Continue watching YouTube video on mobile device

Given that I’m watching a YouTube video on
And I have the YouTube app on my mobile device (Android/iOS).
And I’ve logged into YouTube using the same account in both the browser and app.

What is the easiest way to stop video playback in the browser and continue watching the same video in the mobile app, from the last position?

upgrade to next release interactive prompt about grub differences how to continue esc does nothing

Was upgrading on command line from 18.04 to 18.10 and was shown that grub differences interactive prompt and hit D to show differences (which I typically never do) … after shown differences I wanted to return back or just to continue … screen did not show how to so I get ESC … nothing then I hit control c and it broke out of upgrade and was shown terminal prompt … so I did a reboot now boot fails to complete, only shows black screen and I cannot reach grub menu, by tapping shift on boot, with the desire to see recovery grup menu where I could fix this myself from root prompt

staring at blank black screen

I have no problem reformatting and reinstalling from scratch however this is yet another edge case which would scare off newbees from sticking with linux … as an organization Ubuntu needs to shift priorities to make such meltdowns more self healing

any suggestions ? this is not dual boot only one OS on box

Guest session – Stop “Xcode needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue”

I am getting the same prompt as in Stop "developer tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue" alert

In that question the answer is to just enable it, for which one needs the computer’s admin password.

I am in a computer using the Guest session and don’t have the password. I am just trying to use the Playground to test minor things.

Is there a way to stop this warning? Diable the debugging mode in the Playground, maybe? If so, how does that work?


Dúvida em “continue” (SyntaxError: ‘continue’ not properly in loop)

Estou começando no python e não consigo descobrir o porquê do erro abaixo, poderiam me ajudar?

def SecretNumber(): GotIt = False while GotIt == False: One = int(input(“Type a number between 1 and 10: “)) Two = int(input(“Type another number between 1 and 10: “))

if (One >= 1) and (One <= 10):     if (Two >= 1) and (Two <= 10):         print('Your secret number is: ' + str(One * Two))         GotIt = True         continue     else:         print('Incorrect second value!') else:     print("Incorrect first value!") print("Try again!") 

*****File “cell_name”, line 14 SyntaxError: ‘continue’ not properly in loop*****

I can’t continue where I finished

First of all I’m a kid who found this code as a base for me and then I edited it but then whenever I load it the first time and teach it, it will save the pickled data but at the second time the data loads but it doesn’t work. Needs help to learn… Thanks in advance


import random import os.path import pickle import os startmes = """Place #help to learn more. DO NOT USE CAPS OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS! Only small letters.""" helpmes = """This is the help message for Everyone.  In order to communicate with Ivy, simply type what you want to say into the input space. When typing please use only lower case characters and no special characters.  So this:  "I like turtles!"  Becomes this: "i like turtles"  The reason for this is that otherwise you would have many entries that are  copies of the same word, ie Hey, hey, hey! and Hey all mean the same thing but would be entered differently.But you can use it in proper words.  Sometimes what Ivy says can be hard to interpret, but keep trying and use your imagination.  """ class bot():     def __init__(self, autosave, deldups, autocount, maxwords, maxresp):         self.autosave = autosave         self.autocount = autocount         self.deldups = deldups         self.maxwords = maxwords         self.maxresp = maxresp         self.known = {}         self.wordcount = 0         self.sescount = 0         os.system("C:\Downloads\Ivy\")         print(startmes)         if os.path.isfile(""):              def main():              f = open("","w+")             print("Save file loaded!")         else:             print("No save file found.")         print()         for key, value in self.known.items():             self.wordcount += 1     def question(self, x):         self.wordcount += 1         a = "w" + str(self.wordcount)         d = {"name": x, "resp": [x], "uses": 0}         self.known[a] = d     def talk(self):         talking = True         prevres = ""         while talking:             if self.autosave:                 self.sescount += 1                 if self.sescount >= self.autocount:                     self.sescount = 0                     pickle.dump(self.known, open('', 'wb'))                     print("Saving...")             if self.deldups:                 for key, value in self.known.items():                     value["resp"] = list(set(value["resp"]))             if len(self.known.keys()) > self.maxwords:                 count = 0                 for key, value in self.known.items():                     count += value["uses"]                 for i in range(self.wordcount):                     for key, value in self.known.items():                         if value["uses"] <= count/self.wordcount:                              self.wordcount -= 1                             self.known.pop(key, None)                             break             for key, value in self.known.items():                 if len(value["resp"]) > self.maxresp:                     rem = random.choice(value["resp"])                     value["resp"].remove(rem)                 res = ""              a = input("You: ")             if "#" in a:                 if "quit" in a:                     pickle.dump(self.known, open('', 'wb'))                     print("Saving...")                     exit()                 if "help" in a:                     print(helpmes)                 a = ""              data = prevres.split(" ")             inp = a.split(" ")              for x in data:                 for key, value in self.known.items():                     if x == value["name"]:                         value["resp"].extend(inp)             for x in inp:                 if a == "":                     break                 names = []                 for key, value in self.known.items():                     names.append(value["name"])                 if x not in names:                     self.question(x)                 else:                     for key, value in self.known.items():                         if x == value["name"]:                             xyz = random.randrange(0,4)                             for i in range(xyz):                                 res = res + " {0}".format(random.choice(value["resp"]))                                 value["uses"] += 1             if res == "":                 res = " ..."             print("Ivy:{0}".format(res))             prevres = res sauce = bot(True, True, 25, 1000, 15) 

App to screen bot callers – E.G. “Press 5 to continue”

I’m trying to find an android phone app that will function similar to Google’s pre-sceening functionality that asks the user who they are. For example when someone calls me they are prompted to “Dial 5 to continue” and this would theoretically prevent bot calls.

Any thoughts or answers would be highly appreciated, Thanks

Continue boot with offline fstab disk (linux/systemd)

During boot, with pre-systemd versions of Ubuntu server (eg. 14.04), if a non-critical fstab disk was offline, the system would wait to mount the disk (30s iirc), timeout and continue booting.

Since upgrading through 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04, thanks to systemd’s dependencies I presume, a missing fstab disk stops the boot process resulting in the “Emergency mode… Press Enter for Maintenance” prompt at boot time.

  1. Is there a way to change this behaviour by default? Ie. simply continue booting or an option to flag disks as non-critical?
  2. Failing that, is there a straightforward systemctl command to ‘continue booting ignoring missing disk’ from maintenance?