If a creature was flying via the Fly spell and dies, does it continue flying?

The Fly spell states:

You touch a willing creature. The target gains a flying speed of 60 feet for the duration. When the spell ends, the target falls if it is still aloft, unless it can stop the fall.

Since the spell does not say that it ends if the creature dies, would the spell continue to hold the deceased creature aloft for the duration of the spell, as long as the caster maintains concentration?

Is it possible to renew a certificate to allow end users to continue using the existing one, rather than having them implement the new one?

My organization has several certificates used for web services that are going to expire soon. We want to have these certificates renewed so that the service to our clients is uninterrupted and doesn’t require any action on their part. Is this possible, and if so, what would need to be done (e.g. create a CSR from the existing certificate, etc.)? Thank you in advance

When choosing payment options during checkout, should the Paypal option go directly to Paypal, or show a “continue to Paypal” link?

I currently have 2 payment options during checkout: Credit Card and Paypal. Currently, clicking on the Credit Card option will reveal a credit card form, and clicking on the Paypal option will take the user to Paypal checkout (on the Paypal site).

I have also seen it where sites such as Netflix, will show a “continue to paypal” link after selecting the Paypal payment method, instead of going straight to Paypal (shown below)

Payment Options

Paypal option selected

Is the “continue to paypal” link helpful to the user, or does it just add an extra step/confusion (because the user isn’t taken straight to Paypal after selecting the Paypal option)?

SQL Server Agent – Report Failure but continue When intermediate step fails

I have a SQL Server Agent job that has three steps with the following control flow:

  • Step 1 – on success – Go to next Step. on fail – job fails
  • Step 2 – on success – Go to next Step. on fail – Go to next Step
  • Step 3 – on success – report success, on fail – report fail

However, What I want to happen is, if step 2 fails, run step 3 but report that the job has failed (regardless of whether step 3 is successful or not)

The only way I can think to do this is as per the screenshot below which duplicates the final step but the duplicate step reports failure if it succeeds

enter image description here

Is there a better way of doing this?

Should I have continue buying button on the shopping cart? Why?

I did read a lot about shopping cart page this week and everywhere people insist to say:

  • Add continue buying button on your basket to reduce the abandonment.
  • The button “continue shopping” is an absolutely required button.
  • Bla Bla Bla…

BUT I always think before clicking on this button when I’m buying: Where this button will take me? I think that is always a surprise because is too generic. And I never click there, I prefer to navigate using the browser back button to back the product page or make a new search or use the menu.

Am I crazy?

Why not:

  • Back to the last product page button
  • Go home and continue shopping
  • A warning saying: Please, use the search bar or our amazing and very organized menu to continue buying
  • None os this and just show related and frequently bought together products

What’s the best alternative? Why?

Site creation can’t continue because of a configuration issue with the parent site

I’m having problems to make my site creation work.

I followed the guide at this blog, everything is setup as what described. If I go to personal site, i.e. http://my_host.com:80/my/myinc_sp_test, I can see the new site link. When click it, it pops this error shown in screen shot. What I wanted to do is create the site collect at: http://my_host.com:80/my/testtest

However, if I go to this page’s site content, create a subsite, it works fine. One subsite url is shown in screen shot with yellow circle. The created subsite is at: http://my_host.com:80/my/myinc_sp_test/testtest

myinc is the domain name, it is the prefix for personal site.

anyone knows something about this error? or any clue how I can fix this?

BTW, if I go to http://my_host.com:80/_layouts/15/scsignup.aspx , I can see the create team site page, fill in info, click the create button. It shows error with no much other info.


enter image description here

*** BTW, I just know 1 thing: this site collection (my site host) was migrated from another server. Here is how it was done: create web app on this new server, then export content database from the old server, then attach to the new server. after this, everything else works fine. Could it because of this?

UPDATE: This is odd. I removed all permissions, add permissions, disable self-service, then enable self-service. Then try to create the site (it is site collection, not subsite under personal site). same error messages. The setting I use is in below screen shot: enter image description here

So, I played the settings, and I accidentally changed one setting: I removed the “my/[%userid%]” in the above screen (so it is blank). When I try to create site again, it shows this error:

enter image description here

I’m using a domain user account. So I think if I use a farm admin account, it should be ok? It turns out YES. It works for farm admin! So, it is because of permission! But what permission? So I removed all user permissions again, and add permissions again (just like i did before), weird thing happened: now, it works for domain user! but only for root domain http://my_host.com/ . I played more and found a more weird thing. See the 2nd screen shot, I choose the “Prompt users to create a site collection under any managed path” (red circle), when I click add new site, it works:

enter image description here

See the site collection url, http://my_host.com/my/my_test_site_collection ? I do not understand what the difference between this and the choice in the 1st screenshot (if I give it a name my_test_site_collection).

Anyone understand this? to me, I’m ok with it since I can use it (the last screen), but would like to know why it shows error in the first screen.