Receiver and host it in Azure.

What I don’t know if it’s possible to do is get the SPFile with the remote event receiver and download it to a local machine, modify the file if needed, and uploaded again to SharePoint.

Is this a good approach? Can I do it without downloading it?

I’ve been searching, but I haven’t seen how can I modify the content of a file hosted in a Sharepoint library.

Empty base content type while creating a new content type in Visual Studio

I’m new in Sharepoint Development, I’m following example provided by Microsoft. I want to add a custom content type to a SharePoint-hosted SharePoint Add-in. I added a folder to my solution then when I wanted to add a new item as content type I find this empty list2, I need to specify the base content type as item.

Split cell content into multiple separate rows in Excel

Suppose in A1 cell I have some comma separated letters.

content(A1 cell) = A, W, L, F

I would like to the following result:

content(A2 cell) = A

content(A3 cell) = W

content(A4 cell) = L

content(A5 cell) = F

However if I type in A1 cell the following:

content(A1 cell) = S, E, U, F, H, R, T

I would like to be the result:

content(A2 cell) = S

content(A3 cell) = E

content(A4 cell) = U

content(A5 cell) = F

content(A6 cell) = H

content(A7 cell) = R

content(A8 cell) = T

Is there a function which will do this job? For example I would like to a function formula in B1 cell, which checks the content of A1 cell and its outputs will be the above results. Any help appreciated.

Firefox warning: Content Security Policy: Couldn’t process unknown directive ‘require-sri-for’

Why does Firefox tell me

Content Security Policy: Couldn’t process unknown directive ‘require-sri-for’

when Mozilla’s documentation says they’ve implemented it?

The meta tag Firefox is complaining about:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="require-sri-for script;"/> 

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