Should I continue to learn exposure on a film camera or switch to digital?

I have a Canon AE-1 but I’m new to photography. I mean it’s always interesting me but I never did anything until now when I found this camera in my grandma’s attic. It works pretty well. I mean I haven’t gotten the film developed to see what the picture look like, but I’m not sure if they’re gonna be bad because of the camera or because of me. It would probably be me, because I don’t quite understand the aperture and stuff like that. I mean I kinda do / kinda don’t. I just need to get familiar, but I was wondering if I should continue to learn on a film camera or should I use a digital camera. What would be best for me?

Does a user created cart interfere with a REST created cart or continue?

The question I have, if a customer has created a cart via a website….. And then for customer service reasons, the customer calls in a want to place an order, by using the API’s (let’s say Salesforce or some other integratio ), does that cart interfere?

Does it pick up that same cart, or create a new cart

continue button not working to next section

I’m a newbie to magento. The fact is that I’ve installed magento through softaculous on, installed and update the website, and even check that all the functionality are working properly. Yesterday, I’ve asked my IT guy to move the website so that it redirrects to After this move, the customers can’t place the orders as the continue button under shipping is not moving forward. Please help!!!! I’ve worked at this website for the last 3 weeks and my IT guy can’t solve it as it doesn’t know what to do…

address of the website is

Thank you in advance