When answering optimization questions in E6 (D&D3.5 variant), can you assume bonus feats whenever convenient, or only at level 6?

When answering optimization questions in E6 (D&D3.5 variant), can you assume bonus feats whenever convenient, or only at level 6?

I’m very familiar with the underlying 3.5 system, but not very familiar with the conventions of E6. It seems like character-build questions handwave feat requirements away freely, but it’s not clear to me how that works. Can you select arbitrary many bonus feats at any arbitrary level? Or is there some known way to achieve the same effect?

Generally, I would expect this sort of question to be “read the book.” However, E6 does not have a “book” per se (or does it?), and to the extent that it does, that book appears different from how common practice appears.

What is the safest and most convenient way to transfer data from my computer to “unknown” USB devices?

I recently attended a friends wedding.

As a gift to the couple I filmed lots of things and edited the clips into a montage of the big day.

Thankfully they loved it and I have had requests from a number of people who would also like a copy.

Due to file size and poor internet speeds it is not really feasible to share online and I also don’t want to post it online.

I have considered physical media but don’t want the hassle/costs involved.

I have decided that I will simply place copies onto anyone who provides me with a USB stick/ hard drive big enough. This seems to work well for all parties involved.

Maybe I am being a little paranoid now but I don’t know all the people that have asked to have a copy, and I am a little unsure of just plugging in random USB drives into my machine. I highly highly doubt that anyone has any malicious intent but even so I guess a virus could be passed on through an infected drive unintentionally etc.

Is there a fool-proof (and preferably easy) way to make sure that I can only write files to the USB and that any USB stick/hard drive will not have access to my PC and won’t be able to do anything bad like infect my computer or access my files etc.?

Windows 10 is my OS.

How to name base classes so that it’s most convenient for those extending a framework?

I’m designing a game engine that is supposed to be overridden. I have, for example, a class called Character. Should I prefix this with BaseCharacter or should I expect that whoever uses the framework prefixes their classes with GameNameCharacter or CharacterGameName?

What would be most convenient to you?

Is there any type of tables (for computer workstation) that are convenient to travel with when taking the plane?

Whenever I travel by plane, I need to have a table on which to place my computer workstation on it (~1 laptop, 2 external computer monitors, and a keyboard) as soon as possible after I arrive to my destination (typically, a rented apartment or hotel room). For some reasons, a fair amount of rented places don’t have any table to work on, or the table might be too small (e.g., only the laptop and a keyboard fit on it).

Is there any type of tables that are convenient to travel with when taking the plane? Is there any clever way to assemble some kind of makeshift table?

Convenient = light + can be placed in a regular-sized check-in luggage (~28 x 19 x 12 is quite common).

I am looking for two types of tables: 1 steady enough to use a keyboard on, and 1 not necessarily that steady, just good enough to hold a laptop and/or the 2 computer monitors.

What I found so far:

  • Some websites such as Airbnb indicate the presence of “laptop friendly workspace”, but that significantly reduces the options, and sometimes such filters are quite vague (and looking at pictures of the place might not be enough: difficult to estimate table size, and the furniture might have changed).
  • One can use a small fridge, a shelf, and a regular-sized check-in luggage as a table.
  • I can buy a table locally but that takes some time + money, and in some locations I might arrive after the shops closed.