UX solution for dashboard with scrollable content boxes?

So i have come up with a UI design for a dashboard, that is constructed like the following:

the dashboard has a scroll activated depending on the the total height of the added boxes, the issue here is that these boxes are resizable therefore the these boxes also have scrolls (depending on the content). So sometimes when the users intended to scroll the down to see the boxes in the dashboard, they scrolling down within the content boxes instead. Currently there are 20px margin between the boxes, but it still seems to be annoying for the user to try to target these spaces when wanting to scroll within the dashboard.

So pretty much, it results in shitty experience. Not sure how if there any best practices for handling these situations for the dashboard, but any tips or links to other pages that have solved this issue are appreciated.

Drupal 8 Content Block Layout

I am not sure how to explain this as I have very little experience with Drupal. I built a site with Drupal 7 and now I am trying to recreate it in Drupal 8. I have a problem with the Content area n Drupal 8 that did not happen in 7.

I have set up a view that looks like this. enter image description here

The arrow point to a title name link.

When I click the link, I want to see additional detail not shown in the view. This works. However, there is as an additional view that looks like a “teaser” view that I do not want to be displayed. The area at the top in the rectangle I want and is part of the “Entity View (Content) with a category of Chaos Tools. The bottom part near the x is the teaser part and is a duplicate of the top part I don’t want. How can I remove the bottom part? enter image description here

What content would my target audience be interested in?


I'm selling a product .. similar to a mouse pad, but for the arms.
Now, after doing plenty of keyword research, I've got a huge list with good keywords and most likely 3 or 4 customer groups that could be interested in my product:
1. Employees with a computer job
2. Gamers
3. People with skin issues / allergies
4. Private people who want more comfort at the computer

What I'm lacking of, are good ideas for content / content strategy. Sure .. stuff like work place ergonomics, skin…

What content would my target audience be interested in?

How to define template suggestions for node add and edit form by content type?

I have a content type Project and it has a more than 100 fields in the node form. The form fields are grouped in different section and category. I tried to use a field_group module to group and categories in different sections, but when I add more than 20 groups field I got a problem in field arrangement and save the changes in form display. Also, i am facing difficulty to theme the form as per the design.

So, is it possible to define template suggestions for node add and edit form by content type and add an individual form element in the form template, where I can define my own HTML structure?

Eg: from–project.html.twig some things like this, and able to add individual form elements in the form template.

<form{{ attributes }}>  {{ form.title }}  {{ form.field_project_description }} </form> 

Thanks for any help.

Tips To Write SEO-Friendly Content – Writing Tips

Content writing is not a simple errand. You should need to write that post which keeps your readers intrigued. You should help your readers to get a handle on the fundamental thought of your post by giving headings and subheadings. On the off chance that the content that you write is fascinating then your visitors share that content on informal communication destinations like tweeter, Facebook, Instagram. On the off chance that you need to enhance your positioning in Google then you should…

Tips To Write SEO-Friendly Content – Writing Tips

Need Help Regarding “Serve static content from a cookieless domain”

I just installed "Page Speed" browser addon from Google that works with "FireBug" addon.

When I open my site www.decentbanners.com FireBug scans the site performance and show the result and also suggest what steps should be taken to increase the site loading speed.

One of the suggestion it is showing is

"Serve static content from a cookieless domain"

It is saying

Need Help Regarding "Serve static content from a cookieless domain"

SharePoint content DB status is in stopped state for all the content DB from central admin under manage content DB section.

When i tried to create a new site collection, we found ” SharePoint content DB status is in stopped state for all the content DB from central admin under manage content DB section. “

1) We did perform SharePoint patching couple of months ago. Can we assume it happened successfully if the DB`s are in offline state since long ago?

2) What could be the possible reasons how to avoid it future?

How to retain “Parked” domain url in address bar while displaying content from “Main” page?

I have 100 domains parked under a “main” domain, so therefore all the domains show the same WordPress content.

This is great except I need the URL in the Address Bar to remain whatever the users typed/clicked, instead of changing to the “main” domain.

For example:

  • I have main.com (the actual site with the content)

  • I have parked1.com, parked2.com, parked3.com (all parked under main.com)

  • When I browse to parked1.com I want to display the content from main.com but the url in the address bar should still show parked1.com.

This is partly so that $ _SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] and/or $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] will return the source domain (ie, parked1.com) based on which I will change a few values on the page like the contact email address.

It behaved this way prior to installing WordPress but now I can’t seem to return to that functionality. I see many pages/questions/answers asking how not to show the parked domain name, but I need to do the opposite.

To clarify, I don’t want sub-domains off of main.com. From the user’s point of view, it should appear to be 100 different web pages.

I tried the Multiple Domain plugin but that seems to be for the opposite of my goal.

I’d appreciate any suggestions!