Pause button started working for Chrome / Youtube, messing with audio player controls

I’m on macbook pro, 2017, Mojave 10.14.4.

Previously, I used F7/F8/F9 audio-buttons with Spotify only (it worked with iTunes if it’s open together with Spotify but whatever. It didn’t do anything in Chrome).

I don’t remember exactly when, but recently it started working with youtube videos in Chrome, and the sad thing is that if both Spotify and a youtube window are open, it changes from Spotify to Youtube. (e.g. start playing a song in Spotify, open a youtube link, and it starts working for youtube only). This is very confusing, can I somehow change this behavior?

How to stop Apple Watch to display music controls when it’s playing on iPhone?

For e. g., when driving a car I am absolutely not interested to have those controls taking all the Apple Watch screen since I’m way more interested in having access to clock face and all the notifications things instead. I easily can switch music with car’s own controls if needed. Even If I press the button to get to main screen notification upper area is taken with that “iPhone is playing music” icon.

Moreover, taken how Apple cares about driving safety it’s becoming even more irrational: a driver obviously would have to control music play on Apple Watch with other hand than the watch are worn on, thus it implies changing focus to a small display, clicking on it with fingers of another hand while trying to hold the wheel — nonsense.

SPFx – Using UI Fabric Core Controls without React Framework

Just wanted to check If I am not missing something. I wanted to use Office UI Fabric core controls on SPFx webpart without React component. So basically I have option to use SP Fabric Core.

To Use Fabric core, we need to add below package in SPFx project.

npm install @microsoft/sp-office-ui-fabric-core –save

Then i can import

@import ‘~@microsoft/sp-office-ui-fabric-core/dist/sass/SPFabricCore.scss’;

Once I have required scss file and say suppose I want to create grid I can use below

<div class="ms-Grid" dir="ltr">   <div class="ms-Grid-row">     <div class="ms-Grid-col ms-sm6 ms-md4 ms-lg2">A</div>     <div class="ms-Grid-col ms-sm6 ms-md8 ms-lg10">B</div>   </div> </div> 

Now What If i wanted to use Fabric controls like button, textbox and others in my SPFx Webpart in render method. When we go to highlighted link in below screenshot it takes us to React component example. But all the examples on this link only provide information on how to use with React framework. I wanted to use this controls on No javascript framework on SPFx webpart.

enter image description here

Basically I was looking to use controls only by Using Fabric UI Core.

Can someone please advise ?

What is recommended spacing between controls for a fat finger friendly interface?

I have tried searching anything related to fat finger friendly sized controls and spacing between. I could only find that it is a common rule to make controls at least 44 pixels big (from what I understood, that would be both in height and width).

I was unable to find anything related about the space between those controls. Would anyone have any more information regarding what the recommended amount of pixels between controls (e.g. buttons) would be for a fat finger friendly interface?

Twig whitespace controls have no effect on fields

I am trying to iterate over a Paragraph field and apply a comma after each Paragraph item.

In the field template that outputs the Paragraph, I am trying:

{%- for item in items %}   {{ item.content }}{{ not loop.last ? ', ' }} {% endfor -%} 

This puts the comma out, but there is a ton of whitespace all over:

enter image description here

I have tried many whitespace control combinations and none seem to have any effect.

How can I remove this sort of behavior entirely? The paragraph field is an entity reference, that renders a view mode, so I don’t want to install field delimeter plugin.

unity2D swipe control’s bool for animator doesn’t work

i was trying to make a control where the animation plays upon swiping one direction. each time i’ve make a tap/swipe control, it just keeps popping messages like this. the tap animation works fine, but the animation for swipe controls just doesn’t work well, the bool for them has assigned but did not make it ‘true’ when i swipe a direction, but the bool for the tap works, which is weird.(ignore the miss bool in the animator) picture for animation controller picture of console and it's description about the problem it says that i need to assign the anim variable of the Swipe script in the inspector. but there is nothing left for me to assign, which doesn’t make much sense for me. (refer to Region: Animation) picture of inspector

i’ve tried to make some adjustment with the script, but the results is the same, and it has no problems when build. which is why i need help for the animation stuff.

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Swipe : MonoBehaviour {   public Animator anim; public bool tap, swipeUp, swipeDown, swipeLeft, swipeRight; public bool isDragging = false; public Vector2 startTouch, swipeDelta;    private void Update() {     tap = swipeUp = swipeDown = swipeLeft = swipeRight = false;       #region Standalone Input     if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))     {         tap = true;         isDragging = true;         startTouch = Input.mousePosition;         //Debug.Log("Tapped");     }     else if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0))     {         isDragging = false;         Reset();     }      #endregion      #region Mobile Inputs     if (Input.touches.Length >= 1)     {         if (Input.touches[0].phase == TouchPhase.Began)         {             // tap = true;             isDragging = true;             startTouch = Input.touches[0].position;         }         else if (Input.touches[0].phase == TouchPhase.Ended || Input.touches[0].phase == TouchPhase.Canceled)         {             isDragging = false;             Reset();         }     }       #endregion        #region Animation     if (Tap)     {         anim.SetBool("Tap", true);     }      if (SwipeDown)     {         anim.SetBool("Down", true);     }      if (SwipeUp)     {         anim.SetBool("Up", true);     }      if (SwipeLeft)     {         anim.SetBool("Left", true);     }      if (SwipeRight)     {         anim.SetBool("Right", true);     }      #endregion      //calculating the distance     swipeDelta =;     if(startTouch !=     {         if (isDragging)         {             if (Input.touches.Length > 0)                 swipeDelta = Input.touches[0].position - startTouch;             else if (Input.GetMouseButton(0))                 swipeDelta = (Vector2)Input.mousePosition - startTouch;         }      }      //did we cross the deadzone?     if (swipeDelta.magnitude > 125)     {         //which direction?         float x = swipeDelta.x;         float y = swipeDelta.y;         if (Mathf.Abs(x) > Mathf.Abs(y))         {             //left or right             if (x < 0)                 swipeLeft = true;             else                 swipeRight = true;         }         else         {             // Up or down?             if (y < 0)                 swipeDown = true;             else                 swipeUp = true;         }     }  }   public void Reset() {     startTouch = swipeDelta =;     isDragging = false;     anim.SetBool("Tap", false);     anim.SetBool("Down", false);     anim.SetBool("Up", false);     anim.SetBool("Left", false);     anim.SetBool("Right", false); }  public Vector2 SwipeDelta { get { return swipeDelta; } } public bool Tap { get { return tap; } } public bool SwipeUp { get { return swipeUp; } } public bool SwipeDown { get { return swipeDown; } } public bool SwipeLeft { get { return swipeLeft; } } public bool SwipeRight { get { return swipeRight; } } 


What is the difference between controls 18.1.3 and 12.3.1 in ISO 27002?

What is the difference between controls 18.1.3 Protection of Records and 12.3.1 Information Backup in ISO 27002 ?

I’m thinking this:

  • 18.1.3 includes only records relevant to legal and contractual requirements and 12.3.1 is backup and recovery of data/systems/services in general.
  • So for 12.3.1 I would check if backup of data/applications/systems is established, restore procedures are established and tested regularly, etc…
  • While for 18.1.3 I would check if company can reach/show/present records which are related to laws, contracts, etc…

Please, correct me if I’m wrong.