how to print an invoice without disappearing controls

I’m trying to print multiple controls in my java program by adding them into a pane then insert this pane into my printer job page, the page is printing but when i click on print all the printed controls disappear from my scene

PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.createPrinterJob();  BorderPane bpToPrint = new BorderPane(); bpToPrint.setCenter(tvGuestInvoiceOptionalServices); bpToPrint.setLeft(txtPaymentAmount); bpToPrint.setRight(dpGuestInvoiceCheckOutDate); bpToPrint.setTop(cmbGuestInvoiceGuestName); bpToPrint.setBottom(txtReportsTotalRevenu);   if(job.showPrintDialog(OntBill.stage.getOwner()) &&    job.printPage(bpToPrint))         job.endJob(); 

How do you input inverted form field controls?

I’m referring to the Windows OS equivalent of, e.g., Shift + Tab, etc.

At first I wanted to find out how to do so on the keyboard I use (refer to my other post), but I realized after some testing and further searching that I may be misunderstanding how the virtual keyboard inputs are even processed on Android; hoping to get a more general explanation on how form field controls are sent/handled, and proceed from there.

Bluetooth headphones with separate seek and volume controls

Looking for a pair of android-compatible bluetooth headphones/stereo headset with separate controls for audio seek/skip and and audio volume, meaning they are controlled by two different sets of buttons, not with the same set. (Perhaps this would mean one set of buttons on each side.)

I’m expecting this to be closed as off-topic because I’m asking for recommendations, but I’m hoping a few people will comment or answer before then.

iOS Segmented Controls

I’m trying to figure out the use cases for the different sizes of segmented controls, specifically the 2 segmented one. The app store has a longer version (located below the Nav bar), while the iTunes store has a smaller, more compact one (located in the Nav bar).

Anyone know why Apple has done this?

enter image description here

Touch Bar – Alternate Key Combination to Show App controls

Hope someone can help.

I have my touch configured like the following. This is basically the same setting that you got with the Mac Book Pros 2012 – 2015 as default.

enter image description here

I am a developer and use code editors so it’s very important to me that my function keys are the first class citizens on my keyboard. I also want access to the control strip for screen and volume control using the fn keys (How else can I easily get to these?).


So now how do I access the “App Controls” as well? Surly I should be able to configure say fn+option to give me these?

Finding this very frustrating, makes the touch bar seem even more pointless if I can only have the settings I was used to with a “Real” keyboard. Seems I have to give something up to use the touch bar’s app specific controls.

Pause button started working for Chrome / Youtube, messing with audio player controls

I’m on macbook pro, 2017, Mojave 10.14.4.

Previously, I used F7/F8/F9 audio-buttons with Spotify only (it worked with iTunes if it’s open together with Spotify but whatever. It didn’t do anything in Chrome).

I don’t remember exactly when, but recently it started working with youtube videos in Chrome, and the sad thing is that if both Spotify and a youtube window are open, it changes from Spotify to Youtube. (e.g. start playing a song in Spotify, open a youtube link, and it starts working for youtube only). This is very confusing, can I somehow change this behavior?