Adding menu of entity referenced links on a content-type page

I have this problem:

I created content type named “DramaVoice” and “dramavoice” role. An user with this role can edit his own Dramavoice page, adding some demos and articles.

I used entity reference for two fields, “demos” and “articles”. Actually owner of pages can click on “edit” link and modify the page. I want add a menu that displays some links, such as “Add new demo”, “add new article” that owner can click when reaches his page and is logged in, without click on “edit” link to perform these actions.

So, I need to know how to build URLS of entity reference links, if it is possible, or an other way that allows me to create these links.

I need also to put a “Contatt username” link for users that visit the page and want to contact the owner, but for this action maybe I can use “user/[author-uid]/contact”, for example.

Can someone help me?

Content Type Hub not showing all site column at contentType hub level

I am facing weird issue. I created 4 content type through code and deployed WSP on site. All site columns were present in Content Type. But suddenly, after almost 6 months I am not able to see all site columns(only 10-11 columns are visible currently) in that same content type. I tried retracting and again deploying the same solution. still no luck. tried running both timer job. Not understanding the exact cause of this. Please suggest