What is the recommended way of sending dynamic content depending on form contents?

The task of my client is this: He has a wordpress site and wants to offer a service where he can send custom legal texts per mail. Depending on which single-choice the users select at a form, it should send them slightly modified texts. And afterwards it should save the emails in some sort of newsletter/funnel system to contact them.

So my idea was to

  • User fills in form
  • Save form data in database
  • Send form data or only email to mailchimp
  • User confirms email subscription
  • User gets text depended on his selection

How would you approach this? I’ve never done an email subscription with goodie thing and maybe there are some good solutions or best practices for this?

Postgresql – How to interpret backup_label contents?

Postgres version 11.

I’ve read this: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/11/app-pgbasebackup.html

But can’t really find what I’m looking for.

Performing a basebackup creates 2 files for me: base.tar.gz and pg_wal.tar.gz

base.tar.gz contains a file backup_label

Which contains something like:

START WAL LOCATION: 5CD/87000850 (file 00000001000005CD00000087) CHECKPOINT LOCATION: 5CD/882A2558 BACKUP METHOD: streamed BACKUP FROM: master START TIME:  LABEL: pg_basebackup base backup START TIMELINE: 1 

And pg_wal.tar.gz contains this:

00000001000005CD00000087 00000001000005CD00000088 00000001000005CD00000089 00000001000005CD0000008A 00000001000005CD0000008B ... 00000001000005CD000000AF 

So, incremental files.

backup_label has a field START WAL LOCATION which literally points to 00000001000005CD00000087, the first file in the pg_wal.tar.gz archive.

Then it has CHECKPOINT LOCATION: 5CD/882A2558.

What is this "CHECKPOINT LOCATION"? I don’t see anything to correlate 882A2558 to. Or is that not intended?

Am I to interpret that as "The wal archives created while pg_basebackup was running are in pg_wal.tar.gz and they start at 5CD/87000850 and stop at 5CD/882A2558" ?

I’m just wondering: does pg_wal.tar.gz contain all the wal archives I need to do a successful restore? And if not, is there some other file that will provide me this info?

And if this is clearly written in the documentation, well I just read the entire page and didn’t recognize anything in there as the answer to my question? Did I miss it?

What happens to the contents of Leomund’s Secret Chest when the caster dies?

The spell Leomund’s Secret Chest allows you to hide a chest full of goodies on the Ethereal Plane. According to the spell, the caster may use an action to return the chest to the Prime Material:

While the chest remains on the Ethereal Plane, you can use an action and touch the replica to recall the chest. It appears in an unoccupied space on the ground within 5 feet of you.

So, it is unclear whether anyone else may retrieve the loot chest, say after killing the caster. According to the spell:

If the spell ends and the larger chest is on the Ethereal Plane, it is irretrievably lost.

Does the death of the caster cause the spell to end? If not, is the loot chest essentially lost?

Can Microsoft access the contents of my OneDrive Personal Vault?

I found the article to be quite informative that addresses the question "Can Microsoft access my private files?" (Can Microsoft access all private data if a user installs Windows 10?), which includes my OneDrive files, but it didn’t specifically mention the special folder called Personal Vault. Does Microsoft have just as much capability of accessing the contents of my Personal Vault as it does all my other OneDrive files, or is Personal Vault an exception?

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To what level of detail must you know the contents of a demiplane to connect to it?

The Demiplane spell states (emphasis mine):

Each time you cast this spell, you can create a new demiplane, or have the shadowy door connect to a demiplane you created with a previous casting of this spell. Additionally, if you know the Nature and contents of a demiplane created by a casting of this spell by another creature, you can have the shadowy door connect to its demiplane instead.

How exact must your knowledge of the contents of a demiplane be before you can use this clause in the spell to connect to it?

Some examples of scenarios where you may or may not know enough detail:

  • You know the demiplane solely contains a particular creature, but you don’t know everything that’s in that creature’s pockets.
  • You know the demiplane solely contains a giant pile of gold coins, and roughly how large it is, but don’t know exactly how many coins there are.
  • The demiplane contains 20 distinct items, and you know 19 of them.

How to display HTTPS contents [Using Proxy]

I’m beginner at proxy traffic stuff and i’m struggling here with Charles Proxy

i’m trying to ‘intercept traffic’ (i dont know if this is the correct term for that). I have a HTTPS page and i want to display the data from the content (inside charles proxy). ALL my https are returning I’m Currenly Using Firefox, also im not setting manually the proxy configs. I know it may seem like a dumb question but i could not figured it out how to solve this.

…I know it has to do with SSL but cant resolve that problem by myself 🙁

Contents in computer science?

What are the contents in computer science, for I am picking it for my GCSE’s and have an interesting in programming and coding. It has been iffy trying to teach myself but I am currently learning python and wod like to move onto learn different languages used in cybersecurity and so on. Is there anything more to it that I should practice and revise on?