Does Form Control change your available options with Wild Shape?

The Wild Shape feat gives you the Wild Shape order spell, which lets you turn into various forms that are found in polymorph spells. Precisely, Wild Shape grants you the forms in Pest Form on 1st level, the forms in Animal Form on 2nd level, and then other feats do this:

Insect Shape:

Add the forms in insect form to your wild shape list.

Soaring Shape:

Add the bat and bird forms in aerial form to your wild shape list. If you have Insect Shape, you also add the wasp form to your wild shape list. If you have Ferocious Shape, you also add the pterosaur form to your wild shape list.

And so forth.

Now, the Form Control feat has this effect that lets you prolong the duration of Wild Shape at the cost of lowering its level:

If your next action is to cast wild shape, wild shape’s spell level is 2 lower than normal (minimum 1st level), but you can remain transformed for up to 1 hour or the listed duration (whichever is longer).

Now, to the question:

Do you lose an option from the Wild Shape list if you use form control and the level of wild shape is lower than the level of the original spell?

First things first: Since Animal Form is explicitly granted as a heightened option on 2nd level, if the level of Wild Shape should fall below 2nd with Form Control, the Animal Form options are no longer available.

But what about the Insect Form options? These are gained via the Insect Shape feat, not via Wild Shape’s level. I first assumed that if Wild Shape is on level 2 with Form Control, the forms of Insect Form (which is a 3rd level spell) are not available. But the text doesn’t mention casting Insect Form. It says "Add the forms in insect form to your wild shape list," and Wild Shape says little about its level. I think there are ancestry feats that grant you higher-level spells on level 1, that could serve as a precedence here, but I can’t find them at this time.

But if you keep the forms on your list, what’s the drawback of lowering the spell’s level? You lose Animal Form until you’re level 7, and you are easier to dispel?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control – Agent Unreachable

Single instance DB. Can login to OEM. However, it says Status – Agent Unreachable on the Home page.

Most tasks such as checking RMAN status, adding datafiles etc can still be done through the OEM. I do not know how "Agent Unreachable" impacts the OEM in this case (DB Control)

I checked status of the agent from $ ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl status agent, it showed "The Agent is not Running"

So, I want to start the agent, but $ ORACLE_HOME/bin/emctl start agent is not working. The command is not available. In Oracle docs, it is mentioned that the command emctl start agent should be executed from AGENT_HOME/bin. However, I do not know the AGENT_HOME path.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

What is the strongest minion a necromancers Command undead ability can control?

I am currently a lv13 Necromancer and my 14th lv ability lets me control 1 undead. I want to know what the strongest official undead creature is with an int of 11 or less so I can start tracking 1 down now. I’ve seen this question asked before but I haven’t found an answer that doesn’t include using the spell feeblemind which is something I don’t have access to. Just to clarify by strongest I mean I’m just looking for the highest CR

How to output choices from a custom sortable checkboxes control via Customizer settings

I’m trying to dynamically output some settings from theme Customizer. I use this custom controls, Example 3.

How can I display the settings so that the selected options appear as well as in the order in which they were placed in Customizer?

So far I’ve tried without success:

    $  box = get_theme_mod( 'sample_pill_checkbox3' ) ;       switch ( $  box ) {                  case 'author':                 echo 'Author';                 break;                  case 'date':                 echo 'Date' ;                 break; } 

Basically, if Author and Date is selected and Date is placed first, so I would need to appear in the frontend, Date first then Author.

Thank you!

How can I maintain control over a Dybbuk for over an hour?

A Dybbuk has Magic Resistance (advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects), and can cast Dimension Door at will.

This means it can get out of a Magic Circle pretty quickly, it breaks the control from Summon Greater Demon quickly as well, or at least quick enough that you can’t cast Planar Binding on it, even if you do know its true name.

Assuming it is summoned by Summon Greater Demon, how can its spellcasting be negated for long enough to bind it, or have a chance at binding it? Can it be summoned another way and controlled for over an hour? The lower the level of casters needed, and lower numbers of them, the better.

Command Undead (spell) vs Control Undead

So, I have started playing a necromancer for the first time and have come across the following two spells.

Command undead and Control Undead.

Now, command undead is a second level spell, has day/level duration, and no HD limit. But targets 1 creature, and requires a charisma check to influence them.

Control undead, has a 2HD/level limit, but can affect multiple creatures, however only for minutes instead of days. The major upside I can see here is the multiple targets and easier time controlling intelligent undead.

Overall, command undead seems like a much more useful spell. While Control undead is a 7th level spell, and I cant see the justification for such a high level spell.

Is there something that I am missing or is control undead just a really lackluster spell compared to command undead?

If a creator of a Shield Guardian gives the control amulet to the Shield Guardian, what would happen?

There was an idea pitched at one of my play sessions earlier this week that has been gnawing at me. Suppose a wizard creates a shield guardian and gives the golem the telepathic command to take off the amulet and live a life of its own; what would happen?

Would the Shield Guardian become a sort of pseudo-warforged, following the original command? Would it just be stuck, standing there?

Data Schema For Stock Control / Multi Source Inventory

I’m working on a project that involves stock control with multiple stock sources and sales channels. The overall hierarchy I’ve got so far looks like this;

Sales Channels <---- Allocated Stock Sources <---- Stock Locations (warehouses) <--- Stock Sub Locations <---- Shelf / Bin Locations 

As far as rules go for how these entities relate to each other I’ve come up with this;

The system must have one or more sales channels, each sales channel must have 1 or more stock sources, a stock source must have 1 or more stock locations (warehouses / buildings / distribution centres ), a stock location may have 1 or more Bin/Shelf locations.

A product may have 1 or more stock locations, may have one or more sub locations in those stock locations and may have one or more Shelf / Bin location.

First off, is this a solved problem where some reference schema exists I could utilise and save myself some headaches?

If there isn’t a reference design for this situation, Am I best to build a 1 to Many relationship to assign stock to a sub location(s) and another 1 to Many relationship for Shelf Locations (if exists)