Use a domain, sub-domain or sub-folder for adding a physical location to an existing content website?

We currently have a global photography website located at We will be adding a physical location, school/events space in Bologna, Italy this year. We will be targeting the services this physical location mainly to local Italians but also a lesser extent Europeans and Globally.

We will create a microsite for bookings and promoting this space in Italian and English.

What would the best route to take in terms of targeting and SEO to add this website to our current offering? As I see it there are a few options or a combination of the following:

  • Sub-folder: (/en & /it)
  • Sub-domain: (/en & /it)
  • Domain: (/en & /it)
  • Domains: (local) && (global) (Hreflang)

We could even go hyperlocal with

Any thoughts, recommendations or suggestions would be welcome.

What are the SEO ramifications of duplicate content on the same page?

My question has some similarities to this one. But since I am asking about a very specific type of section on the page I think it warrants some thought as to whether the approach I am looking to take is considered spammy.

Question: I am wondering if there are any penalties for having duplicate content on the SAME PAGE.

Scenario: The mock-ups provided have an FAQ section in the sidebar of a topic page on the Desktop view. However, on the mobile view, the FAQ section now renders somewhere in the main article body.

My initial instinct was to hide and show the respective sections based on breakpoints, but they would both still exist in the DOM. I was informed that this isn’t ideal for SEO, but the only information I am able to find discusses the penalties of having duplicate content on the same domain and not the same page.

So I guess is this actually bad for SEO, or are crawlers smart enough not to care? The two sections never appear on the page at the same time.

Another possibility we are exploring is keeping the FAQ in the sidebar, and on mobile having a call-to-action section that says “Click to read FAQs” and once the user clicks, dynamically removing the markup from inside the hidden sidebar FAQ and placing it inside the section that was just clicked. This way the markup is never present int the pages DOM twice at the same time… but since crawlers can execute JavaScript… would that still potentially count as duplicate content?

How Can I Improve My Snapchat Content?

By measuring your open rate, screenshot rate, and your growth rate, you can figure out what content is performing the best and use that knowledge to your advantage when you’re creating a new content schedule. Getting notifications about your followers screenshotting a story or update is especially helpful because it means they found your content valuable!

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How to get different html tags from the content using regex?

I am trying to get different html tags from a single post and display them as nested accordion. I have quite accomplished. the only problem I have is that. When I try to show all the p tags content inside span but it shows only the first paragraph for each nested menu content.

Any solution will be most appreciated. Thanks

History 2020 Jan 10 This is first paragraph.

Feb 2 this is second paragraph

Mar 23 this is third paragraph

2019 Jan 20This is fourth paragraph.

Feb 30this is fifth paragraph

Mar 2this is sixth paragraph

‘; $ classesH = 100; for($ w = 1; $ w (.*?)/s’, $ sampleH, $ match); if($ match) { ?> (.*?)/s’, $ sampleH, $ match1); if($ match1) { ?>

(.*?)/s’, $ sampleH, $ match2); if($ match2) { ?>

var acc = document.getElementsByClassName(“accordion”); var i; var abc = document.getElementsByClassName(“accordion1”); var a; for (i = 0; i

SEO, copy-pasting and duplicate content doubt

So I run a site to provide free content to high physics students. Currently, I am making notes for a particular exam board, but there are students from a few other exam boards too (3 other exam boards to be exact) and I want to make separate pages for them. However, the exam boards are 75% similar but the structure of the syllabus is different and one syllabus has something extra that the other syllabus lacks and vice versa, meaning that I can’t make a general page for all of them.

So imagine I complete a lesson for Cambridge students called “forces and energy” parts of this lesson will be under some other topic for Edexcel students.

However, my question is:

1) If I copy-paste parts (just parts ranging from 10 to 60%) of my own note into 3 other pages, will this affect the SEO?

2) Will Google have a problem with that? Will this be duplicate content? (although it is really not duplicate because it is not the exact copy.)

3) Should I change the words a little bit and copy-paste?

Thank you!

How to combine GSA Content Generator + GSA SER

I want to correctly build links to my money website without a penalty from Google.
I realized that for this I should first place a link to a page from a web 2.0 resource, and then massively link to this page from other sources, the text on the web 2.0 page must be relevant to link that is placed on this page.
I want to use the GSA Content Generator for relevant text. How can I do it?
How post 1000 relevant to link pages automatically with GSA Content Generator???

I spent the whole day to solve this problem. I watched a lot of videos, I could not find an answer. Help me please