How to use ‘contents’ to scrape the value I want?

I am following this link to scrape the data of the website

I want to scrape names, url, years and nationality and when I tried with below code

import requests import csv from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import bs4   f = csv.writer(open('z_artist_names_assignment.csv', 'w')) f.writerow(['N'])  pages = []  for i in range(1, 2):     url = '' + str(i) + '.htm'     pages.append(url)    for item in pages:     page = requests.get(item,timeout=10)     soup = BeautifulSoup(page.text, 'html.parser')      last_links = soup.find(class_='AlphaNav')     last_links.decompose()      artist_name_list = soup.find(class_='BodyText')     artist_name_list_items = artist_name_list.find_all('a')      nationality_list = soup.find(class_='BodyText')     nationality_list_items = nationality_list.find_all('td')      for artist_name in artist_name_list_items:         names = artist_name.contents[0]         links = '' + artist_name.get('href')      for nationality in nationality_list_items:         nationality = nationality.contents[0]         print(nationality)  

print(nationality) returned not only contents but also names so on like

<a href="/web/20121007172955/">Zabaglia, Niccola</a> Italian, 1664 - 1750 <a href="/web/20121007172955/">Zaccone, Fabian</a> American, 1910 - 1992 <a href="/web/20121007172955/">Zadkine, Ossip</a> French, 1890 - 1967 

I just want either ‘Italian, 1664 – 1750’ or ‘Italian’ or ‘1664 – 1750’. How can I use contents method to get these value?

Archive source folder contents not the folder in azure build pipeline

i am using azure-pipelines to create a build of my react app and then to deploy it to azure app-service now when i build the app all the required contents go it “/build” folder which then i archive and publish to build artifacts with the corresponding tasks. but the issue is in the archive the structure is “/build/{required files}” but i need the structure as “/{required files}” is there any way to achieve it on azure-pipelines.

i have already looked in azure documentation there they show a variable named “includeRootFolder” but even in the link it does not have a description and in the Archive task i am not able to see any option which will set this variable to false.

Dynamically update cell contents by merging incoming Google Form submissions

I have a google form where multiple students will anonymously submit comments/feedback for another peer.

Currently I am using the formula below to essentially concatenate all of the student comments specific to the individual receiving feedback.

 =(join("    ",transpose(iferror(filter($  L$  3:$  L, $  C$  3:$  C=$  C3,$  B$  3:$  B=$  B3))))) 
  • The line break within the “join” function is to separate the individual comments by a line break.
  • Column L: The original comment submitted by the students.
  • Column C: Filters by the name of the student being evaluated.
  • Column B: Secondary filter criteria.

I am currently using the add-on “CopyDown” to apply said formula to each new submission. However, I notice that the newer submissions do not concatenate prior entries even though the filter conditions are met; the formula works correctly when I manually copy/paste it into the cell.

Is there a way to alter the original formula to dynamically update the cell contents as new submissions are incoming? Perhaps through arrayformula?

Any way to view contents of init files

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. I have a file called init and it is an executable (appplication/x-executable). I would like to read the content of the executable. When I use the cat command, I see gibberish. When I used the file command, it returned

init: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, …

Is there any way for me to view the contents?

Whey does Google Docs make some H1 headings bold in the Table of Contents and some not bold?

In my Google docs document I have added a Table of Contents. It’s the kind with page numbers. In the Table of Contents, some of the Heading 1 (top-level) headings are bold, and some are not bold. Why?

I can’t find any reason why some of them have been made bold. None of the actual headings themselves use bold text, they are only bold in the TOC.

Automated creation of Sites and their contents

I am using the Office 365 Sharepoint Online and I would like to make the creation of specific Sites and their contents automated by using a template/workflow/script etc. The following image outlines the desired structure after completion:

Desired Structure

Basically user defines the <NEW CLIENT> and <Project Name> site names and the system will take care of the actual creation so the user does not have to do it manually each time. Do you have any ideas how to achieve this behaviour?

I had a look at the templates, but they are no longer supported in the Office 365 Sharepoint. Perhaps a custom script or a workflow of some kind? Thank you very much for any suggestions.



Copy Contents of Cell When Checkbox is Checked – Google Scripts

Preamble: never used javascript before, but trying to learn through google sheets since I work with tons of data.

Hello, I’m attempting to write a google script that will take the contents of a cell 8 columns to the left of a column of checkboxes and copy it somewhere else. When the checkbox is checked, that would be the trigger to copy the contents. I’m hesitant around selecting the entire K:K range, but don’t know how to have the function look at all checkboxes and trigger on a change from FALSE to TRUE. Also have no idea if an IF statement is correct here.

function checkbox_track() {    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();   var request_log = ss.getSheetByName("Tracker")   var checkbox_range = request_log.getRange("K:K");   var timestamp = new Date();   var user = Session.getEffectiveUser().getEmail();   var tracker = ss.getSheetByName("Tracker");    if (checkbox_range == "TRUE") {     var metric_name = checkbox_range.offset(0,-8).getValue();      request_log.appendRow([timestamp, metric_name, user]);  } } 

In a table of contents in an Admin area, where the VIEW link should be placed

On the image below the ‘Admin access’ is a link to view the role and on the actions there is also a button (eye) that does the same thing. That is redundant but I don’t know which option I should go for:

  1. Remove the link from the ‘Admin Access’ name and just have the button on the Actions

  2. Keep the link and remove the ‘eye’ button to view it

enter image description here

An unknown domain serving contents of my sites

I found that an unknown domain like serving exactly the same contents (html, js ,css, any asset) of my site:

enter image description here

At the server, the API has blocked the different origin requests and there is browser’s Cors policy so it was OK.

But at the front-end, how can I block this domain from serving my thing?

How does it make this, redirect directly to my domain? Proxy?

I use VPS and I use nginx.