Windows program to control android phone

I have a Samsung A7 2017 SM-720F. Recently an update notification showed up and I just installed the new update but after that my screen keeps freezing. I have to lock and unlock the screen to use it for just 3-4 second then it freezes again. So I wanna use TWRP to wipe cache and install a rom. but touch doesn’t work in boot and TWRP screen. Is there a windows program to control android phone in boot ? thanks

Are there researches about the anonymity friendliness of distributed version control systems?

This question may qualify as wiki, because it is a bit broad.

I accidentally discovered that fossil repositories, that are in fact sqlite databases, may contain sensitive data.

I opened a repo database file and noticed that the rcvfrom table has an ipaddr column. Sometimes values of that column are null. Sometimes I saw my IP address there. It’s a local repository that never talked to the world (as in interacting with remote clones). I was able to figure out why the IP address slipped there: by default fossil server binds to all network interfaces, to make it bind to localhost only, one has to explicitly specify an –localhost argument

This made me realize I’d like to learn more about this, hence I’m reaching this community to ask if there are any researches about this: studies about such metadata being leaked into repositories and ways to prevent them, at least for mainstream distributed version control systems like fossil/git/mercurial, but ideally researches that cover less widespread ones as well.

Is it viable to manage a SharePoint Online site via PnP templates in source control with automated deployments?

I am trying to gain some traction on a new SPO project and it’s been indicated to me that they want to maintain the site programmatically with PnP templates (XML files basically). The idea is that we have a git repo with our PnP templates with the aim that we could hook it up to continuous integration and as we update the template it deploys directly from source control.

However I am not sure if this is the correct approach at all. Barring trial and error I don’t feel confident that I can determine if a PnP template XML file being changed and deployed repeatedly to the same tenant will gracefully deploy changes in the first place.

In fact, I don’t even know if this is the best workflow at all, but it’s been indicated to me that editing the XML is the development process… something doesn’t smell right about it though.

Note that I am coming from a traditional full-stack development background where I am most familiar with the workflows of rolling ASP.NET websites with JS front-ends and EF/SQL in the back. Through that lens this SharePoint development/versioning/deployment stuff is rather disorienting.

Aplicação VB.NET – Erro no ReportViewer Control na hora de finalizar o DATASOURCE

Estou enfrentando esse problema abaixo e não consigo resolver , meu MySQL é versão 8.0.12 meu conector também é 8.0.12 meu MySQL For Visual Studio é o 1.2.8 .

Alguém tem uma luz já tentei várias coisas e não consigo passar para criar meu relatório no ReportViewer um amigo também usa VB.NET e está com o mesmo problema tentamos resolver juntos mas ainda sem sucesso , vi várias pessoas postando esse erro no site da ORACLE mas não vi repostas por isso estou recorrendo a vocês depois de vários dias sem solução por favor alguém sabe algum caminho que possa levar a solução deste erro ?

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How to control or deny permission to certain drives?

I have an android based kiosk and I have a very peculiar requirement, while browsing files/folders from the browser I need to restrict user from accessing certain drives, say for example when the user clicks on ‘upload picture’ I don’t want them to access C:/ or any other drive restricted by me only access the input source, for instance a pen drive or cd-rom.

Is that possible? If yes then please do guide me.

Accessing Master page control from Child page

In my application Master page contains the ‘Continue’ and ‘Previous’ buttons. When I click on ‘Continue’ I want to do some validation in the child page. If the validation passes then the Continue button will go to next screen, other wise javascript validation should throw errors. I am trying to get hold of Master page ‘Continue’ button (‘btnContinueApplication’), But I am getting errors. Any idea what mistake I am doing here?

Master page: <%@ MasterType VirtualPath=”~/Main.master”%>

Child page:

    $  (document).ready(function () {         var continueBtn = document.getElementById('<%=((Button)Master.FindControl("btnContinueApplication")).ClientId %>')      });  When I build the application, I am getting following errors  'Button' is a type and cannot be used as an expression. ')' expected. 

Why did Stuxnet have command and control servers?

I am currently reading Countdown to Zero Day which, amongst other things, describes Stuxnet in lay terms. It states that Stuxnet could report to two command and control servers.

Most basic definitions say command and control servers allow a hacker to communicate with or through the malware that’s phoned home and as such they can do mischief on the infected machine.

If the Natanz facility was the only target of interest and if it was air gapped then you can’t do any of this. Furthermore, Stuxnet was self sufficient in its objective – it didn’t need any further interaction once it had found a suitable target.

Other than being made aware of when the cat is out of the bag, why would a hacker need command and control servers for malware that primarily shouldn’t have ever made it on to the internet?

Batch control of notification channels

So I have a decent amount of apps >100 on my Samsung A8 and would like to reset all of their notification channels to urgent/popup with sound. I didn’t understand when I set all of the setting initially what I was doing and realize now that I have messed up. I have done “reset app settings” in the app menu of settings, “reset all settings” & “Factory Reset”. Notification settings are persistent for some reason. Is there an app that can let me control them in batch?