Sharepoint Filter Blocking Custom View contents

I am new to Sharepoint coding. I checked multiple places in order to suppress this strange behavior but could not find anything. The issue is as follows.

If I open the Sharepoint link (Say The custom view (Table format) opens up flawlessly. However if I put a filter on one of the Column Header and share that link, or re open that link in a new tab


The table loads with absolutely no data and none of my JS script work.

Any leads on this? Did I screw up this basic functionality because of my JS file or can I avoid this behavior? – Thanks in Advance

Enhance Site Traffic with Quality Contents

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Enhance Site Traffic with Quality Contents

Do the original English rule books have the same contents per page number as the French-translated ones?

I’ve ordered the official French translation of the DMG (edited by Black Book Editions) and I was wondering if the page numbers remain the same.

I can read that the book has 320 pages as listed in the detailed info on the book, but is the content on those pages equal to the original one?

More generally, do the three core books (MM, DMG, PHB) all retain the same information on the same page numbers as the original English?

I’m most concerned about this for use in the RPG Stack. There’s often some physical reference to a page number in the original books.

Reading the contents of a file in a Sharepoint group folder

I’m trying to read the contents of a file in a Sharepoint group folder using the Microsoft Graph Explorer, however the query I’m using doesn’t seem to be working:<group_id>/drive/root/children/<filename>/$  value 

Is there a way to define a query that I can pull the file contents in Postman if Graph Explorer can’t do it?

Hide site contents from visitors

I have a communication site. I want to hide site content from a few visitors. Just want to provide them access to view home pages only. For this I used Restricted Read permission. But user with Restricted Read permission is able to see site contents and other pages also. It is behaving like normal Read permission.

Anyone having idea about it ?

Generate a table of contents

This answer is several years old and while the code still works I was wondering if there was any update from the community or Wolfram. The online references still point to AuthorTools which seems to be deprecated(?).

Generating a ToC is a must have for me document wise – it’s weird that it’s not on the ‘insert’ menu.